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Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Crashes Send Two Women To Hospital

One woman taken to hospital after a single vehicle crash on Highway one eastbound causing all 7 airbags in her vehicle to deploy.

The collision backing up traffic significantly for the trek home tonight.

Earlier, there was another single vehicle accident on the east side. A quarter ton truck leaving the road and winding up on its side at Grandview Avenue and McLeod Road. One woman had to be extricated by the fire department and she was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.

The Saint John Fire Department also dispelling reports of a fire on Partridge Island.
They got a call earlier of smoke being seen on the island but checked it out and found nothing.

They did spot something florescent orange on top of the building. 

The island is cared for by the Coast Guard and they were informed of the situation.

Gillis Argues Ferguson Didn't Get Requested Info

John Ferguson asked for information about how they might solve the pension deficit, and you didn't give it to him for 8 months—that from lawyer Rod Gillis to City Manager Pat Woods. At the former common councilor's defamation trial, the court heard Ferguson asked to see the now-infamous “Pink Letter”, in which Halifax lawyer Ronald Pink outlined recommendations for the board—but Woods put him off.

Woods told the court, “All I remember is sending the Pink letter. I don't know whether Ferguson was on council in that year or not.” Woods was working as both common clerk and deputy city manager up until March 2008.

Woods said Ferguson would have had to motion to see the documents. “Do you mean to tell me that if you as a clerk has a document, a resolution of council is needed to see it? Is that how the City of Saint John works?

One of Ferguson's allegedly defamatory comments is that that the pension board withheld information.

The Province Encouraging Candidates For May Elections

You are being encouraged to consider a run in the May elections.

Elections NB is using flyers and a website to give prospective candidates details about the various positions that will be contested in the municipal, district education council and regional health authority elections on May 14.

Municipal Electoral officer Mike Quinn tells CHSJ News they are reaching out to people who want to make their communities and the province a better place to live and work.

The deadline to file nomination papers is April 13.

For more info, click here.

P-E-I Company Claims There's A Demand In Province For Intercity Shuttle Service

Advanced Shuttle Service of P-E-I making its case for a reservations only intercity service for the province before the Energy and Utilities Board. 

The mothers of two high school students who were killed in a van crash outside Bathurst in 2008 object to the use of 15 seat passenger vans charging they're prone to rollovers. 

Owner David Anderson rejects the suggestion that 15 seat passenger vans are more prone to rollovers although, at some point, he would consider using the multi-function activity bus which he admits is roomier and more comfortable.

He adds they check their tires are checked daily and inspected monthly.

Glen Carr of the Amalgamated Transit Union at Acadian Coach LInes considers the proposed service to be a threat, which Anderson denies.

A written decision on the application will be made within the next thirty days.

Bus Cuts Protest on King Street

A small protest on King street against looming bus cuts receiving support from passersby and even aspiring councillors.
Three people are set up with yellow bus-shaped signs and posters.

Community activist Tammy Calvin tells CHSJ News the impact is drastic with bus service is some communities ending at 5:30pm and she wonders how people are supposed to get home from work.

She fears people walking home will be more vulnerable to crime.

Calvin has little sympathy for the City of Saint John's financial struggles telling us they should be adding service not taking it away.

Speakers To Discuss Human Rights In Mexico

UNB Saint John playing host to a speaking tour today focusing on the struggle for peace and human rights in Mexico.
Ganong Hall is holding the talk at 2 this afternoon and it will be held again tonight at 6:30 at the Grand Hall on Charlotte street.

All of the speakers are respected human rights defenders interested in communicating their perspectives with the Canadian public.
They include Vidulfo Rosale Sierra a human rights lawyer and Yolanda Moran Isais of United Forces for our Disappeared in Mexico.

UNB's Fredericton campus hosts the event tomorrow afternoon.

EUB Hears Transport Canada Consider Vans Safe

The Energy and Utilities Board holding a hearing in Saint John today on an application by a PEI company who want to use 15-person passenger vans in this province.

The EUB has been told by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for the province, Charles O'Donnell the 15 seat passenger vans that would be used in the province by Advanced Shuttle Service are considered safe by Transport Canada.

The owner of Advanced Shuttle, David Anderson says the service in New Brunswick would run four days a week by reservation only. The cost would range from 85 to 135 dollars return.

Some of the mothers of teenage basketball players killed in a 2008 Bathurst van crash want 15-passenger vans taken off the roads calling them death traps.

They spoke at the hearing today against the application by Advanced Shuttle Service.

Farren Slams Exotic Trips for Pension Trustees

The tropical idylls enjoyed by some pension board trustees have been a hot topic lately in the defamation trial of John Ferguson. Now that it's out in the open, Councillor Bill Farren tells us he wants to see travel limited to here in Canada.

Farren tells CHSJ News there's no doubt that trustees need training--but there doesn't need to be such a massive cost associated with it.

Farren says he knows for a fact that the same training is available here in Canada, because when he was involved in pension matters he didn't need to take any exotic trips.

Small Businesses In Province More Confident

Despite a rising unemployment rate in the province and the prospect of flat hiring for the forsesseable future, small businesspeople appear to be more confident these days. That, according to the latest survey from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Policy Analyst Richard Dunn tells CHSJ News the rising price of gas is a big concern and small business owners will be keeping a close eye on what's contained in the provincial budget.
Dunn warns if gas prices keep on going up, that could be a damper on tourism.

Lower Interest Rates - Tougher Qualifications For Mortgages

The mortgage wars are heating up again - but - a local real estate board official says that doesn't mean it's getting any easier to qualify for a mortgage.
The big banks are duking it out offering a 2.99-percent interest over a four or five year period - and - while mortgage rates remain at historic lows -- Greater Saint John Real Estate Board president Jason Stephen says the federal government has pushed mortgage companies to be stricter when qualifying people.
He says lenders are spending more time verifying information including employment and down payments.
And Stephen predicts Ottawa will soon move to shorten the maximum mortgage terms from 30 to 25-years.