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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Local rink celebrates 50 years in September

A big celebration is coming up this September when the LBR celebrates fifty years.
The hockey teams, cheer leading groups and many other groups that use the arena will take part.
Malcolm Wickens, who has worked at the famed Saint John rink for 40 years tells CHSJ News there will lots of activities on September 18th and 19th.
The LBR's 50th anniversary celebrations will include St. Mary's Band who performed at the opening ceremonies for the arena. A dedication church service will also be held as part of the festivities.

Compensation rates go up for victims of violent crimes

(Public Safety Minister John Foran)
(File Photo)

Victims of violent crimes are getting a break from the provincial government.

Public Safety Minister John Foran announced today that compensation rates for counselling, medication, eye wear, transportation, relocation expenses and funeral expenses will all be increased.

The maximum amount of compensation a victim can get is going from $5,000 to $10,000.
Foran says the changes go into effect June 1st.

Local mom stands up against bullying

(People gather in King's Square for Bullying Rally)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

A parade of people are standing up against bullying in schools.

Shelly Smith held a bullying rally in Kings Square today because her child was bullied in school.

She says there needs to be tougher punishments in schools and more legislation against bullying.

Councillor Donnie Snook was on hand saying bullying is happening more and more online.

He says part of the solution is talking with those who do the bullying as they need help as well.

Childhood Obesity To Be Discussed At Common Council

(Common Councillor Donnie Snook)
              (File Photo)

Childhood obesity is one of the items that will come before Common Council tonight. Councillor Donnie Snook maintains the city should become more actively involved through its community centres with encouraging young people to be more physicaly active and spend less time just sitting in front of a computer playing video games.
Snook quotes from a recently report which concludes young people in the province are dangerously physically inactive and he will also be calling on the community centres to provide healthier snacks instead of junk food. Council will also be hearing about the Crescent Valley Redevelopment Initiative and West Side Councillor Peter McGuire wants to talk about the business corridor along Fairville Boulevard.

No Plans In Works For Ban On Cellphone Use While Driving

               (Premier Shawn Graham)
                       (File Photo)

The Province has no official plan to put in place a ban on the use of a cell phones while driving like Nova Scotia already did. The Premier thinks New Brunswickers should not be putting themselves or others at risk by being distracted behind the wheel. Shawn Graham says the province is trying to educate drivers about the dangers of texting & talking while driving. He says that's why his government has partnered with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to create awareness about driver distraction.The Premier says it takes time to change people's minds using the example of smoking and young people saying it took their parents quitting to make them think differently about it.


Changes Begin On Highway One For Commuters

A big change to the commute today for those travelling west-bound on Highway One. The Crown Street Exit is closed and won't re-open with a new exit now in place just a short distance down the highway. This is all part of the work on the One Mile Interchange. Brad Mullin is an engineer with the Department of Transportation and tells CHSJ News there are sure to be delays but the area will be well marked.
Also, traffic westbound is down to one lane in that area until the end of next month.

Change Of Plans For Quispamsis Company

(Quispamsis Town Council)
          (File Photo)

A used car sales lot on Millenium Drive in Quispamsis will not be turned into a Premanufactured Home Sales Lot. A company had submitted an application to council asking if they could use the vacant land near Tim Horton's and the Co-op for the project. Haldor Ltd withdrew its application after the town's Planning Advisory Committee did not recommend the lot be used for the sale of pre-manufactured homes. The P-A-C wanted the land to be paved so it would develop like the other properties on Millennium Drive.

Weston Predicts Saint John Will Be Battleground as Provincial Election Campaign Heats Up

(Saint John M-P Rodney Weston)
                File Photo)

Saint John will be a battleground in the next provincial election and its a good thing so much attention will be focused on the city. That, from Saint John M-P Rodney Weston, who as a former provincial cabinet minister and chief of staff to then Premier Bernard Lord, confesses he's a partisan. Federal Liberal Leader Micheal Ignatieff sounded like he was campaigning last week when he launched a stinging attack on the Harper Government. Weston dismisses the salvo as desperation on the part of Ignatieff. He maintains, by and large, people are very comfortable with the performance of the Harper Government. The provincial Liberals have accused the previous Lord Government of not spending nearly enough in the Saint John area.