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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bordertown Gets a Junior A Team

St. Stephen's new Junior A Hockey Team now has a name---The County Aces.

Club President John Hyslop says the team logo relates to both sides of the border -- with a puck and maple leaf representing Canada, and stars around it for the US.

Hyslop says the Aces were a Bordertown team years ago and the other connection is to the Pennfield airstrip and the training centre for the pilots who became top guns or aces.

Hyslop says Hockey Canada will allow them up to 8 American players on the team and they have already started writing lists of players.

They estimate the Aces 1st exhibition game will be scheduled around September 6th or 7th of this year.

VIDEO: Clara's Big Ride Arrives In Saint John

Clara Hughes bringing her big ride to Saint John on her 12,000 kilometre trek to promote mental health awareness.

The 6-time Olympian arriving in the Port City for the first time to a crowd at Harbour Station.

Hughes tell CHSJ News no matter the conditions she enjoys every stop in every town.

She says on the days where the weather is hard on the team they have an even bigger story to tell when they arrive adding this is about not giving up.

Hughes is the key note speaker at an event tonight at the Boys and Girls Club put on by Mindcare.   It's free and doors open at 5:30 pm.

Flooding Could Be A Concern In Many Areas

The provincial River Watch warning New Brunswickers that over the past 48 hours,water levels have risen and ice movement has begun in some waterways.

Warmer temps for the next few days could lead to melting snow pack and ice covers throughout the province, leading to localized flooding. There are currently ice jams on the Kennebecasis River at Hillsdale and Norton and Hammond River between Smithtown and Upham.

Water levels on the Nashwaak River remain a concern.

Tenative Agreement Reached Between Department Of Heatlth and Pharmacists

The Department of Health has reached a tentative agreement with the New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association.

Both sides have agreed to withhold details until the agreement is finalized.

The Pharmacists' Association claims the memorandum of understanding provides pharmacists with some predictability and helps to establish a foundation for future discussions.

The MOU will be retroactive to April 1.

Improved Literacy Could Be The Game-Changer NB Needs

Many adults in New Brunswick are struggling with basic literacy skills--as many as 60%, according to some polls. Liberal Leader Brian Gallant slamming the Alward government for what he calculates are 1.4 million dollars in cuts to adult literacy since the Tories took power.

He says in its first budget the Alward Government cut funding to the community adult learning services by $395,000, and in its second budget they cut even more than that.

Post-Secondary Education Minister Jody Carr counters that throwing money at problems isn't enough--and while cuts have been made that doesn't mean the quality of the services has suffered.

According to Life Literacy Canada, about 13% of workers in Canada are under-qualified for their jobs, which has a significant effect on wages and productivity.

Parent Unhappy At Washroom Investigation By Education Department

A parent whose son attends Kennebecasis Valley High says he's dissatisfied with the investigation that was carried out by the Education Department into whether all the boy's washrooms but one were closed for 2 and a half days recently. 

Blair Surette tells CHSJ News he was told by a senior official in the Education Dcepartment that Superintendent Zoe Watson denied it happened which was what she told us in an interview. Surette questions how all the boys he talked to could be wrong and points out Watson wasn't there are the school.

We also heard from another parent, who did not what her name used, who told us she was told by her daughter one boys' washroom and two washrooms for the girls were open.

Surette is vowing not to let the matter drop and is nowlooking at writing a letter of complaint to the Premier.

Warning About Cellphone Scam

The Kennebecasis Regional Police have received several calls about a cell phone scam where victims buy a used cell phone on Kijiji or other on-line sales sites.

The scammer goes to any mobile phone shop, receives a phone at a significant discount or even for free, based on a promotion which involves a contract, which the receiver agrees to abide by. The person may use their own name or a fraudulent name to receive the phone and then sells the phone which technically has not been paid for and is now your problem. 

Police say the easiest way to avoid being conned is to meet the seller at any mobile service provider and let them know you're going to have the mobile service provider check to see if the phone has been flagged in their database.

A Distinct Lack Of Enthusiasm For Regional Fire Department Idea

The volunteer fire department in Grand Bay-Westfield is "exemplary" and the town is not ready to take on a fulltime fire department. 

That's the reaction of Mayor Grace Losier to the idea being floated of a regional fire department that would provide coverage for the Saint John area.

Losier says the town would listen to any proposal that's made but is leaning to sticking with the status quo.

There are 49 volunteer firefighters in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Attack On Woman In South End Found To Be False Report

The Saint John Police are also advising the public that there's no threat to public safety in the South End.

Last weekend on Saturday night around 11pm, a woman reported to police that she was grabbed from behind and assaulted with a weapon near the intersection of Duke and Carmarthen.

Police say they've investigated the incident and determined the attack was a false report and did not actually occur.

Two Arrested In Armed Robbery

The Saint John Police Department has arrested two men they believe were responsible for the armed robbery last Friday night at Little John's Variety over East.

An 18 year old was arrested in a vehicle in a parking lot off McAllister Drive in connection with that incident. A second suspect was nabbed in Queen Square later on the evening around 7:30 according to Sergeant Jay Henderson of the city police. He was also found to be in possession of a large quantity of crack.

He's facing armed robbery, trafficking, and breaking a judge's conditions.

A weapon was found after a search warrant was executed at a home off Westmorland Road. Both are scheduled to appear in court.

Former Soldier Will Not Be Tried In Machete Attack

There will be no trial in the aftermath of a violent attack January 20th at Eastern College on Prospect Street in Fredericton. 

A judge has ruled a former soldier, accused of attacking a classmate and an instructor in a criminology class with a machete is unfit to stand trial. 

The decision is based on the findings of a mental health evaluation at Restigouche for 31 year old Luke Thomas Walter Powers. It determined he was not criminally responsible for his actions. 

Powers has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.