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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Traffic Delays in East Saint John

Delays are expected as the City's traffic services are working on traffic lights at the intersections of Ashburn Lake Road and Rothesay Avenue and at Retail Drive and Rothesay Avenue.

During the work, the lights will be flashing or off so, drivers are advised to avoid Ashburn Lake Road coming from the highway and Retail Drive to Rothesay Avenue as vehicles on Rothesay Avenue will have the right of way during the flashing light.

Wireless technology recently installed will allow for a smoother flow of traffic at the intersection. The lights at the intersection operate on traffic volume rather than on a timer.

Provincial Money for St. George project

$480-thousand dollars from the Province today to establish a senior's housing project in St. George.
Premier Shawn Graham in the town today to make the announcement of funding provided through the Regional Development Corporation.
The money will be used to offset the costs of building a three-level senior’s apartment building with 28 units.

Father Charged in Daughters Death

A 25-year-old Havelock man has been charged in connection with the death of his daughter in earlier this year.

On January 8, emergency officials were called to a home in Havelock where 23-month-old Dakota Linfield had ingested methadone at some point during the previous 24 hours.

She was taken to the Moncton Hospital and later airlifted to the IWK in Halifax where she passed away five days later.

Anthony Linfield has been charged with manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death and failing to provide the necessaries of life. His next court appearance is Tuesday of next week.

Group Home Workers Begin Protests

Protests around Greater Saint John are underway by the union representing Group Home Workers over stalled contract negotiations with the province.

They have been working with-out a deal for just over a year and haven't had a wage increase in almost two.

Cupe Spokes-person Mike Davidson tells CHSJ News, make no mistake about it, this will be an election issue because it's not just the group homes but family support workers and trasition houses.

Davidson says the workers now require a Human Service Worker Degree that costs a minimum of $6200 dollars and the rate of funding from the Province has not increased to match a $3.30 increase in minimum wage by next year.

City Police Warn of Another Scam

City Police are giving you the heads up about another scam making the rounds.
Officers tell us someone will call your home posing as a bank official or Law Enforcement officer.

You are then told your help is needed to catch a dishonest bank employee.

You are then asked to withdraw a large amount of money and turn it over to this so-called "Bank Examiner" or "Detective".
They then assure you your money will be returned once the investigation is finished but of course that is never the case.
Keep in mind, a bank will never ask to use your money in an investigation and if you do get a call like this, call City Police right away at 648-3333.

Energy Minister Keir in the Windy City

There are no borders in North America when it comes to energy.

That message delivered to the U.S.- Canada Clean Energy Dialogue forum in Chicago by Energy Minister Jack Keir.

In sharing a common electricity grid, environmental challenges, supply and reliability concerns just to name a few, Keir believes it is time to build on the collective future of what will best benefit both countries.

Keir also points out efforts to harmonize market rules, align green energy policies and break down jurisdictional barriers in support of the economic flow of clean energy sources must happen sooner rather than later.

Ambiance Day Spa Will Reopen

It seems Ambiance Day Spa will live to see another day in a new location.

In an email obtained by our newsrooom, Stacey Cross-Bourgeois of Ambiance Day Spa
apologizes for the inconvenience of their temporary closure.
She add that they will reopen in a new location some time summer.

Cross-Borgeois goes on to say there will be more exciting news to come and they invite their clients to check their website for updates.

Yesterday, CHSJ News learned that Market Square terminated it's lease with
Ambiance Day Spa because of a failure to meet lease obligations and pay their rent.

Funding for Saint John Theater Company

(Saint John MP Rodney Weston, Stephen Tobias and Jo-Anna Everett)
                      (Photo by Brian McLain)

A couple of firsts for the Saint John Theatre Company.

For the first time ever, it will receive more than 68 thousand dollars in federal funding to stage productions for the city's 225th birthday celebration.

The theatre company's Artistic Director Stephen Tobias says another first is the staging of a musical about the Marco Polo tall ship "To Hell or Melbourne" at Harbour Station.

Tobias says they've never had to stage anything like this in such a large venue.
Live performances of the musical will also be performed at various venues around town.

Federal money is also going to the 8th annual Theatre on the Edge Festival from August 2nd to the 15th whose purpose is to showcase local talent.

East Side Fire Spreads Before Being Put Out

City firefighters spent three hours quelling a blaze and checking for hot spots last night at 200 Range Road on the east side . They were met by heavy fire in an open pit that spread to nearby brush. There's no word yet on how that fire got started.

More Parking Planned For Q-Plex

 (Q-Plex Parking Plan)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

People planning to visit the Q-Plex when it's built may be getting more room to park. Quispamsis Council has passed the first two readings of a by-law that would allow for a piece of land along Quispamsis Road to become a parking lot. Craig Logan lives in the area and is worried having the parking lot will lead to there being access to the Q-Plex from Quispamsis Road. He says the road is quite hilly and has several blind spots.
Councillor Gerry Maher says they shouldn't hamstring themselves by saying now that there will not be an entrance to the Quispamsis Road in the future. Logan is asking Town Council to bring the matter back to the public if it is decided that an access road is needed in the future.

Building And Permit Fees In Quispamsis To Increase

(Quispamsis Council  meeting Tuesday night)
              (Photo by Sherry Aske)

Quispamsis is trying to get ahead of changes the province is making to its Building Code Act. Gary Losier, Director of Engineering and Works, says Quispamsis is looking to make changes so it can live up to the new standards. He says the biggest issue is drainage and they want to make sure it is addressed for neighbourhoods as a whole, not just for individual homes.
Losier also says contractors will see an increase in building and permit fees. The town's fees have not been reviewed since 1993 and will be changing to mirror those set up in neighbouring towns. A public information session is being held June 9th at 7pm at Town Hall so people can learn about the new requirements.

Ferguson Fails To Stop Lawsuit By Pension Board

(Former Common Councillor and Mayoral Candidate John Ferguson)
                                     (File Photo)

Former Common Councillor and Mayoral candidate John Ferguson has failed to persuade the Court of Queen's Bench to dismiss the lawsuit for defamation brought against him by the city's Pension Board in January of 2007. Ferguson, who's now the City Manager in St. Stephen, argued the Pension Board doesn't have the legal capacity to sue for defamation. Mr. Justice William Grant determined the city's Pension Act gives the board the legal capacity to launch legal actions. Whether the Pension Board has the legal standing to do so is another matter but the judge concluded the merits of the Pension Board's case was not before the court. Ferguson and his lawyer both declined to comment.