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Monday, April 13, 2009

International Longshoremen's Association to Fight Long Wharf Deal



The International Longshoreman's Association intends to take the Irving Oil headquarter deal for Long Wharf to the Federal Court of Canada.  Irving Oil and the Saint John Port Authority have received the federal government's blessing for a land swap of the former Lantic Sugar site for the wharf, where Irving plans to build its new office complex.  I-L-A Business Agent Pat Riley tells CHSJ news they will fight the deal on legal grounds.

Riley says the port authority has failed to prove the land at Long Wharf is surplus. He also says his union has been denied a meeting with the federal minister, as well as Saint John MP Rodney Weston, to talk about the issue.

Former Opposition Leader Passes Away at 85



A former leader of the provincial opposition has passed away. Danny Cameron died Sunday at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton at the age of 85.

A veteran of the Canadian Forces, Cameron led the official opposition between 1991 and 1995 as leader of the Confederation of Regions Party.

Irving Oil on Decision from Ottawa



Management at Irving Oil can't help but smile today after the word that came down from Ottawa late last week. The federal government has given its blessing to the companies proposed plans to build a new office headquarters on Long Wharf. Spokes-person Leslie McLeod tells CHSJ News, there is still no word on what the final price-tag of the proposal is or how many people might be going to work.

Early estimates indicate the building could cost close to $30 million. Still with Irving Oil, maintenance crews continue to work on the "G" tank at the refinery. No indication yet as to what was causing oil to pool on the top of the tank. It has been emptied and now word on how long the work will continue.

Update on the Cause of Fires in Rothesay



Some news today that is sure to make home-owners in Rothesay sleep a little better. Three fires that hit a neighborhood on Tuesday of last week are all being called accidents. CHSJ News has learned the fire at 5 Dunedin Road was due to a failure of electrical service which may have sparked a blaze at 20 Dunedin just moments later when a fire broke out underneath the sink area. Fire officials are still investigating.

As for the flames that ripped through 4 Newport, there is still no word on what started the fire which destroyed the home. Damage is so extensive, it could be a few more days before investigators know what sparked the blaze.

Latest Flood Watch Report



Fortunes may be turning for those living on Provincial coastlines. With no major flooding over the weekend, the outlook for the next few days is for cooler, drier air and that should make for a gradual thaw. In Fredericton and below it, some secondary roads are holding water but Karl Wilmot with Emergency Measures tells CHSJ News, the water levels are dropping and ice jams in some area's are breaking up.

Wilmot adds the ice jams in Restigouche and the Miramichi are status quo but not holding alot of water.


History Un-covered Uptown



news bricks.jpg

(Photo Courtesy of Barry Ogden)

A piece of the city's history has been un-covered on an uptown building. Layers of paint are being pealed off the new home of the Saint John Theater Company on Princess Street and the remnants of two business signs, Hudson Super Six and the Essex Motor Car can be seen. Brian Goodwin is vice-president and tells CHSJ News, the building dates back to 1911.

As for the renovations to the Theater Company, Goodwin says they are about 90% done with a grand opening planned for this summer.   

More Snow For Some Parts of the Province



Along with some chocolate......the Easter Bunny dropped off some snow around the Province. The hardest hit area was Moncton which received 22cm's and Bouctouche got 19cm's. Most of the communities in and around Kent County got hit with anywhere between 10-15cm's to go along with high winds and some rain.

Greater Saint John did wake up to 5cm's, more in some spots but nothing serious. The full three day forecast is coming right up. 

A Place to Get Rid of Your Cell-Phone



Don't know what to do with the old broken cell phone cluttering up your junk drawer? The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association has started a program to help prevent old wireless devices from ending up in a landfill.

The purpose of the Recycle My Cell program is to either safely dispose of old cell phones, or refurbish them for resale. If a phone is fixed and sold, all proceeds will be going to local charities and food banks.

No Major Retail Planned in Quispamsis



It's early in the year, but there are no major plans for commercial development in Quispamsis. As work continues on the Shannex Assisted Living Complex on Millenium Drive, the phone has been pretty quiet other wise. Director of Engineering Gary Losier tells CHSJ News, he believes this is a reflection of what is going on with the economy but they have plenty of lots primed and ready to go.

Losier says any developers that are coming in have certainly scaled back their plans.


Flood Watch Continues



Water is still running high in some area's along the St. John River but nothing of major concern. The flood watch for Fredericton and all area's below it has been on for the entire Long Weekend with several roads being flooded out and major chuncks of ice comign ashore causing some serious damage. The snow, which began falling on Saturday hasn't added to any major headaches.

The last report from the Emergency Measures Organization saw the colder temperatures stabalize the water levels. Those living and working along rivers are advised to pay close attention to water level increases and ice movement.