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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Multiple Car Crashes on Redhead Road

A bottle--that's how police and fire crews are describing the icy stretch of Red HeadRoad that was the site of three separate accidents this afternoon.

Police getting the call around 11:30am stating that a car had gone off the road and was flipped over in the ditch. Three people were injured, although no one seriously. One was transported to the hospital.

A fire truck responding to that accident was heading down the hill when it, too, slid off the road. The windshield of the truck was smashed and there was some light damage to the the fire apparatus, but the crew made it out fine.

A third vehicle crashed into the same ditch as the first vehicle shortly afterward.

If you're driving that way, you're advised that area of road is now blocked off to past the entrance to Canaport LNG. Sand trucks are on the scene and are working on making the area safer.

Chase Breaks Silence on Budget

It's time to stop the secrecy and give the public a chance to weigh in on the budget--that from Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase. After unprecedented delays and disagreements, the city being met with tremendous pressure from the province to get it together.

It's expected the 2012 city budget will be voted on February 6th but there will be a budget released tonight at Common Council, according to Chase, and Saint Johnners will have a week to weigh in on the cuts. He warns everyone is going to be cut with the possible exception of the Imperial Theatre.

Chase says that he's frustrated with the idea that the tough issues should be kept under wraps, getting up in protest and refusing to deliberate any further behind closed doors.
Saturday's council meeting was planned for closed session but was quietly declared open after Chase's refusal to participate. He called it illegal and stormed out.

Fire Service Will Remain Top Notch Despite Budget Cuts

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says even with a budget cut hitting the fire department, we will still meet national fire safety standards.

The Fire Fighters Association says the loss of a truck and up to 24 staff will put Saint Johners at risk.

But Chase tells CHSJ News there is nothing to worry about because the same amount of trucks and fire fighters will still respond to a fire call and our service will still be superior to that of our neighbouring communities.

He says the funding reduction to the fire department will remain the same no matter what form the final budget takes.