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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Province Blocks Medical Society Legal Action

The provincial government is responding to the legal application filed by the New Brunswick Medical Society by blocking it.New legislation prohibits the taking of legal action, as well as making the tentative agreement from December of last year to be null and void, as well as any other alleged agreements.Acting Health Minister Jack Keir says it's important to note provisions do not include the two year wage freeze to physicians, and that the door is open for negotiations with the New Brunswick Medical Society.Keir says the province is hopeful a solution might be reached with the physicians.

Environment Minister Steps Down

Environment Minister T.J. Burke is stepping down from his position to return to practicing law.Burke will continue to serve as the M-L-A for the Fredericton-Nashwaaksis riding.Burke's resignation goes into effect immediately, and Fredericton-Silverwood M-L-A Rick Miles will be sworn in as the new Environment Minister tomorrow.

Westside Business Group Holding Special Meeting

A special meeting has been called of the Saint John West Business Association to deal with the proposed Business Improvement Area and levy.
Common council has tabled a proposed business improvement levy pending verification of the number of businesses by the Common Clerk -- but -- not before some councilors tried to defeat it.
Spokesman Blaine Harris tells CHSJ News there appears to be friction between his group and city hall and he's not sure why.
The Association is holding the special meeting Tuesday night in the Community Room at Sobey's beginning at seven -- Harris says copies of the proposed business plan will be available.

Police Tracking Wayward Cow

A heads up from city police -- if you're driving along Grandview Avenue out east -- be on the lookout for a cow on the loose.
Police are hunting the bolting bovine and are hoping to nab the cow and avoid chaos on the traffic front.

M-L-A Reacts to Lyme DiseasePilot Project

[Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder-----File Photo Courtesy of CNB]

Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder says he's been voicing his concern about the potential of lyme disease in the Millidgeville area for over a year.
Holder says he said a year ago lyme disease was a freight train heading to this region, and wants to acknowledge this is the first time the Department of Health has taken this issue seriously.
Holder says the pilot program to study the link between climate change and the spread of black legged ticks is a step in the right direction, but may not be enough just yet.He says climate change is not the only issue that needs to be looked at, so does whether or not deer populations are helping spread the potential risk of lyme disease.

Saint John Gains Attention As Potential Target

(Senators Michael Meighen and Joe Day speak to reporters following a review of port security measures - photo by Gary MacDonald)

Members of a senate committee on national security say progress has been made in beefing up port security in the past three years.
The committee members made a stop in the city to tour the new cruise terminal and look at Canada Border Services Agency equipment.
Senator Joe Day says the local port is a growing target with the increased port activity and the liquefied natural gas terminal -- there is an increased need for vigilance.
The committee members also met with senior city police officials -- and -- toured the St Stephen border crossings.

Lyme Disease Pilot Project Launched in City

[Dr. Jaqueline Badcock displaying black legged tick sample-----Photo by Dave Briggs]

With the discovery of black legged ticks infected with lyme disease in the Millidgeville area, Saint John is getting involved with a pilot research project to examine the link between climate change and the spread of the disease.Dr. Jacqueline Badcock says many areas in New Brunswick have found ticks, but not infected ones.

Dr. Badcock says black legged ticks generally prefer wooded areas, so the population should not be found in city areas.A public information session is being held tonight at the Millidgeville North School at 7 o'clock.

Belleise National Anthem Verdict

The decision is made on the charges relating to the controversy over banning the national anthem at Belleisle Elementary School earlier this year.
Bradley Howland has been found guilty of threatening principal Erik Millett.
Howland was accused of saying that if the secretary wasn't there, he'd take him outside and beat some sense into him.
Howland says it was a man to man talk in an effort to learn when the anthem would be played again.
Judge Henrik Tonning ruled Howland intended to intimidate and instil fear in Millett.
Sentencing is scheduled for August 28th.

More Swine Flu Cases Confirmed In Province

Public health officials say more cases of the H-1-N-1 flu are now showing up in children and people under 20 in this province.
The deputy chief medical health officer - Dr Paul Van Buynder - says this is typical of what has been happening across the country.
He says there are now 61-confirmed cases in the province - up by twenty from this time last week -- but -- he says there is a decline in serious cases across the country.
Van Buynder says we are currently in a lull period -- but -- health officials across the country are expecting the flu to pick up steam going into the fall.

Open House to Discuss Youth Home

A raw nerve that had been exposed weeks ago was aggrivated at a public meeting at the Civic Center in Quispamsis last night. Over 60 home-owners turned out to voice their dis-pleasure with a Youth Home for At Risk Teens setting up at 186 Vincent Road. The proposal was approved by the Planning Advisory Committee last month who felt there was no need for public input. Dave Nickerson has a daughter with special needs who attends the Little Acorns Daycare two homes down from the facility and questioned Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee Bob McLaughlin as to why he and the rest of the committee would think not speakign to the neighbourhood was a good thing.

McLaughlin explained to the crowd that when the proposal arrived on their desk, they didn't feel there was any need to consult with the community or those living in the neightbourhood. McLaughlin admits that he and the PAC made a mistake and given the opportunity to do it again, public input would be included.

New Look for Mckay Highway

The plan for the Route One Gateway Project was unveiled in Rothesay last night and the Province is getting it's first six lane highway along the McKay. A third lane will be added both east and westbound with a study continuing to look at the increased traffic flow in and out of the Kennebecasis Valley and what can and can't be done with the Route 111 Interchange. Project Manager Margaret Grant McGivney tells CHSJ News, results from the study should be in by the end of next month.

Construction on the Gateway Project including they third lanes for the McKay Highway should get started next spring.

Moncton Youth Residences on Meeting

Executive Director of Moncton Youth Residences Mel Kennah was on hand for the meeting which lasted close to three hours. Not suprised by the anger and frustration of his new neighbours, Kennah tells CHSJ News, they are not going anywhere. Kennah says he isn't familar with how an appeals process works but if someone chooses to pursue that action, they will be accountable for the facility.

Home-owners were told they can file letters of petition about the developer's agreement at the Town Hall and were urged to do so right away as the proces has already started.

A Plan to Deal with Lyme Disease

With fears that the problem is growing, the Graham Government is taking the lead on trying to combat Lyme Disease. A news conference has been called for this afternoon, one o'clock, at the Mercantile Center. Health officials will be on hand to announce a pilot project.

Several of the ticks that carry the disease have been found in several areas including Millidgeville.

Gas Prices are Back Up

After a month of steady decline, gas prices are back on the upward swing. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows the maximum price for a litre of self-serve going for 93.4 which is up just under two cents from a week ago. Most stations have a posted price of 93.6.

Diesel is up almost two cents at well with a maximum price tag of 92.5, furnace oil is up almost three cents at 73.8 and propane comes in at 81.5 which is actually down almost two cents.