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Friday, August 27, 2010

Light Pole Knocked Over In Accident

(A traffic light is knocked down during an accident)
(Photo taken by a Road Warrior)

An accident at the intersection of McAllister Drive and Westmorland Road causing some havoc for drivers.

Traffic lights are off at the busy intersection and one light pole has been knocked down completely.

No one was injured, but still no word on when the lights will be back up and running.

New Appointment At Irving Oil

(President Of Irving Oil Limited Mike Ashar)
                 (File Photo)

Mike Ashar has been appointed President of Irving Oil Limited. 

He is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day management of the company.

Arthur Irving Sr. will continue in his role as Chairman.

Prior to this, Ashar was in charge of several operating units.

Update on Premium Gasoline Mix-Up

It seems there has been a problem with Irving Oil gasoline longer than first expected.

The company has completed it's review of off-spec premium gasoline which was necessary after a malfunction at one of the loading racks at the Refinery.

Octane levels have been lower than expected since the beginning of 2008 but to a significantly lesser extent than this year.

Beginning on Monday, anyone who believes they paid for premium gasoline but did not get it can file a claim by going to with the deadline set for September 10th.

Irving Oil will then review all the claims and make sure everyone who is in line for a refund receives it.

Stone Hammer Flag Flying at City Hall

RCMP Warn About Making Online Purchases

A warning from Sussex RCMP after a person there was selling an item on the internet where a vendor was in contact with a buyer and a price was agreed on.
The buyer sent the vendor a cheque for more than $2200 over the purchase price with instructions to cash the cheque and send the money and the item to an address with a post office box number.

RCMP warning the public when paying for something online they should use a certified cheque or money order for the exact amount of the purchase price.

GeoPark Site Evaluation Draws Closer

(Chair of the StoneHammer Project Bill Merrifield)
              (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

Excitement is building in anticipation of next week’s visit of the Global Geopark Network Evaluators.

Saint John is looking to be established as the first in North America.

Chair Bill Merrifield tells CHSJ News, we live around wonderful things all are life but until it is underlined, we don't take notice.

Merrifield says the tour will include an aerial view of the entire 2500 square kilometers of the geopark Monday morning with a final decision expected in November.

Drug Raid In The North End

A raid last night by City Police has taken more dope off the streets of the North End.

It was at 8:30pm when officers entered a home on Albert Street and found five grams of crack cocaine which has a street value of one thousand dollars.

A teenager has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking but has been released to one of his parents but no word on a court date.
Officers say further charges are possible.

Store Window May Have Been Smashed For A Third Time

(A broken window at the Fortune Market on King Street)
(photo by Tamara Steele)

For possibly the third time, the window of the Fortune Market on King street has been smashed.

The owners reported the property damage on Wednesday which happened sometime overnight.

It appears to be smashed again today.

Sargeant Pat Bonner tells CHSJ News Wednesday's damage may have been result of a fight where someone was pushed into the glass breaking the first pane since no glass was found on the street.

The owners telling police on Wednesday they had just had the glass replaced two days before which runs about $500 dollars each time.

Giving Alcohol To Minors Comes With A Stiff Fine

Crime Stoppers and NB Liquor teaming up to raise awareness about adults providing alcoholic beverages to minors.
Some adults think they're doing a favour for a young person by buying them alcohol but, it is illegal and can result in a substantial fine.

Under the Liquor Control Act, the fine for a first offence is $292.50 and repeat offenders can be fined up over 5,000.
Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of people supplying alcohol to anyone under 19.
For more info, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Geopark Evaluators Arrive In Saint John Next Week

It's almost time to find out whether or not the Greater Saint John Area will become the next geopark. A geopark is an area with geological heritage and sustainable development. The Global Geopark Network Evaluators arrive next week, and to prepare for their visit Saint John will be raising the Stonehammer flag today in front of City Hall.

Project Chair Bill Merrifield told CHSJ News in July that evaluators want to make sure this application is coming from the ground up and not the top down. He says they'll be looking for high quality, first class geosites.

Paula Waddell Wins Alpine Country Star

(Alpine Country Star Winner Paula Waddell)

Paula Waddell is the new Alpine Country Star.
She was crowned the winner of the Country 94 singing competition in last night's finale at a jam packed Market Square Boardwalk.
Waddell wins 5000 dollars cash while runner up Neil Wheaton walks away with 1000 dollars.
The show featured the band Sidekick and last year's winner April Delong.

Police Nab Drinking Drivers East And West

City police arresting two impaired drivers overnight, one on the east side and the other west.Two men facing charges of mischief after a mailbox was thrown through the window of the commissionaire's office on Prince William Street.

Both released on the condition not to return to the uptown bar district between 9pm and 3am because they had been drinking.