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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mayor Makes Plea For Return Of Fountainhead

The mayor making a plea to whoever stole the fountainhead from the brand-new bandstand to bring it back. 

The original copper fixture was reported stolen yesterday and its believed the theft happened over the long weekend, just days after the bandstand's big reveal. 

Mayor Mel Norton says in terms of its monetary value, it's probably not worth very much, but in terms of its historical and symbolic value, it's priceless. Norton calls the theft a violation of the community, saying that the fountainhead belongs to the people to the city.

He says whoever took the fountainhead can return it anonymously, and anyone with any information is being asked to call Crimestoppers. 

Police are following a number of leads.

Brothers Die Of Asphyxiation

Early results from autopsies on the two boys killed in Campbellton by a snake show they died of asphyxiation.

Noah and Connor Barthe, who were four and six years old, were found dead Monday morning.

RCMP Sgt. Alain Tremblay says investigators still have to wait for other test results to come back for the final report.

He adds they recognize that this has tragedy has touched the hearts of people across the world and people want to know how it could have happened.

A necropsy on the snake shows it was in overall good health but a final report will take some time to come back. 

The remains of the snake are still with a provincial veterinarian and will be destroyed.

BREAKING: 20 Years In Jail For Saia Brothers

Brandon Saia gets 8 years in prison while Bradley Saia gets 12 years in prison for their roles in a deadly West side home invasion last fall.

Both brothers must submit DNA while Brandon is banned from owning firearms for a decade and Bradley is banning from owning them for life.

18 year old A.J. Dennison died in the home invasion.

Ronald McCutcheon was earlier sentenced to 7 years in prison for his role in the crime.

Yesterday, Bradley Saia scaled a fence at the county jail sending officials on a short chase before he was recaptured.

Saia plead guilty earlier today to escaping lawful custody.

Ontario Expert Will Remove Pets From Store

The province asking an Ontario reptile expert for help in removing animals from the exotic pet store beneath the apartment where two boys are believed to have been killed by a python.

Bry Loyst of the Indian River Reptile Zoo near Peterborough, Ontario says he and a crew are driving a truck to Campbellton to pick up the animals and take them to accredited zoos elsewhere in the country.

Saias In Court For Home Invasion Sentencing

22 year old Bradley Saia pleading guilty to escaping lawful custody after an attempt to break free at the county jail.

Security is tight in court with an increased police presence with the courtroom full of young people.

Saia entered his second court appearance of the day and showed the gallery his injuries..a bandaged hand and many scratches.

He scaled a fence at the county jail yesterday running barefoot through thick woods before being recaptured.

Brandon Saia joining his twin brother for their sentencing regarding a deadly home invasion on the West side. 

18 year old A.J. Dennison died in the November crime.

Brandon is looking at a sentence of 8 to 10 years in jail while Bradley is looking at 10 to 12 years in prison.   Court heard that Brandon was into crack cocaine and was using at the time of the home invasion.

Court is now in recess and when it resumes, the Saia brothers will receive their sentences.

Premier Sends Condolences After "Unimaginable Tragedy"

As the town of Campbellton prepares for a vigil in honour of the two young boys believed to have been killed by a python, the Premier is offering condolences to the community and the family on behalf of the province.

Premier David Alward says they are shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of two lives full of promise and potential. Police say Noah and Connor Barthe were found dead on Monday morning after a 45-kilogram African rock python got out of its enclosure.
Alward, a father himself, says after the RCMP present their findings, the province will provide whatever help is needed. You can read the message in its entirety here.

UPDATE: Saia Appears In Court Limping With Scatches and Bandages

Bradley Saia appearing in court today after scaling a fence yesterday and running through thick woods near the county jail before being recaptured.

He entered court today limping with a bandaged hand and visible scratches.

He is charged with escaping lawful custody and has elected to be tried by judge only in the Court of Queen's bench.

Bradley and his twin brother Brandon are due to be sentenced today for their role in a deadly home invasion on the West side last November.

That home invasion resulted in the death of 18 year old A.J. Dennison. 

Alward Government Says It Is Doing Something About Food Insecurity

The Minister of Healthy and Inclusive Communities isn't taking issue with the estimate of 24 per cent of children in the province growing up in homes where getting enough food is a problem. 

Dorothy Shephard, who's also the M-L-A for Saint John Lancaster, tells CHSJ News the Alward Government is not sitting back, waiting for the provincial economy to get better. 

She says the government spends about 1 and a half million dollars a year on 29 different programmes which include community gardens, one of which just opened on land leased to the Carleton Community Centre by the Port Authority.

Shephard also says food mentors go into communities to teach people how they can shop well by buying nutritious foods that are cheaper than processed food. She points out the community gardens are full of people.  

A Plea for the Fountainhead's Return

They really want the fountainhead back.  

Mayor Mel Norton along with members of council will make a public plea today for the return of a historic copper fountainhead taken from the King Square bandstand.

A news conference is being held this afternoon.

The newly restored King Square bandstand celebrated its grand re-opening less than a week ago following $100,000 worth of work to return it to its former glory.

Saia Has Two Court Appearances Scheduled Today

Two court appearances are coming up today for Bradley Saia after an attempt at freedom.

Saia got away from the jail and after a chase through thick woods yesterday was recaptured.  He is due before a judge for that runner this afternoon.

Following that, Bradley and his brother Brandon will be sentenced for their role in a deadly home invasion last fall on the West side.

That home invasion resulted in the death of 18 year old A.J. Dennison and injuries to Christopher Reid who also stabbed in the melee.

Ronald McCutcheon was recently convicted in the home invasion and sentenced to 7 years in jail.