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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Card For Troops To Be Unveiled

There's an unveiling Monday morning out in the Ken Valley -- and -- it's an interactive unveiling.
Local artist Norm Jackson has designed a Christmas card for our troops in Afghanistan to show them we are thinking of them this holiday season.
The card is being unveiled at the Marr Road Shell in Rothesay at ten after which it will be available for you to add your name and Christmas greeting before it's sent overseas.

Trudeau Speaks to local Liberals

(Paul Zed and Justin Trudeau-photo by Tamara Steele)

Pierre Trudeau's eldest son paid a visit to Saint John area Liberals.

Justin Trudeau has been an elected MP in Quebec for over a year now.
He says it's amazing what MP's can accomplish in their own ridings.
As a oppositon backbench MP, Trudeau says you might think he would be bored but he says it's extraordinary what you can do working with government and the community.
Trudeau says to get young people engaged in politics, the politicians need to start talking about the issues they care about like poverty and the environment.

High Speed Chase

A Saint John Police Officer has a broken foot today after chasing a suspect on ground after a high speed chase last night. At 10:20, police attempted to pull a GMC truck over on the causeway, when the driver refused to slow down, police began a high speed chase down Mount Pleasant Avenue. The suspect drove down several side streets bfore eventually heading down a dead-end street, pulling over and running from the vehicle.The officer in pursuit caught up to the suspect on River Avenue, and arrested him.
The 36 year old man faces charges of fleeing from police, dangerous driving and driving under the influence.

Facebook Protest Hydro Quebec Takeover

After announcing the Hydro Quebec take over of NB Power on Thursday, cries of disapproval have been heard across the province. Though maybe none as strong as a 10,000 member facebook group opposed to the take over.
The group, created Thursday, has members from all regions of the province saying no to the sale of the provincial power company. Clark Hamilton, the groups creator, tells CHSJ News, the overall feeling of the group is anger.
A protest against the sale is planned for November 17th in front of the New Brunswick Legislature.

Banking Scam

The police are looking into a scam where someone is replacing PIN pads at businesses to steal the customers banking information.
The modified pad intercepts bankcard information and the PIN number, and then money is taken out of the persons account.
City police are asking all businesses to check their PIN pads to make sure it is the one issued by the Point of Sale vendor, and if there are any issues or concerns to contact them immediately at 648-3333.

Tourism Summit and Awards

Members of the Canadian Tourism Industry are meeting in Saint John starting today for their annual summit and awards. The national awards for tourism excellence will be handed out on Tuesday with the Saint John Port Authority and T4G limited's work they did with the Provincial Tourism and Parks department in the running to take home some hardware.
There will also be a number of guest speakers through-out the three day conference including Federal Tourism Minister Diane Ablonczy who will adress the delegates tomorrow at noon.

Kenya Fundraiser

A graduate of Saint John High School and his mother are trying to make a huge difference in the lives of many. Pierre and Cathy Robichaud are hosting the first annual Gems of Hope fund-raiser with the goal of raising ten thousand dollars. The cash will be used to purchase a piece of property and build a new school, community center and low income housing in one of the poorest communities in Nairobi, Kenya. Pierre Robichaud tells CHSJ News, after spending time in the area this summer, he is compelled to help in any way he can.
The fund-raiser is at the Trade and Convention Center on the 13th with tickets going for $40 dollars. You can buy some by calling 648-9677.

Blue Bins Need a Home

To reach the maxium potential of the Blue recycling bins, Councillor Chris Titus says there needs to be permenant locations established in the South Central Penisula.
Titus says the bins in the parking commissions lots is a courtesy, but a permenant location needs to be found.
Titus says people need to know where the bins are going to be today, tomorrow and six months from now.