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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Drive Home Is Not Fun For Some

Thanks to a road warrior for telling us that Hwy 7 between Welsford and Colonel Nase Boulevard is snow covered and slippery with one vehicle off the road.

We hear the road conditions from Hampton to Saint John are not so fun right now.

We are looking at another 5-10 centimetres of snow before the snow ends after midnight.

Natural Gas Prices High & Will Stay High

Natural gas customers will continue to feel the sting of high prices well into this month, and possibly March.

The high prices are being caused by demand in New England where pipeline capacity is limiting the supply. The shortage is limiting the gas in Boston and driving up prices through the region.

There are plans to expand pipeline capacity to New England which would limit this kind of price hike--but that won't be finished until next winter.

In a statement, the Energy and Utilities Board stated the price for natural gas is set by the regional market, and not the Board.

Two Under Arrest After Bay Street Bust

A 47 year old man and a 36 year old woman are in some trouble following a bust on Bay Street.

Troy Beveridge and Sandra L. Ross are facing charges of trafficking drugs and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Ross is also facing an obstruction charge relating to the arrest.

Members of the Street unit made the arrest on Tuesday afternoon.   The unit is made up of RCMP officers along with Saint John and Rothesay police.

Both are due back in court on Friday for a bail hearing.

Check Ahead On Flights In & Out Of YSJ

If you planning to fly somewhere or pick someone up at the airport...that flight could be late or not going at all.

The Saint John airport's website shows delayed and cancelled flights for Toronto and Halifax both leaving and arriving.

Be sure to check ahead before you make the trek out there.

To find out, click here

Two Hurt In Highway 1 Tractor Trailer Blaze

The driver of a tractor trailer that caught on fire and the man who stopped to help both hurt in the highway incident. 

Saint John Police say they are both suffering from minor injuries. The fire breaking out during rush hour on Highway 1 near Foster Thurston Drive and traffic was impacted for a while as crews cleared away the scene. 

One of our road warriors telling us it looked like the back wheels were melted to the ground.

Fear Grows Over Lyme Disease in Valley

The Deer Committee wants a deer management plan put in place in Quispamsis, Rothesay and Hampton sooner rather than later. Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll says the problem with deer is growing in the K-V and there's also a growing level of frustration on the Deer Committee itself.

The Health Department is being asked to do scientific testing of ticks to find out the extent of the problem and risk of people contracting Lyme Disease.

Vacant Lots Abound In Uptown And Beyond

First the Paramount:, now the Simm's Brush Factory, and the former site of a pawn shop on the corner of Waterloo and Union.

In light of all these recent examples, some might say Saint John's looking like a prime location to shoot a disaster movie. Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News the key to rehabilitating all these empty lots is obvious--economic development.

The Mayor says he hasn't heard about any plans for the site on Union, but one thing is certain: we want to see buildings and people, not more parking lots.

Man Admits To Possession But Not Illegal Weapon

A 41 year old Saint John man has admitting to having cocaine---but not to possession of an unlawful weapon.

Kenneth Ward of Charlotte Street was found with 17 rocks of crack valued at $340, $120 in cash, and two cell phones when he was searched by police last summer. The investigating officer also found a switchblade-like knife, which could be illegal.

It's up to the court to decide whether the specific knife found on Ward is prohibited by law and if the cocaine was for the purpose of trafficking.

Gallant Slams Government For Not Balancing the Books

The Provincial Liberal leader says the Government is cheering and applauding while they break their biggest election promise to balance the books during their mandate.

Brian Gallant tells CHSJ News instead they have added another 2 billion dollars to our debt.

He says they overestimate how the economy will perform and they have done it for three budgets and even though there is a drop on the deficit we still expect it to be higher.

Gallant says only one mention of Saint John in the provincial budget show the government has no plan.

Heritage Designation Both Blessing And Curse

A heritage designation on a building might be a blessing for tourists, history buffs, and preservationists; however, it's something of a curse for parishioners at St George's Church on Watson Street on the city's West Side.

Common Council has voted to keep the heritage designation on the nearly two hundred year old church, which means there's a lot less flexibility about how the dilapidated building can be repaired.

Susan Jack is the church warden, and she says they'll be out of funds by 2015.

The congregation has asked for permission from the diocese to sell the building and are now waiting to see whether that will be granted.

Crime Rates On A Major Downward Turn Since 2009

In Saint John, it seems we still see our share of car break ins, thefts, and other crime--however, their frequency is apparently far less now than in the recent past, according to Police Chief Bill Reid.

Reid tells CHSJ News there's been an overall crime reduction of 16%, and in certain areas like robberies that has skyrocketed to 60%. Reid tells CHSJ News the methadone maintenance program has been a huge factor and it's having positive spin-offs for solving crime as well.

Reid says when the police force goes before council to offer a review of its operations in March, intelligence-based policing and the methadone program will be non-negotiables as far as he's concerned.