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Friday, August 9, 2013

Crews Respond To Milltown Fire

Fire crews responding to a trailer fire in Milltown today.

Crews from Calais, Maine and St. Stephen responded to the blaze.

Wet Roads Lead To Hydroplaning

It can serve as a warning to slow down in heavy rain.

Between noon and 3 today, two cars have hydroplaned into a guard rail along Highway 1 westbound between the Rothesay Avenue exit and the Fox Farm road exit.

A section of guardrail replaced earlier today will have to be replaced again.

Between Fundy National Park and Sussex, a rainfall warning remains in effect with 50 millimetres of rain likely by tonight.

Around here, the showers should end by tomorrow morning.

Young People Suffering The Most When It Comes To Unemployment

Young people are, perhaps, the ones suffering the most when it comes to unemployment.

John Hoben of the New Brunswick Student Association tells CHSJ News the 6.4% jump in jobless youth is of huge concern to them, especially since the government hasn't listened to their requests to beef up work placement programs for new grads.

Hoben says the answer is to strengthen programs like SEED instead of axing their funding, but so far they've been met with resistance to doing that. Hoben says the 6.4% jump in youth unemployment translates into hundreds more young people out of work this summer.

A Dip In The Jobless Numbers May Offer Hope

Whether it's because more people headed out west or there were more jobs created, who's to say. 

The unemployment rate in the city did go down from 11.2 per cent to 10.9 per cent and it also declined provincially from 11.2 to 10.2 per cent. 

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston believes things will get better starting with the pipeline announcement.

He says Saint John knows the value of a project of this nature because it has an impact on how our community grows.

Even Kevin Lacey, the Atlantic Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, is sounding a bit more optimistic about the provincial economy.

Lacey says good things are happening so if we can get the pipeline built and shale gas on board then perhaps we can grow the economy enough to attack that deficit.

Saint John still has the highest unemployment rate of all the cities in the Stats Canada survey and the only one still in double digits.

Navy Members Bike To Grant Wishes

Members of the Canadian navy will be biking this month to ensure little kids can go to Disney World or the West Edmonton Mall.

Bike for Wishes sees two teams raise money for the Children's wish foundation.

Jason Ellsworth tells CHSJ News members from HMCS Moncton and HMCS Fredericton are taking part this year.

He says last year the event brought in $60,000 allowing them to grant 6 wishes across the province.

Ellsworth says across the province is working on 55 wishes for kids with life threatening illnesses between the ages of 3 and 17.

Two teams of up to 9 people each will begin the bike ride in Sackville and in Miramichi.   

The event ends in Fredericton on the 16th.

To make a donation and help grant a wish, click here

NB Strikes Gold In Canada Summer Games

Team NB won four medals yesterday (Thursday) at the Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke, Que. We enter the final day of competition for the first week of the Canada Games with chances to snag two more medals.

Gold medals have already gone to sailor Fraser Wells of Rothesay and wrestler Elizabeth "Bea" Fagan of Oromocto, while Bailey Theriault of Rexton and Shalina Mason of St. Stephen both got bronze in wrestling.

The men’s baseball team meets Team Alberta in an early-afternoon bronze medal game. We lost 7-0 to British Columbia in a late semi-final game in nearby Coaticook, Que.
In basketball, Team NB squares off against Quebec in the bronze medal match. 

Women’s softball returns to the field against Saskatchewan for fifth place. The team earned the right to Friday’s game after beating Alberta 7-0 Thursday.
After a week in the pool, swimmers head to the open water competition in Lake Memphremagog Friday morning. 

Mary Ketterling of Fredericton, Kelsea Vessey of Fredericton, Gabriel Boivin of Dieppe and David Thibodeau of Fredericton will take part in the 5,000-metre swim.

Exotic Pets Often Abandoned, Can Be Hazardous

There's been a great deal of negative buzz about so-called exotic pets after two boys were strangled by a python last week in Campbellton. Part of that discussion: whether a better screening process needs to exist for anyone who wants to keep potentially dangerous wild animals. 

Linda Collrin of the Cherry Brook Zoo tells CHSJ News there needs to be some sort of oversight even if owners aren't running an official zoo. At the Cherry Brook Zoo, she says the accreditation body requires binders full of information including staff resumes, bills of health, and a record of whenever animals are moved, even within the province.

Collrin says big snakes are a fad pet much like ferrets and potbellied pigs,and people often give them away when they get too big, making them a hazard wherever they end up. 

Environment Canada has confirmed the python than killed the two boys ended up at Reptile Ocean because it was surrendered anonymously to the SPCA.

Work Progressing On Major Interchange Project

Work is progressing on the 75-million dollar One Mile Interchange project.
The project is scheduled for completion this fall and will offer a direct connection between Highway One and Bayside Drive moving truck traffic destined for industrial areas out east off city centre streets.
Crews are completing work on the overpass and are busy with the approach from the intersection of Bayside Drive - Throne Avenue - Loch Lomond Road - and - Russell Street.