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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Opposition Wants New Facility at UNBSJ



The opposition government wants the Minister of Post Secondary Education to consider putting the new Centre for Excellence for Energy and Construction facility at the University of New Brunswick Saint John rather than the Community College.
Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News, he thinks the facility would be better utilized on the Tucker Park Campus

Holder says the provincial government may be hesitant over re-locating the facility after the backlash back in 2007 over the suggestion to downgrade UNBSJ to a polytechnic institute.
He says co-locating the building is a completely different issue, and makes a lot of sense.

New Brunswick NDP Leader Reacts to Win in Nova Scotia



Hot off the trails of a landmark victory in Nova Scotia, the Leader of the New Brunswick NDP Party says it gives him hope here at home.
Roger Duguay tells CHSJ News, his party being elected in Atlantic Canada shows the type of support they have, and that people want change.
He says families have been affected by all the cuts by the current government in this province, and that's what will make voters look for something else.

Duguay says the times are changing since this is the first NDP government elected east of Ontario.

Update on Hampton Girl Charged with First Degree Murder



An update for the young Hampton woman charged with first degree murder earlier this week.
She appeared in front of a judge this morning, and will be undergoing a psychiatric assessment.
She is charged in relation to the death of 78 year old Frank Tonge----whose body was found in his Hampton area home last week.
Her name cannot be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act----and her next court appearance is scheduled for July 8th.

New Heart Procedure Means Less Pain And Quicker Recovery



Surgeons at the Heart Center out at the Regional Hospital are now using a new procedure for coronary artery bypass surgeries.
It involves an endoscopic tube with video camera through a small two centimeter incision on the leg to obtain veins used in the bypass surgery -- that's compared to the traditional method of a 15 to 30-cm incision to remove the vein.
The department head of cardiac surgery - Dr Marc Pelletier - says patients should experience less pain and a quicker recovery.
Heart Center surgeons have been performing the procedure since early last month.

Punctured Gas Line Repaired



Some Brunswick Drive residents startled by fire fighters knocking on their doors early this afternoon.
The fire department evacuated a number of homes near a break in a small natural gas line near 570-Brunswick Drive.
Apparently the line was punctured by a pickaxe while construction crews were doing some excavation work in the area.
Enbridge Gas was quickly on the scene making repairs -- no one was hurt.

Gas Leak On Brunswick Drive



Fire and Enbridge Gas crews are on the scene of a natural gas leak on Brunswick Drive -- the leak was reported just before 1:30 in an area of the street where construction crews have been doing excavation work.
Apparently -- a small gas pipe was punctured by a pickaxe and the gas company is now working to fix the damaged line.
Fire crews have evacuated some homes in the immediate area as a precaution.

Teens Charged In Morna Assault



Four teens are facing charges in connection with the robbery and roughing up of a 17-year old in Morna Monday afternoon.
Police picked up the four suspects yesterday -- they say the four also have weapons related charges pending -- those charges involve knives.

Update on Murder in Oromocto



A 16-year old charged with manslaughter in the homicide of Michael Thurber will be back in court on Thursday of next week. This will be to enter a plea. Brian Dobson, also charged in this homicide has entered a guilty plea on all charges.

He will remain locked up until sentencing which is also next Thursday. It was back on April.5th, Thurber's body was found in an apartment in Oromocto.


Grow-Op Uncovered in Norton



A strong odor and a sharp eye from neighbors has helped RCMP uncover a marijuana grow-op. Sussex RCMP were called to the Guthrie Road in Norton yesterday on complaints of a pungent odor coming from a home. Neighbors told officers they hadn't seen anyone around the house recently which they thought had been abandoned.

Officers kicked in a door to take a look and found the grow-op, a small number of plants and equipment.


Apartment Rental Market A Little Tighter



The city's apartment vacancy rate is remaining relatively stable -- the latest report from Canada Mortgage and Housing says the vacancy rate in April was four percent -- down ever so slightly from 4.3-percent in April of '08.
The federal agency also reports the average rent for a two bedroom apartment has increased to 643-dollars a month in April compared to 604-dollars in April of last year.
By comparison -- the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Vancouver is 1154-dollars a month -- the highest in the country.

Concerns About Over Fishing Up for Discussion Tonight



A major documentary on the effect of overfishing in the Atlantic Ocean will be screened tonight at the Hilton Hotel. The Conservation Council of New Brunswick and Greenpeace Canada will be showing the film "The End of the Line" followed by a discussion session. Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner, Sarah King tells CHSJ news over fishing will have global consequences.

King says retail outlets and consumers should be demanding seafood products that are fished through sustainable practices. The documentary will start at 7pm in the Hilton Hotel's Brigantine Lounge.

Four Arrested in Rothesay Robbery



Four people have been arrested following a late night robbery at Friendly's Convenience on Scott Avenue in Rothesay. Police tell CHSJ news two 15 year old boys entered the store around 11 o'clock masked with hoodies and bandannas, and left with an undisclosed amount of money and cigarettes.

The two teens, along with a 15 year old girl, are facing charges of robbery, breach of probation and breach of undertaking in court today. A woman will also be making a court appearance at a later date.

Teen Assaulted in Quispamsis



A young man has been arrested and charged with assault after another teenager was attacked last night in Quispamsis. Rothesay Regional Police say a 17 year old boy was taken to hospital with injuries after being assaulted behind the Shoppers Drug Mart at around 7:30pm.

No other details have been released.

Hampton Teen Due in Court Today on First Degree Murder Charge



A 15 year old Hampton girl is scheduled to appear in court today for the murder of 78 year old Frank Tonge of Damascus. His body was found in a Hampton area home late last week. The young woman has been charged with first degree murder.
Her name cannot be released under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Marigolds on Main Street Underway Today



The 12 annual Marigolds on Main Street kicks off this morning in Saint John. Organizer Barry Ogden tells CHSJ news they will plant 150 thousand flowers throughout greater Saint John over the next few days.

Thousands of students will be involved in the project, including 800 on Main Street today. Ogden says the emphasis this year is on encouraging learning and furthering education.