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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steel-Workers Union Strikers Hit

Police reports have been filed after four of the picketers outside the Chipman Hill parking garage have been struck by drivers apparently not happy about being held up.
Star Gooden tells CHSJ News she was threatened and run over by a woman yesterday.
Besides the parking garage, picket lines are also up outside the Delta and Brunswick Square.

New Look Possible For Union Street

The old Union Deli building, across from the Golden Ball, has been sitting idle for far too long according to the building's owner, Hector Train.
He has received approval in principle to set up a pub style restaurant similar to the Portland Pub in the north end.
There are nearby condos a few doors down and Train says he has talked to the owners.
Before final approval is granted by Common Council for rezoning, Train must negotiate hours of operation, noise levels and what sort of entertainment that will be on offer with the city's planning department.

Another Weather Record Is Shattered In Saint John

For the second day in the row, Saint John has record-breaking heat.
The old record for this date from 1973 of 30.6 was shattered when we hit 32.6 degrees at 3 this afternoon.

You may be noticing a bit of relief now since a windshift caused a significant drop in the temperature from the high 30's to the low 20's around 3 o'clock.
Environment Canada meterologist Linda Libby tells CHSJ News cool air off the Bay of Fundy is responsible for the drop.

Environment Canada and Province's Department of Health have issued a joint health and humidex advisory for Sussex, the K.V., Kings, St. Stephen and Northern Charlotte counties.

The humidex will reach close to 40 degrees by tomorrow afternoon.

Changes On The Way For Enbridge Gas

Cost efficient for the company and the rate-payer.

That is the way a new piece of technology is being presented from Enbridge Gas.

The company is going to install automated meter reading devices on all of it's exsisting and future meters.

Jamie Leblanc is a company spokes-person and tells CHSJ News, no word yet on where the conversion will start.

The new gear will allow the company to read up to 10,000 meters on a single route by driving through a neighbourhood with the equipment mounted on a vehicle.

Enbridge says it will begin converting it's exsisting meters in October with the complete over-haul of the system to take two years.

Conservative Campaign In Greater Saint John Area Today

Dealing With The Heat

Find some shade, drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids or hang around where there is air conditioning.

Just three of the tips on staying cool from the Regional Health Protection Branch as the Province remains under the sun lamp.

Douglas Walker is Regional Director with the Health Protection Branch and tells CHSJ News, if you have to work outdoors, take plenty of breaks and don't over do it.

Walker adds seniors and infants are the most vulnerable in this heat as they have the most limited heat dissipation mechanisms such as sweat.

City Councilor Speaks About His Role

(City Councilor Carl Killen)
         (File Photo)

Carl Killen stepping away from the business of council during the Provincial election was supposed to but never came up during last night's session.

Killen is flying the banner for the Conservatives in the riding of Saint John Harbour and tells CHSJ News, this move should avoid anyone thinking there is a conflict.

Killen says Mayor Court's only concern is he wants to make sure he is present if there is a crucial vote.

Killen is also donating his council salary for the writ period to charity and will miss three meetings in total.

Changes Coming To The Traffic Pattern

The Peel Plaza development will cause big changes with the traffic flow in the vicinity of Union Street this week.

Starting on Thursday, Dorchester Street will be two way and no left turns will be allowed from Dorchester onto Union Street.
Wellington Row will be closed to thru traffic for about 2 months for construction.
The city is warning of congestion, especially during the morning rush hour, with between 5 to 6 thousand vehicles.
The city is also letting drivers know Lancaster Avenue is closed to traffic between Prince and Duke Streets and down to one lane at Dunn Avenue to allow for construction by Saint John Water.

Paving is expected to take place on Thursday and there's also paving in the area of Fundy Drive.

Tories Promise To Double The Number Of Doctors

(Conservative Leader David Alward At The Podium)
              (Photo By Gary MacDonald)

Attracting and retaining doctors the focus of an announcement by Conservative Leader David Alward today.

If elected as Premier next month, Alward promises to put several new initiatives in place including doubling the number of doctors being trained in Saint John and Moncton.

The Liberal Government is also vowing to hire 55 more doctors over the next two years.

Alward says it's time to move ahead with more colabrative and family care models.

Alward is also pledging to revamp the existing physician recruitment strategy by setting higher targets and providing regular reports on progress.

Another Traffic Disruption Along Highway One

(Courtesy DOT)

For the second day in a row, the east and westbound lanes near the Crown Street Exit will be shut down for fifteen minutes at two o'clock.

Crews need to blast another area as work on the One Mile Interchange continues.

Also, a large concrete pour for the project begins this morning at seven and is expected to last until tomorrow morning at five. This means additional lighting, equipment and noise will be heard in the area.

Common Council Gets Evaluation Of Recreation In The City

(Common Councillor Bruce Court)
               (File Photo)

Even though many Saint Johnners may disagree, a study on recreation has concluded the city has an over abundance of facilities.

That study also concluded, however, there isn't enough money to properly maintain them. Chief City planner Ken Forrest says Common Council will have to make some tough decisions.

The city will come up with a master plan for recreation to cover the next quarter century.
Council did approve spending money to buy new equipment, including swings, for the playground on Glen Road which Councillor Bruce Court claimed was in a state of disrepair and he had asked everyone but the Pope to do something about it.

Rockwood Park Sparks Another Clash At Common Council

(Common Councillor Patty Higgins)
                (File Photo)

More angry words at Common Council over Rockwood Park........This time between Councillors Donnie Snook and Patty Higgins.

They locked horns over whether the Rockwood Park Advisory Board should be given more time to give its two cents worth as part of the planning study for future development along Sandy Point Road.

Higgins maintains if the land is not in the park, then why should the Advisory Board have an opinion but Snook argued the Advisory Board has as much right to have a say as the Friends of Rockwood Park and it was granted an extension to the latter part of next month.

Health Care To Be Focus of Provincial Election Campaign Today

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
                      (File Photo)

Health care is taking center stage on the provincial campaign trail this morning -- both the Liberals and Conservatives have health care related announcements scheduled.

Conservative leader David Alward is rolling out his policy during a stop in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Premier Graham makes his announcement in Fredericton followed by an education related announcement later in the morning in the provincial capital.