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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Province Will Focus On Six Sectors For Job Creation

Finance Minister Blaine Higgs firing back at the Opposition Liberals for saying the province is in a job-creation crisis.

Higgs tells CHSJ News details of the economic plan will be revealed in the coming weeks and it will discuss the six sectors that the province will focus on.

He says all of the economic indicators show a slow economy but there are some signs of change ahead.

He adds the government is not going to say that a certain number of jobs will be created because there are too many factors at play.

NDP Leaders Outline Their Vision

Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair making his first visit to Saint John since assuming the leadership. He told the provincial NDP convention about his goal to win in the province and elsewhere, saying New Brunswick is the province he's visited the most.

Meanwhile, the provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy saying the NDP will topple the Tories and Grits by appealing to the working class. Cardy gave a rousing speech in which he claimed Liberals and Conservatives don't care about ordinary folks.

The NDP convention is being  held at the Delta until Sunday, and was concerned with the party's economic strategy, shale gas,and job creation.

Wild Animals Running Around Rothesay

Only in Canada---Rothesay Regional Police reporting am unusual number of animal calls lately. Last (Saturday) night around suppertime police receiving two calls about a moose wandering around the Henderson park area off Hampton Road and heading toward the commons. According to the callers it was a younger animal and seemed confused.

Corporal Cantelo of the RRPF tells us in his 25 years he's only heard of calls about moose in residential areas a few times.

This (Sunday) morning the Rothesay police also had to deal with a deer caught in a gate, and last week there reports of a bear wandering around in French Village.

It's advised to keep your distance when dealing with wildlife.