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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A New Look For Your Milk Carton Helps Nature

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking you to take a closer look at milk cartons.

The organization is partnering with Northumberland Dairy for the second year in a row for a provincial campaign that aims to protect undeveloped areas that are special to New Brunswickers by promoting the organization's land and habitat protection project on all white milk containers.

NCC Director Andrew Holland tells Tide News he hopes the campaign gets residents thinking about those spots they share a connection with in New Brunswick.The goal is to raise awareness, and to match the $50, 000 they made in donations last year.

Shoplifter Hits 3 Stores In 1 Day

A shoplifter who made the the rounds of 3 local businesses before getting busted will appear in court in the spring.

The 41 year old man us charged with with 3 counts of shoplifting from the Co-op, Grand-Bay Home Hardware and also Guardian Drugs in Grand-Bay all in the same day. 

The shoplifter is due back in court in April.

Major Retailer Opening Up Saint John Location

A major retailer of farm, industrial, garage, and surplus items is opening its doors in Saint John this year.

Princess Auto announcing it will be opening a new location at the East Point Shopping Center at some point in 2013. Previously, the closest location to the Saint John area was in Moncton.

The Canadian retail chain operates 34 stores in 8 provinces and employs 1,700 hundred people nationwide.

Gas Leak And Vandalism Calls For Fire and Police

Police were called to a few Friday night upsets; however, none of the calls were too serious.

Some residents on the corner of Pitt and Crown awoke to a nasty shock finding some windows smashed out and tires slashed overnight. Police are looking into the cause of the damage.

The Fire Department were also called to deal with a propane leak on McAllister Drive. it's speculated the leak was caused by a leaky ball joint but the situation was soon turned over to mall management.