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Monday, March 22, 2010

New Look for Rainbow Park

(Artists Look of New Rainbow Park)
     (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Expect to see some improvement work going on at Rainbow Park in the near future.

With the Province cutting a cheque for $300,000 dollars, that puts renovation funding at over one million dollars.

Councilor Donnie Snook tells CHSJ News, the swings and sand box are going to get some tlc with construction of a splash pad and outdoor rink to get started in May.

The new look Rainbow Park will also become a stop along Harbour Passage with a new portion of the cranberry trail to go right through the park.

Graham Accuses Feds Of Shirking Responsibility For Harbour Bridge

Update on KIngsclear Fire

It was set on purpose. That is the conclusion of RCMP on the cause of a fire over the weekend at the former Kingsclear facility.

Fire crews were called to what used to be the Adult Reformatory yesterday afternoon close to four to find flames and smoke coming from the building.

In early November, a fire destroyed a wing of an old dormitory building at the reformatory.

The reformatory gained national attention several years ago after a history of child sexual abuse unfolded.

The building is owned by the Province and has been vacant for close to twenty years.

Power Outage For the Birds

If your looking to blame someone for this morning's power outage, look no further than Heckyl and Jeckyl.

A pair of crows got into a transmission line that serves Saint John Energy's Somerset Street sub-station and took 4600 customers off the grid. President Eric Marr tells CHSJ News, the power out for under an hour:

Marr adds it does happen occassionaly that animals find their way into places they shouldn't be but the protection system in place tries to limit how much damage can be caused.

Keir On Future Of The Energy Hub

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

The impact of the NB Power agreement with Hydro Quebec on future growth of the energy hub in Saint John has been a constant concern with both the Board of Trade and Atlantica Centre of Energy. Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir doesn't believe the final agreement needs to have contract language committing Hydro Quebec to growing the energy hub. He tells CHSJ News it just makes good business sense and the C-E-O of Hydro Quebec, Thierry Vandel gets it. Keir goes on to say he has just returned from courting companies in the southwestern U.S. to invest in the energy hub so Hydro Quebec isn't the only game in town.
Keir expects the agreement to sell many of NB Power's assets to Hydro Quebec to be finalised by the end of the month.

Zed Speaks Out On Verbal Sniping

(Former Saint John M-P Paul Zed and Director of Romero House Carolyn McNulty)
(File Photo)

A former Liberal MP is concerned about all the bickering between City Hall, Fredericton and Ottawa when it comes to issues concerning Greater Saint John. Paul Zed tells CHSJ News, bringing back more of the ""Team Saint John"" spirit is a good place to start.
Zed says there is a role for all three levels of government to play but the leadership has to come from Ottawa and it's M-P for Saint John. He's worried by the fighting over issues like repairs for the Harbour Bridge, unemployment and the lack of initiatives for several projects around the Saint John area. As for the possibility of him running again, Zed says it's still too early to say. He's having alot of fun right now practicing law again, spending time with his children and local fundraising.