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Friday, December 17, 2010

EMO Hosting Public Information Sessions On Sunday

The Province hosting two public meetings this weekend in the areas hit hardest by flooding.
Andrew Holland of Emergency Measures says the sessions are coming up on Sunday.

The first meeting is coming up at 1 o'clock at St. Stephen High School on King Street and the second meeting is at 4 o'clock at Fundy High School in St. George.
Holland says its critical right now to keep people informed.

EMO staff will be present to explain the disaster financial assistance program and answer questions.
For more information or to report damage, call 1-888-298-8555 or click here

Trail System In Province Takes A Beating From Flood Waters

The New Brunswick Trails Council urging people to stay off the trails where there has been flooding because it's downright dangerous.

The Council's Executive-Director Paul Jorgensen tells CHSJ News there has been alot of damage with between 300 and 400 thousand dollars worth to the St. John River trail alone.

If the repairs are not made pronto, there's a warning the trails will have to be closed to snowmobiles over the winter which would cancel out a major tourism initiative.

There have been at least thirty areas where washouts have happened. Jorgensen calls it unprecedented.

Number of People Seeking Disaster Relief From Flooding Grows

At last report, 335 people have signed up for disaster relief in the aftermath of this week's flooding.The list is expected to grow as damage is assessed.

Both lanes of traffic along Highway 1 at St. George have been reopened. It's estimated 100 roads or so have been damaged and are need of repairs.

Chuck Brown of Cooke Aquaculture tells CHSJ News the company launched a relief effort when it became apparent how dire the situation was becoming. He says some people at Bonny River had scrambled to the roofs of homes looking to be rescued which was reminiscent of what happened in New Orleans with the flooding from Hurricane Katrina.

To report damage or sign up for the Province's Disaster Assistance Program, call 1-888-298-8555 or click here.

Highway 1 Near St. George Fully Re-Opened

The Department of Transportation telling us that Route 1 has returned to full service in the Manor Road area near St George. All lanes are open to traffic.

One Man Arrested Trying To Take Off From Police

City Police nabbing one man after they say he tried to take off along Rothesay Avenue around 2 this morning.

 Police tell CHSJ News they tried to stop what they thought was a suspicious car.

The driver tried to speed away but didn't get very far before losing control smashing into several cars at a dealership and hitting a tree.

The accused, who's not injured, is facing charges of theft, dangerous driving along with break and enter.

Saint Johnners Warned About Credit Card Scam

The City police fraud section investigating a credit card scam.

The fraudsters are calling Saint Johners asking questions about their credit cards over the phone.

Some are even posing as investigator telling the card holder about a fraudulent purchase on their account.

In order to fix it, the card holder needs to give the caller their 3-digit verification number.

Police telling CHSJ News about 20 per cent of Canadians have found unauthorized charges on their accounts through these methods.

They warn residents to check their statements monthly and to never give out their account number over the phone unless they make the call and they know company is reputable.

Christmas Tree Lighting Later Today In Crescent Valley

Almost 200 Irving Oil employees demonstrating the true spirit of Christmas today in Crescent Valley.

The workers will be on hand for the tree lighting ceremony at the community's resource centre.

Irving Oil's Lesley Dickson tells CHSJ News in working with the centre's staff, the company is learning of their needs. The Christmas wreaths are being distributed between 3 and 4 today.

Santa is dropping by the event today and things get underway at 3 this afternoon at the Crescent Valley Resource Centre.