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Friday, July 15, 2011

50/50 Draw At Metallica Concert Looking For Winner

For those who took in the recent Metallica show in Halifax and bought a 50/50 ticket, you may want to turn your volume up to eleven for this next story.

A spokesperson for the concert says due to a timing glitch, the 50/50 winner was not announced.

A winner has been drawn and the winning ticket is worth over 4 thousand dollars.

The winning ticket number is 4109773 and is worth $4149.

The winner needs to contact Paul Frank with the Philae Shriners @ 902 454 7811.

Arrest Made After St. Stephen Stabbing

A St. Stephen man in court today facing an attempted murder charge after a stabbing in the town.
RCMP called to a home on Pleasant Street where a 49-year-old man who was stabbed was taken to hospital in Saint John.
The man is in stable condition.
60-year-old Franklin Timothy Leavitt of St. Stephen is charged with attempted murder and he remains in custody.
He will be back in court on Monday.

16-Year-Old Youth Cut In Afternoon Robbery

City police looking for two people after a youth was cut today.

Police tell CHSJ News the robbery with violence happened just before 1 this afternoon near Elliot Row and Wentworth street.

The 16-year-old boy was hurt after two people took something from him. He was taken to hospital with injuries described as "moderate".

The Major Crime Unit was blocking traffic in the area earlier this afternoon as tey collected evidence at the scene.

Police Conduct Search In Rothesay Woods

City police conducting a search in the woods by the Renforth Bill McGuire Community Centre in Rothesay this morning.

12 officers canvassing the area for about 5 hours.

Police would not confirm if the search is connected to the Richard Oland murder investigation.

Kathy Smith is the supervisor of the Vocational Training Centre, which is next door to the community centre.

She says the officers were standing shoulder to shoulder and were examining the area one foot at a time.  She adds police did not check the fenced-in area of the training centre.

This comes on the heels of a search police conducted yesterday on a home in Rothesay reportedly owned by Oland's only son, Dennis.

Chesley Drive Overpass Work Cancelled Tonight

The trek home may be a bit easier because of this.

Work on the Chesley Drive overpass set tonight has been cancelled. The contractor was able to finish the work on the overpass last night.

Traffic should proceed on the Harbour Bridge without delays and drivers are being asked to obey the posted construction signage.

Provincial Government Lambasted On Internet Gambling

Immoral and disgusting..........A Darling's Island man, who lost his son to a V-L-T addiction, is pulling no punches in condemning the provincial government's decision to invest 2 million dollars in internet gambling.

Don Bishop tells CHSJ News there's no evidence to suggest the province will be able to control the misuse of internet gambling any better than it did with video lottery terminals.

Bishop calls the tax revenue generated through internet gambling "blood money". He warns the problems that will be caused by internet gambling will be worse than they were with V-L-T's.

City Police Investigate Stabbing Uptown

City police on the lookout for at least one person after a stabbing on Elliot Row and Wentworth street just before 1 this afternoon.

One man has been sent to hospital with injuries described as "moderate".
Police are blocking traffic in the area trying to preserve evidence at the scene.

Price Of Natural Gas Going Up

People in the province who use natural gas in their homes will be paying an estimated 20 dollars more a month.

The Provincial Energy and Utilities Board has given Enbridge Gas the okay to raise its distribution rates for residential customers.

Enbridge has frozen the distribution costs for the largest natural gas users in the province who have been complaining the rates are too high for them to remain competitive.

The provincial government and Enbridge are negotiating a new price setting formula.

City Police Again Searching In Rothesay

Yet another search today in Rothesay by City Police in thick woods next to a ballfield at the Bill McGuire Community Centre.

The search by the Major Crime Unit began around 9 this morning, several kilometers from where police executed a search warrant yesterday at the home said to be where Dennis Oland lives. They were there for more than 8 hours.

Police are only saying today's search is part of a major investigation but still are not confirming that it has anything to do with the slaying of Richard Oland.

A media report earlier this week, still unconfirmed by city police, claims Oland was bludgeoned with an axe in his office on Canterbury Street.

Creative Job Fair On Today And Tomorrow

If you fancy a career as a 3D animator or a radio personality, then you should check this out.
The Atlantica Centre for the Arts hosting a Creative Career Fair today and tomorrow.

Jim Kuehnel tells CHSJ News they wanted to host this event since creative careers are sometimes pushed into a corner.

He says since their college deals with training for creative careers they thought they should do something specific by inviting partners and industry people to take part in the job fair.
The event runs from 2 to 6 today and tomorrow from 11am to 2pm on Hanover Street.
To learn more, click here

City Police End Search Of Home In Rothesay

The search of a home at 58 Gondola Point Road by City Police ended last night around 8:30.

A lot of police activity at the estate began yesterday afternoon around noonhour.

Police are remaining tightlipped not confirming if it's in connection with the investigation into the murder of businessman Dick Oland. The search included three forensic vans on site along with the canine unit and numerous officers.

Nor will Police confirm media reports the home belongs to Oland's son Dennis but they do say they were executing a search warrant.

Earlier this week in response to a CHSJ News question, Police Chief Bill Reid suggested Oland and his murderer probably knew each other. Oland's body was found in his Canterbury Street office a week ago yesterday morning.