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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Superstore Will Soon Offer Free Dietician Services

It might be the push you need to start eating better. 

Loblaws Atlantic Director of Corporate Affairs Mark Boudreau tells us nineteen registered dietitians will be hired between April and June 2014 to provide their services for free at local Superstores. 

You'll be able to make an appointment at the grocery store and get personalized advice about what you should and shouldn't be eating.
90 cent of Canadians say dieticians are an excellent source of health information, but only 24 per cent of Atlantic Canadians have ever consulted one.

Abused Women Suffer Long-Lasting Health Problems

If you're being pushed around, demeaned, and belittled by a domestic partner, you'd expect your health would improve dramatically as soon as you get out of that relationship. 

But new research by Nursing Professor Marilyn Merritt-Gray suggests abuse can effect your health long after you leave. Gray tells us women who have been abused are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain and high blood pressure, and 10 times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

The good news, however, is those conditions are treatable as long as women seek help. Merritt-Gray says leaving is the first step....because then you can begin seeking treatments for these problems.

Another Storm Forecasted For The Region

It looks like Old Man Winter isn't finished yet. Environment Canada warning of the possibility of another storm bringing heavy snowfall and high winds to the region on Wednesday.

Paula Sutherland with the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre tells CHSJ News it's still too early to say how much snow we will be getting however they will be monitoring the intense low pressure system over the next few days, and as it gets closer, they will be able to better predict snowfall amounts.

Sutherland says it's expected the southeastern part of the province will bear the brunt of the winter storm.