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Friday, January 6, 2012

Moore Upset With Criticism Over Qplex

The Fundy Royal MP taking issue with a published report on regionalization that criticizes the Qplex in Quispamsis.
Rob Moore tells CHSJ News his disagrees with Jean-Guy Finn's assertion that Greater Saint John has seen a proliferation of arenas and complexes.

Moore says he's not sure what province Finn is looking at but, that is not the case in Greater Saint John and he adds, the Qplex is the first arena built in the area in some time.

Moore adds it's alarming to hear commentary suggesting Quispamsis shouldn't be able to set its own recreational priorities.

Sussex Mountie Gets Foot Run Over In Early Morning Stop

Just after 1 this morning a Sussex RCMP officer conducting a traffic stop near Codys where a driver pulled over at first and then took off running over the officer's foot.

The officer was not seriously hurt and called for help from his car. He followed the man's car throughout the Codys area, but eventually lost sight of it.

Police want your help in finding the car.  It's described as a black, mid-2000s model Toyota Corolla. The driver is described as being as a tall white man with blond hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP at 1-506-RCMP (7267) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Raising Parking Fees In Uptown Gets Mixed Reception

Besides the congestion tax on suburban commuters, raising parking fees in the uptown is being floated as another way to generate much needed revenue for roads in the city.

Common Councillor Bruce Court warns you've got to be careful about how high the fee should be.

He believes many people stay away from shopping uptown because they're charged for parking whereas at the malls they can park anywhere free of charge.
Councillor Chris Titus, who chairs the Parking Commission, says you just don't pick a number out of the air when deciding what should be charged.
Titus adds if you work in the uptown and live in Hampton, he believes you'd be crazy not to use the Comex bus service.

Unemployment Rises In Saint John

The Alward Government is being accused of napping when it comes to job creation.

That charge being levelled by the Liberals' Labour Critic Chris Collins with word the unemployment rate rose from 6.7 per cent in November to 7.4 per cent last month. Despite the increase in Saint John, the provincial jobless rate dropped from 9.8 to 9.4 per cent.

He tells CHSJ News rising unemployment will make it tougher to reduce the deficit without slashing and burning government services.

Collins adds the province is losing high paying jobs which are being replaced by low paying ones.

City Warns Residents About Ice Safety

The City wants you to be safe when using the lakes, ponds, streams and rivers for recreation this winter.

If you plan to skate or play hockey or take a snow mobile or small car out on any ice surface, check the ice thickness first and keep these tips in mind: 

Clear, blue ice is strongest, white opaque or snow ice is half as strong and grey ice is unsafe because it indicates the presence of water.

For skating or hockey, 20 centimetres or 8 inches of ice is required and if you want to take your snowmobile on the ice, you will need at least 10 inches of ice or 25 centimetres to travel safely and 30 centimetres or 12 inches for small cars and trucks.

Ice that forms over rivers, streams and lakes with currents is not safe.  The City’s Parks and Landscape Service will inform the public when it's safe for skating at Lily Lake.  Until then, many city arenas are offering free public skating and to find out more click here

For more on ice safety, click here