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Monday, June 10, 2013

Robbery On Lower West Side

A teenager robbed on the lower West side. 

City police tell us the robbery happened on Duke Street West last night around 8:30 and three other teenagers were arrested a short time later. They were reportedly picked up on the corner of Winslow and Watson Streets. 

Unconfirmed reports say the victim was robbed of a cell phone and bike and a weapon may have been involved.

Sea Dogs Add New Faces At Q League Draft

The Saint John Sea Dogs adding some faces at the Q League draft this weekend.

The team is excited to snag Nathan Noel of St. John's who they expect to be a draw.

President Wayne Long says this draft was important to the team and they believe they added some key parts as the team continues rebuilding.

He says they drafted forward Joey Richard of the Moncton Flyers and defenseman Will Thompson of Fredericton native who attends Rothesay-Netherwood School.

Long says people think things are quiet in the office during the off season but he tells they are busy planning and preparing for training camp in August and the new season.

He says there will be some changes coming for the Dog's game night this year.

Deadly Collision Claims One

A two car crack up west of Moncton claiming the life of a 22 year old man from Anagance last night.

RCMP are looking into the head-on collision about 10pm last night on the Homestead road in Second North River.

The drivers of the vehicles were taken to hospital.  

   The Mounties do not believe alcohol is a contributing factor in the crash.

St. Andrew's To Host Triathlon In July

Adults, youth and kids will be running or biking or swimming and maybe all 3 at the first major triathlon in St. Andrew's.

Organizer Tressa Bevington hails from the town and tells CHSJ News it's a great location for an event like this.

She says the weekend also includes the Triathlon Canada junior elite series race which will include Reid Burrows of Grand Bay-Westfield.

Bevington says it's a really fast race about 58 minutes and within the town so spectators can check it out.

The Beat the Tide 5-miler will see runners race around Minister's Island and there is a kid's race through the trails of Kingsbrae Garden.

For more info, click here

One Person Injured After East Side Crash

Just after the stores closed yesterday afternoon, there was a two vehicle collision along Westmorland Road next to the Canadian Automobile Association which sent one person to hospital.

Holocaust Survivor Speaks At Jewish Historical Museum

A Holocaust survivor, who wound up as Dean of Science at U-N-B from 1986 to 1996, spoke in Saint John at the official opening of the Jewish Historical Museum on Leinster Street.

Despite being forced to hide in an attic behind a false wall at the top of a flour mill for two years along with 8 other people, Dr. Israel Unger considers himself lucky because he was so young at the time the Nazis swept into Poland and didn't fully appreciate the enormity of the brutality, degradation, humiliation and mass murder that was taking place.

He also was in town to launch his memoirs entitled "The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger" and talked about seeing two Nazis come to take away his grandfather, kick him down a flight of stairs and shoot him to death.

Dr. Unger says the mass murder in Tarnow, Poland, where he was hiding, took place in 1942 and the street around the Town Square had to be washed down because of all the blood that was flowing from the torture and killings of Jews. 

There were 25 thousand Jews in Tarnow at the beginning of the war with only 700 surviving.

Health Networks Urge Doctors, Province To Resolve Dispute

Both Horizon Health Network and Vitalit√© Health Network urging physicians and the province to put their differences aside, and put their heads together instead. 

Doctors and the Department of Health are in disagreement over cuts to Medicare, a conflict on its way to court. But the two health authorities are asking them simply sit down and talk it out, in order to find savings and create a sustainable system. 

Vitalité board chair, Paul Couturier, says that we know the present-day system is not sustainable, and is beyond what New Brunswickers can afford. He says it's vital all the players, including doctors, work together to solve the fiscal problem. Both networks rely on services from over 1,600 doctors, and say they need their involvement to find savings and build a sustainable, patient-driven system.

The doctors’ court case will be heard on Wednesday in Fredericton.

MP Says Government Doesn't Invest In Northern NB

The building of a west-east pipeline bringing Alberta crude to the Port City has drawn comparisons to the national railway, with premier David Alward saying it would revolutionize Saint John and the rest of the province. But one MP says the government has a history of not investing in one particular area.
Acadie-Bathurst MP Yvon Godin tells CHSJ News they constantly hear announcements about investments, but never see any money. He says they don't even have proper travel infrastructure, making it difficult to get around.

Godin says he doesn't see the government helping the people living in the northern region at all, and if nothing changes, residents will have to leave the area.

Premier's Idea Of An Elected Senate Getting Support

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation would like to see a national referendum on the future of the Senate. 

The Federation's Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey likes the idea put forward by Premier David Alward for an elected Senate. He believes an elected Senate would give the Atlantic region a stronger voice in opposing measures that are not good for this part of the country.

Lacey is hoping what emerges from the controversy over improper expense claims are changes that bring about more accountability.

Oil Refinery Wants Traffic Lights

If Common Council approves, a set of traffic lights will be installed at the entrance to the Irving Oil refinery on Loch Lomand Road. 

The refinery wants to see it happen and is willing to cover the cost of design, construction and installation. 

A traffic study was carried out to determine if having lights there is justified and on the basis of that, city staff are recommending councillors give the thumbs up.

Police Under Budget But Jobs Are Going Unfilled

City Police are not filling some jobs in order to stay within budget. 

As of the end of April, the police department is under budget by almost 475 thousand dollars. 

Because some vacancies are not being filled, salaries and wages are under budget by more than 200 thousand dollars but overtime costs are over budget by more than 90 thousand dollars.

Controversial Rezoning To Be Decided Tonight

Over the objections of some folks who live in Red Head, Common Council will have to decide tonight on whether or not to give final approval to rezoning 1875 and 1925 Bayside Drive from rural to pits and quarries. 

Tonight is the deadline for making a decision. 

Six months ago, Council wanted to first see how well an existing pit at 1781 Bayside Drive was rehabilitated before giving final approval to the rezoning. 

The city's building inspector is reporting rehabilition has been going on but because of the presence of large rocks, it's difficult for any vegetation to grow.