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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stock Car Driver Dies During P.E.I. Speedway Race

Tragedy on the race track. 

A 30 year-old stock car racer from Riverview died after his vehicle flipped onto its roof during the 98th lap of a 100-lap competition. 

He started to take off his own safety equipment while suspended upside down, but the effort somehow strangled him, leading to his death.

The race was hosted Saturday at the Oyster Bed Speedway race track, about 15 kilometres north of Charlottetown.

RCMP say reasonable safety protocols were followed during the race.

New Nature Preserve On Saint John's West Side

A large parcel of land on the West side of Saint John is now under protection. 

Jane Barry of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick says 122 acres of marshland, shoreline and forests in Saints Rest have been donated to the group for preservation. 

Barry tells CHSJ News the land has a rich historyabout 300 years ago it was diked by Acadian settlers, and the settlers used the dried-up area for harvesting hay. In the 1940s, the the dikes were washed away and the land became reclaimed by the Bay of Fundy. Now, it's one of the largest salt water marshes in the area.

The area is home to the American black duck and the Savannah Sparrow, along with a number of rare plant species.

The Nature Trust of New Brunswick is hosting a reception and tour of the new nature preserve, called Saints Rest Marsh-F. Gordon Carvell, on Tuesday from 1-2pm, starting at the Tourism Information Centre.

South End Residents Disgusted By Crude Oil Smell

The stench of crude oil being unloaded near the Courtney Bay train tracks drawing concern and disgust from some residents.

South Ender Julie Dingwell tells CHSJ News the overpowering smell woke up her entire family in the middle of the night last week, and they called the fire department thinking there was a gas leak.

Dingwell says if it's that bad where she lives she can't imagine what it would be like on Bayside Drive.

Irving tells CHSJ News they are investigating but believe it was the result of the type and amount of crude being unloaded at the time, and it won't happen again.

Police Investigating ATV Theft

Police are investigating the theft of an ATVand they're looking for your help.

The robbery happened overnight on Thursday.

The ATV is a yellow Can Am Renegade with two decals, one the gas tank that reads "Hot Balls" and the other on the front fender that reads "Metal Mulisha". 

If you have any information, you're being asked to contact the Rothesay Regional Police Department by calling 847-6300 or Crimestoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477.

Siberian Tiger Dies At Cherry Brook Zoo

The staff at the Cherry Brook Zoo are mourning the loss of one of their animalsa Siberian tiger named Nyla.

The zoo saying in a release they were forced to euthanize the six year-old animal on Wednesday. 

After becoming suddenly ill on July 18, Nyla went blind, started having seizures and began losing weightthey consulted with other zoos and veterinarians from across Canada and the U.S., but she didn't respond to any treatments. The cause of death has been labelled a pneumonia.

As to whether or not they'll bring another tiger into the zoo, they say they're waiting on necropsy results first. They say they need to know what happened to Nyla before moving on.

The zoo says tigers can live into their twenties.