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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Traffic Note

Traffic is moving slow or stopped heading east on the Harbour Bridge.

Unidentified Big Cats Being Spotted In Woods

Officially, there hasn't been a documented mountain lion sighting in this part of Canada since the late 1930s, but many people still swear they've seen or heard the big cats in the woods of New Brunswick. 

Researcher Bill Betty doesn't think they're all mistaken....he's with the Eastern Puma Research Network and he tells CHSJ News there's an even stranger possibility than a new and unknown species...wild house cats, which have been documented to get as big as 56 inches after living outside for generations.

He says the big black cats people have reported seeing could be the Asiatic Leopard which are a problem in Europe but haven't been proven to exist yet here, but we'll just have to wait until one is captured to know for sure.

VIDEO: City Commemorates Battle Of Britain

King and Charlotte blocked off from traffic as veterans, family members, cadets, and members of the public gathering in Kings Square to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Battle of Britain. 

John Bampton of the Royal Air Force was born in England but now lives in Sussex. He fought in the World War II battle as part of the 59th squadron. Bampton, who is now 91-years old, tells CHSJ News it's an emotional occasion for him because there aren't very many of veterans left, but it's also a reminder that it's all been worthwhile.

Bampton giving thanks on behalf of the veterans to the people of Canada, and especially the Maritimes, for backing them up in a time of need and helping them get back up on their feet after the war.

Quispamsis Gets $28,000 To Extend Trail System

The trail system in Quispamsis is expanding to become part of the Trans Canada Trail, thanks to a $28,000 dollar grant.

The funding, which comes from the Trans Canada Trail, will be used to extend the Saunders Brook Trail from Doncaster Drive to Lancelot Drive. 

Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News they're always working on the town's trails. He says the money is a good start, and he hopes this is phase one of a larger project that will put a trail right through the community.

Ultimately, the Quispamsis trail will include the rehabilitated Matthews Cove Park and will connect to Rothesay along with Kingston via the Kennebecasis River and the Gondola Point Ferry.

Harbour Bridge Crash

One person in hospital after the car they were driving crashed into a cement barricade. City Police say it happened on the Harbour Bridge just before 4:30 in the morning, going eastbound.