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Thursday, May 2, 2013

So-Called "Millenials" Have A Different Attitude Toward Universities Than Boomers

The Millenial generation is a far cry from the Baby Boomers in a score of ways---and the amount they're donating to their old universities is no exception. 

In fact, many post-secondary schools are struggling given high unemployment and skyrocketing average student debt. Non-profit communications expert John Stuart tells CHSJ News a lot of recent grads find the letters asking them to donate money obnoxious, given the amount of money they've already shelled out in tuition.

According to Stuart the grads might be more willing to donate if school provided better guidance on getting a job after graduation

Suspect Released In Geary Murder Investigation

We have the latest update in the investigation into yesterday's murder in Geary.

The 24-year-old man who was arrested in connection with the murder of a 61-year-old man in Geary earlier has been released without charges.

47-year-old Harry Edward Charlie McKenna has been charged with first degree murder for the death of Kirk Blair.

Open Letter To Doctors In The Province

As the New Brunswick Medical Society takes the province to court, Health Minister Ted Flemming is publishing an open letter to doctors telling them his door remains open to ideas that will achieve 20 million dollars in health care savings.

Flemming is telling the doctors each child born in the province is immediately saddled with a debt of more than 15 thousand dollars before he or she draws a breath.

He claims the financial situation is so dire, the health department had to present its spending plans to the bankers who will underwrite the province's debt and answer questions about how money will be saved. 

He's now saying those savings can be achieved without a medicare cap but there's no way workers in healthcare won't be affected since three-quarters of the health department's budget is made up of wages.

NDP Wants Politics Taken Out Of Road Contracts

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says there should be a law making it a crime for M-L-A's to interfere with the awarding of road contracts which has been a longstanding tradition that even extends to who works on the roads.

Cardy has unveiled the Politics Free Tendering Act telling CHSJ News some companies have decided not to come to the province after being told it might be a good idea to do business with such and such because he's got connections to a certain cabinet minister. 

He also argues this old style political way of conducting government affairs is a disincentive for New Brunswickers to start their own businesses.

Bandstand Refurbishment Is Hallmark Of So-Called "Rennaissance City"

The King Square bandstand is one of only two structures like it in the world,according to Mayor Mel Norton

The Mayor who says words are not able to adequately express the city's gratitude to the anonymous donor who is paying for the bandstand to get a new lease on life.

Norton says the city is planning a big community celebration to mark the completion of the renovations, which will hopefully be by early summer.

Teen Gets Federal Time For Glen Falls Assault

An 18 year old man has been sentenced to 30 months federal time for his part organizing what the judge called a "sad and chilling" February assault in Glen Falls.

John Alexander Adams didn't argue that he was the key orchestrator of the attack, which the victim's father described as the precursor to "43 long, agonizing days in hell" as his son was hospitalized in a coma. The victim is recovering in a rehabilitation center but will suffer long-term problems with memory loss, exhaustion, and paranoia.

Adams and another young man who cannot be named lured the victim into a shed in the East Side suburb and hit him with a baseball bat, causing skull fractures and haemorrhaging. The judge told the court Adam's youth and lack of an adult record were mitigating factors in the sentence, with also requires his to submit a DNA sample and a lifelong weapons ban.

Two People Say They Were Robbed In Same Area Of City

Major Crime investigating after two people report being robbed in separate incidents around 1 this morning in the area of Hazen and Garden Streets. 

City Police telling CHSJ News one person was injured and a weapon was used in one of the incidents. The type of weapon used has not been divulged.