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Monday, January 28, 2013

Financial Benefits From Shale Gas Are Not Coming Soon

The President of the Atlantica Centre for Energy says this province needs the right regulations for a potential shale gas industry and a regime for royalties.

John Herron tells CHSJ News there will be no test wells drilled in the province this year.

He says from a commercial perspective there is no shale gas industry in this province today, there won't be next year and probably not the year after that adding we are a few years out.

When and if shale is found, Herron says this province can become like 24 other jurisdictions in North America by developing their natural gas resources from shale.

Mecklenburg Fire Demolition Begins

Crews have begun the demolition work at the site of a fire on Mecklenburg Street that destroyed two buildings and damaged a third.

Water Line Break At Carleton Community Centre

The Carleton Community Centre will be closed from now until possibly this Friday due to a water line break in the building.

City officials say the Market Place Wellness Centre will stay open and appointments will be honoured.

Man Lucky To Be Alive From Crash In Musquash

Photo courtesy of Ltd. Paul Poirier
One man is lucky to be alive after a crash in Musquash.

The Musquash Fire Department responding to a call round 11pm last night that a man had crashed his pick-up into a utility pole on Route 790. The truck was carrying logs at the time, which ended up crashing into the passenger side of the cab from the force of the impact.

Officers say power and phone lines were down, including one house that had the service entrance ripped off of it.

The man was able to get out of his truck before firefighters arrived and was sent to hospital for treatment.

Urban Farming Provides Many Benefits, Says Activist

It's unusual for anyone to keep chickens in their backyard, but that's exactly what Raymond Breau does in East Saint John.

Breau tells CHSJ news there's countless benefits for having hens, like growing your own food and being environmentally friendly. He boasts that they're manure is rich in nutrients and have greatly improved his garden. Breau says there are many stereotypes about the birds which are simply not true, such as they're noisy, carry diseases or are stinky.

And carry for them isn't labour intensive either... Breau says it only takes 5 minutes a day to check on them, with feeders and water containers holding ample amounts of supplies.

Mecklenburg Buildings Being Torn Down

Photo courtesy of Brett Stevens
The two buildings on Mecklenburg that received the most fire damage are being torn down today.

The Divisional Chief for Fire Prevention Mark Wilson tells CHSJ they're bringing in a private contractor to bring the dilapidated and dangerous buildings down. While that's happening, investigators will be keeping a keen eye on the buildings as they continue their search for the origin of the fire. Wilson says they still don't know what started the fire, but believe it started at the rear of the vacant building.

Witnesses, first responders, and residents will all be interviewed today to help solve the mystery.

As for the frozen cars, a tow truck will move them around the corner in hopes that the sun will melt their icy casing. Wilson says there's been no other damage to the cars, that became encased after water from the fire hose froze on them.

The major fire Sunday morning fire destroyed buildings at 72 and 74 Mecklenburg street, and badly damaged another. 16 people have been displaced.

Drug Grow Op Found In Hoyt

A Hoyt couple are facing drug related charges after RCMP discovered a grow op at their home.

The 38-year-olds were arrested on Friday and later released on conditions. The two are facing charges of marijuana cultivation and possession for the purpose of trafficking. During a search police seize marijuana plants, grow operation equipment, and an unsafely stored firearm.

The two are set to appear in Burton Provincial Court on April 8.

Efforts Underway To Assist Fire Victims

7 kids including an unborn baby from 3 famillies are looking for everything you need to live after a devastating fire on Mecklenburg street.

Stephanie Craig actually lives in St. Andrews but has an apartment on Orange street and is friends with one of the fire victims.

She created a Facebook group in the aftermath of the blaze and has seen a tremendous outpouring of support with people offering everything school supplies to baby clothes.

She tells us she is impressed with the support was surprised to wake up this morning and see the group now has 1000 members.

Craig says they need the use of a large vehicle to transport larger items that people are offering to donate.  

To help out, you can post directly on the Mecklenburg Facebook page, click here

Fresh Start Services through the Salvation Army on Prince Edward Street.

Cannon Security on Bayside Drive above Beats and Bytes.

(photo courtesy of Brett Stevens)

Five Nabbed In Drug Bust

Three men and 2 women, all from Saint John are under arrest after a 4 month drug investigation.

Members of City Police, the RCMP, Rothesay Regional Police Force and Canada Border Services Agency carried out raids on Somerset St., McLaren Blvd. and Baxter Road along with searching a vehicle.

Police confiscated cocaine, marijuana, prescription pills, 4 firearms, ammunition, a prohibited knife, other edged weapons, contraband cigarettes and over $6000 in cash.  

The drugs seized have an estimated street value of more than $11,300. 

More Video From Weekend Blaze

More video from the weekend fire on Mecklenburg Street in the city's South End - this video shot courtesy Doug Epton shot from behind the buildings shows the intensity of the flames as fire fighters struggled in frigid temperatures to bring the blaze under control. Click here.

Health Minister Meets With His Critics

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming met with the New Brunswick Medical Society over the weekend amid its criticism of him.  The Medical Society accused him of attacking doctors and characterised the relationsip as not being a good one.

Flemming says he has a duty to look after taxpayer dollars and if the Auditor General Kim McPherson  pinpoints a problem with double billing by some doctors, he has to investigate.

Flemming says 99.9 per cent of the doctors are honest, hardworking, decent people who are a tribute to the province. He says no one questioned McPherson's integrity or alleged she didn't know what she was talking about.

Shelter Keeps Homeless Warm During Cold Snap

In this bitter cold snap, men who are homeless are finding some warmth in the cold.

Jill Driscoll runs the Out of the Cold men's shelter at Grace Presbyterian Church on Hazan street. She says they regularly take in 6-11 men every night and make sure they have coverings, jackets, and boots. The shelter is only open at night, so in the morning they're given a $5 Tim Hortons card, which allows the homeless some temporary shelter to warm up in during the day.

Driscoll says the men are always extremely greatful when they enter the shelter, which accepts a lot of men facing various addictions. She says often the Salvation Army is full, and they turn away anyone who could be drunk or on drugs.

With the extra cold weather we've been having, Driscoll says the shelter has been opening their doors earlier at 8 o'clock.

Finance Minister Says Shale Gas Is A Must

Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs has no doubt.......Moving ahead with shale gas development is essential for the future economic well being of the province. 

Higgs says shale gas is something New Brunswick can build on if there is enough of it on hand to extract reasonably and if the province can get something out of it in terms of jobs and growing the economy.

Higgs goes on to say companies are repositioning themselves back to the U.S. because of low energy costs which are being driven by shale gas and he can see companies being attracted to New Brunswick for the same reason.

The U.S. is expected to be self sufficient in energy in a few years time.