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Friday, March 1, 2013

You Have 3 Weeks To Nominate City Volunteers

The Port City has a big heart and its volunteers prove it year after year.

The City of Saint John is giving a chance to celebrate the people who make sports, recreation and neighbourhoods run smoothly and attractive places to spend your time.

Lori Jenson tells CHSJ News the winners are celebrated in an event at the Lily Lake Pavilion in April.

She says they have about 200 people on hand including the nominees, the winners and their families and they have a meal together and get to celebrate them in the way they deserve.

The 2012 winners ranged from a  17 year old sports volunteer to an 80 year old community centre volunteer.

Volunteers are being recognized in the following categories:

1) outstanding volunteer contribution in a sport or recreation organization

2)  outstanding volunteer contribution to a community development initiative 

3)  fundraiser of the year for sport and recreation

4)  fundraiser of the year for neighbourhood and community development

5) corporate sponsor award

The deadline to submit nomination forms is March 22nd at 4pm.

For more info, call Leisure Services at 642-7529.

North End Building One Of Its Kind In NB

The former site of a vacant gas station has certainly changed a lot for the better.

Somerset Square, the modern office building on the corner Wellesley Avenue and Somerset Street is the first building in the province and one of the few non-government buildings in Canada to get a top rating for efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainability. 

Commercial Properties project manager Mark McGraw tells CHSJ News we need more buildings like it, since in addition to saving money workers in modern office buildings tend to report fewer health problems and greater job satisfaction.

The state of the art office building includes features like a rainwater collection system, bike racks and a
solar reflective roof.

St. Stephen Schools Are Closing

All schools in the St. Stephen Education center will be dismissed today at 2:00.

Buses will do a reverse morning run.

Obstruction Of Justice Case In Court

The court case against a senior provincial civil servant who's charged with obstructing justice has been adjourned until April 26th.

A lawyer for 56-year-old Peter Andrews appeared on his client's behalf in a Fredericton court. Andrews is the executive director of corporate services with the province's Department of Aquaculture, Agriculture and Fisheries.

He was charged after the R-C-M-P received a letter passed to them by then interim Liberal leader Victor Boudreau alleging someone in the provincial government was interfering with an aquaculture investigation involving the brother of Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud and carried out a lengthy investigation.

Saint John Chosen As Part Of A National Project On The Disabled

The Saint John Human Development Council, best known for tracking poverty in the city, now has something else on its plate.........Identify what barriers are faced by the disabled in healthcare and how they can be removed.

The Executive-Director of the Human Development Council Randy Hatfield tells CHSJ News there's alot of work to do in gathering information from various focus groups.

He does say sometimes things can be made better with a simple change of attitude and realisation of what barriers there are for some people that may not come readily to mind.

Saint John has been chosen as the sole location in the province to be part of this national project in conjunction with the Disability Women's Network and the Canadian Association for Community Living.

Roads Are Slick With Latest Snowfall

In the Anglophone South School District, all schools will be open today but all school buses will be on a one hour delay. Schools in Francophone South which includes Samuel de Champlain are open at the usual times but the school buses are on a one hour delay.

You might want to give yourself some extra time on your morning commute because of the snow which is expected to remain with us until around noonhour. Gelas Duguay of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News you can expect another 2 to 4 centimeters to fall.

Duguay says Saint John missed the brunt of yesterday's storm with the snow concentrated in the western part of the province.