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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring And Early Summer Most Common Time For Bear Sightings

With the Rothesay Regional Police warning about a black bear near the Kallars Hill area this morning, the Department of Natural Resources wants to remind the public about some simple ways to keep bears away from your home, especially if you live off the beaten path. 
 Ann Bull of the Department of Natural Resources tells CHSJ News bears are interesting to look at, but don't make the mistake of feeding them.

Bird feeders with suet should be removed from outdoors around this time of year. As well, you can rinse out your garbage bins with baking soda to make sure the smells don't attract unwanted creatures. 

Spring and early summer are the most common times of year for black bear sightings in New Brunswick.

Ward 3 Candidate Wants To See Return Of Civic Pride

Previous councils have been ineffective in fixing the city's water, according to one Ward 3 candidate. 

Brian Boyd tells CHSJ News that getting clean drinking water in Saint John process that needs to keep moving forward. Boyd says at this time, the city has few options other than the P3 model, but he hopes they will keep an open mind and not just jump on a bandwagon.

Other issues that top his list of priorities is coming up with a plan to fix derelict buildings, attracting businesses and transit. Boyd tells us he wants both the city and citizens to have a sense of pride towards Saint John and get involved in making the city a better place to live. Voters go to the polls on May 13th.

Missing Woman's Husband Offering $50,000 Reward

The husband of missing West side woman, Yeonhee Choi, is offering $50,000 for any information that could help locate her.

Choi has been missing since last Monday. A search and rescue crew is is expected to join in the search today. Sgt. Jay Henderson says they'll be expanding their search from the area around her home on Prince Street, to a wooded area near the Reversing Falls.

 Choi is Korean,  5'4" tall with short dark hair and pierced ears.
She was last seen wearing a black or brown leather jacket, black tights, black boots, a dark or black knit style sweater and may be carrying a black knapsack.

If you have any info call 648-3333 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

WATCH: New Music Video Shot In Saint John

If some some scenes in Hunter Hayes' brand new music video for "I Want Crazy" look familiar, it's not just your imagination.

Hayes shot the video right here in Saint John, New Brunswick while in town for his recent sold-out show with Carrie Underwood. Keith Brideau of Historica Developments tells CHSJ News Hayes used locations ranging from the roof of Magnolia/Bourbon Quarter, to Princess Street in front of Hayward and Warwick, the Saint John Airport and more.

In the video, Hayes plays a young man in a long-distance relationship who surprises his girlfriend in a different city and takes her on a whirlwind getaway of fun activities. It opens with the couple standing on the balcony of Mahogany Manor on Germain Street.

Local production company Hemmings House also helped shoot the video
. You can play "spot the Saint John landmarks" as you watch the video here

Estabrooks Investigation Is Continuing With Double The Funds

At this point, Saint Johners are aware of the late Saint John Police Officer Ken Estabrooks, who was convicted on four counts of indecent assault back in 1999 and served jail time before his death in 2005.

Although Estabrooks has passed away, the investigation into the alleged abuses is continuing. Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News common council has committed an additional $100,000 toward the investigation by ISN on top of the $100,000 this council originally committed. Norton says he hopes the investigation will wrap up by the end of this year.

While the Mayor made it clear he is not able disclose the details of the investigation, he would say this council is making it a priority to try and right the wrongs done in the past.

Lepreau Is Sending Power Again

Point Lepreau began sending energy to the grid on Monday with the reactor currently at 35 per cent power.

In a release, NB Power says fuelling will resume in the coming week.

President Gaetan Thomas says the issues they have been managing in their first five months of operation are normal with a restart following a refurbishment.

Thomas says NB Power customers can be assured that the period of low production at Lepreau does not diminish the total lifetime output expected from the plant.

Campground Owners Cry Foul Over New Levy

A proposed 3 per cent tourism levy on campgrounds is not going over well with the campground owners who are unanimously opposed.

The money collected would be earmarked to promote tourism. Howard Heans has operated the campground at Harding's Point for years and tells CHSJ News the campgrounds advertise on their own websites.

Heans points out this levy would increase the tax rate at campgrounds in the province to 16 per cent compared to only 5 per cent in Maine and he fears campers will migrate to Maine in droves as a result.

Heans argues the camping business in the province is flat right now or may even be dropping and now is not the time to increase the tax burden.

Black Bear Roaming About The K-V

We have a warning from Rothesay Regional Police about a black bear being seen in the Kallars Hill area this morning. 

Kallars Hill is off the French Village Road and intersects with the Bradley Lake Road. 

Should you spot the bear please contact 847-6300 or the Department of Natural Resources at 832-6055. 

Homeowners being told to be careful about how they store their garbage as this can attract bears and other wildlife.

More Money To Be Spent By City To Investigate Sexual Assault Allegations

Common Council approving the expenditure of another 100 thousand dollars to further investigate sexual assault allegations against a now deceased former police officer and city worker, Kenneth Estabrooks who was convicted in 1999 and served time in prison.

The search for more victims is being carried out by private investigators from Toronto.

More Accusations In The Investigation Of Chemotherapy Drugs

The blame game is in full throttle in the chemotherapy underdosing investigation. 

186 cancer patients at the Regional Hospital received watered down chemotherapy medication.

The head of Marchese Hospital Solutions, Marita Zaffiro, says her company mixed the drugs under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

She denies the company ever tried to operate without getting regulatory oversight. Zaffiro claims  both Health Canada and the Ontario College of Pharmacists declined.

Teens Who Work For Change Get Some Recognition

For the fifth straight year, the Teen Resource Centre for Youth will be showing that a lot of teenagers do a lot of good in our community.

The Teens Who Care Awards are being handed out tonight in a gala ceremony at the Lily Lake Pavilion featuring a dessert buffet.

June Breau-Nason of the Resource Centre for Youth tells CHSJ News they hope the ceremony creates a domino effect.

She says the kids who win inspire other kids to give back.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bandstand To Be Restored: Will Be Working Music Venue This Summer

The King Square Bandstand has been out of commission for decades; however, that iconic piece of Saint John's cultural history will soon  receive a new lease on life. 

Common Council heard tonight that an anonymous donor will provide over $100,000 worth of upgrades to the bandstand, making it into a working music venue by the end of this summer.

The anonymous offer came through former Saint John Mayor Norm MacFarlane, whom the nameless philanthropist approached  looking for his help working with common council. He tells CHSJ News the huge project will start immediately.

The work will include installing new supports and flooring on the second level, cleaning and restoring the copper roof, installing a granite slab and ladder for access to the second level, painting, sandblasting and cleaning the structure and fittings, and upgrading all the electrical and lighting hookups. For some years only the pigeon population has been able to access the second floor of the bandstand due to its aging, delicate condition.

The work will be done by Avant Garde Construction, the same company who recently performed the major renovations on the Algonquin Hotel in Saint Andrews. Owner Patrick Sohy says the company is performing historical research to make sure the color scheme and the fountain are as close as possible to the original.

The bandstand was originally donated to the city by the City Coronet Band in 1908.

Mayor Mel Norton hailed the restoration as a true indicator of Saint John's status as a so-called "Renaissance City," saying a major celebration would be in order when the work is completed. The Mayor is currently soliciting suggestions from the public for the proposed grand opening celebration via his Facebook page.

Arrests On Sandy Point Road

A little excitement tonight for some folks who live along Sandy Point Road when the police showed up.

Two men taken into custody after 7 near the Sandi's convenience for being in possession of a stolen vehicle--a grey van.

The men, described as adults, have a court appearance in the morning.

Brian Gallant Will Be Sworn In On Tuesday

When Brian Gallant takes his seat in the legislature, he wants to see the tone shift from hostile to civil. The Liberal Leader won the by-election in the riding of Kent on April 15th, and he will be sworn in tomorrow.

He says main issues that affect the province at the moment are the economy and unemployment, and that the Liberals will be bringing a constructive approach to the legislature by coming up with solutions to problems and idea when the house sits. 

Gallant also says he'll be pressing the government on shale gas exploration and changes to federal employment insurance.

SJ Board of Trade Retail Forum Launching Speaker Series for Saint John Retailers

If you're a business owner or someone with a dream of opening your own store, you can get some tips on how to be successful with a speaker series targeted towards Saint John retailers.

Kiera Fraser, owner of Je Suis Prest and co-chair of the SJ Board of Trade Retail Forum tells CHSJ News that realtor Bob McVicar will be sharing some of his tips on how to draw in customers, create clean and effective merchandise presentations and bring in cash.

This event is the first of three in the Retail Rules series. For more information and to register, click here.

Horizon CEO Says Independent Patient Advocate Is Not Their Decision

As a local mom Monica McNally works to get an independent advocate for patients in our hospitals,  Horizon Health CEO John McGarry tells CHSJ News whether or not to install such an independent authority is not their decision to make.

He tells CHSJ News Horizon respects McNally's right to voice her concerns, but now that Horizon has passed on her request to Health Minister Ted Flemming it is out of the corporation's hands.

McGarry admits hospitals are seen as uncomfortable and unhealthy places, and agitators like Mrs. McNally will put on pressure to change that.

Man Charged with Stabbing A Bus Driver Due In Court Today

A stabbing last month left an intercity bus driver in hospital undergoing surgery for multiple wounds, and today the Dalhousie man charged with the attack is due in court in Grand Falls. 

27-year-old Ryan Jason Hickey is being charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. Police say the attack happened when the driver pulled into the parking lot of a gas station in Perth-Andover. 

Two RCMP officers who happened to be inside the station were flagged down.

Fundy Baykeeper Calls Cooke Aquaculture CEO's Statement Shocking and Scandalous

For the Fundy Baykeeper, the half million dollar fine that Kelly Cove Salmon has to shell out for using an illegal pesticide in salmon farms, is a bittersweet victory. 

Matthew Abbott tells CHSJ News that while he's appreciative of the work Environment Canada enforcement did to bring the case to light, he admits it's frustrating that one of the biggest companies in the province used the products in the first place.

Glen Cooke, the CEO of Cooke Aquaculture, which owns Kelly Cove Salmon, released a statement after-the-fact where he said he questions the allegations, but wanted to avoid a drawn-out court case. You can read Cooke's statement here. Abbott says they're contradicting themselves, since they plead guilty.

West Side Woman Still Missing

The Major Crime Unit of the City police force has been looking for a missing West side woman for a week now.

45 year old Yeonhee Choi was reported missing after leaving her home on Prince Street last Monday at 6am.

She takes medication but did not take it with her. 

Police have been searching an area around Prince Street and the lower west side with help from patrol members and the K-9 unit. The Korean community of Saint John is also involved in the search.

Choi is Korean,  5'4" tall with short dark hair and pierced ears.

She was last seen wearing a black or brown leather jacket, black tights, black boots, a dark or black knit style sweater and may be carrying a black knapsack.

If you have any info call 648-3333 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

NB Liquor Reporting More Sales And Higher Earnings

Things are looking a bit better for NB Liquor. 

Total sales for the fourth quarter which ended March 31st were $78.8 million, an increase of $1.6 million or 2.1 per cent from the same time a year earlier. 

Net earnings totalled $31.4 million, an increase of $1.1 million or 3.6 per cent, primarily because of an increase in sales. 

The sale of hard liquor increased by more than 5 per cent or $1 million. Wine sales were up by $1.5 million which is a rise of more than 10 per cent but beer sales declined by a million dollars or 2.3 per cent.

Survey Shows How Young People In City Differ From Adults

Young people in Saint John see the issues facing the city differently than adults do judging from the grades given the city in a Vital Signs survey. 

One such issue is the environment and how much we recycle and compost.The teens say we could be doing a far better job with more recycling and composting whereas adults look at the same issue and say yes, but look at how far we have come.

Sara Mudge of the Vital Signs Committee tells CHSJ News young people also feel the need to leave after high school and not because there are no jobs but to achieve self fulfillment with experiences they don't feel are here for them locally. That's different from larger centres like Halifax, Victoria and Calgary.

Mudge says many of the students grew up with the PALS programme and know what it's like to go to school hungry. She says that's why they talked about the need to provide free meals to those people in poverty.

Water Disruption In Quispamsis

The folks who live in Terrace View Park in Quispamsis will have to make do without water. 

CHSJ News told there has been a water break. The water will be shut off until it's fixed and we don't have any word on how long that's going to take.

Van Fire Along Highway One

The Musquash Fire Dept telling us shortly before 7 this morning about a van that's on fire along Highway 1 just before the Musquash exit. 

The area should be cleared up soon but drivers are being asked to slow down.

(Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Noddin)

Young People Have Their Say On The State Of Saint John

The city of Saint John getting a report card with the grades coming from a group of high school students.

The teens graded eight components of life in the city and the results were compiled into what is now the Youth Vital Signs Report.

The highest grade, a C+, went to Arts & Recreation. Health & Wellness, Belonging & Community, Employment & Education and Transportation received a C, Crime & Safety and Environment received a C-, and the lowest grade, a D, went to Homelessness & Poverty.

To improve that mark, the young people identified a need for the creation of a youth shelter and options for free meals. They were positive, however, about their futures in the city, as 67% said the right schools and training opportunities are available in Saint John region for them to get the education and training they want.

59% of those surveyed also say Saint John is a great place to be a young person.

West Side Parents Say They've Had Enough

Parents on the lower west side are about ready to launch a new campaign at taking their neighbourhood back. 

Rhoda Welshman of the Lower Westians tells CHSJ News the Red Shirt Committee will voluntarily patrol the playground at the Carleton Community Centre and hopefully will expand beyond that onto the streets.

Welshman says parents finally got fed up with worrying about what kind of trouble their kids might get into when outside whether it was getting into fights, drugs or even falling on a discarded needle.

She says they're working with the community police officer on this campaign.

Warning About Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease, which you get from deer ticks, is in the Saint John area and spreading because of climate change. That warning from Hampton town Councillor Bob Doucet who chairs the Regional Deer Committee. 

Doucet can speak from first hand experience having come down with Lyme Disease a few years ago while working as a surveyer for the province. He barely could function and has been on medication. 

His condition has gotten better but whether he'll ever be cured is an open question. Doucet says he used to be able to play hockey but can't anymore and he knows of other people in the area who have been similarly infected.

Doucet says he wants people in the region to be aware after years of denial about there even being Lyme Disease in the province.

Retired Doctor Says Healthcare Must Be Redone

The Independent M-L-A for Fundy-River Valley says there has to be a long term plan to revamp healthcare in the province because the fiscal situation demands it. 

Dr. Jim Parrot tells CHSJ News the dispute between doctors and the provincial government with a threatened lawsuit is just a small part of a larger problem.

Dr. Parrot warns if this dispute does go to court, there may not be a resolution by the time the next provincial election rolls around.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teen Apprenticeship Program Launches In Southern New Brunswick

Teens who want a future as a carpenter or a electrician can get their career on track early with a new career training program. The Teen Apprentice Program is recruiting 30 grade 10 students from five high schools in southern New Brunswick to learn a skilled trade. 

Mark Sherman of program founding member, Irving Oil, tells CHSJ News that the average age of the building trades journey-person in the province is 50 years old, meaning many jobs will need to be filled in the future. He estimates that between 5000-8000 jobs will need to be filled just to replace a retiring workforce.

20 businesses will taken on the students, and by the time they graduate from high school, they will have completed the skilled trade apprenticeship block 1 training hours in their trade of choice.

Today Is National Day of Mourning

A memorial service is being held in the city for those who have been hurt or have died at work as part of National Day of Mourning. 

Ron Oldfield of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour tells CHSJ News that when it comes to safety in workplaces, the attitude seems to be shifting for the better. He says employers are taking the stance now that safety is more important than speed; it's a job well done as long if it's done safely and everyone goes home happy at the end of the day.

The ceremony starts at noon today at Lily Lake, where there is a monument dedicated to injured workers followed by a small lunch provided by WorkSafeNB.

Mother Petitioning Horizon Health for Independent Patient Advocate

Health problems are bad enough without feeling out of the loop about your treatment, and Fredericton activist Monica McNally is petitioning the board of Horizon Health for an independent patient advocate to make sure people get the answers they're seeking. 

McNally tells CHSJ News under the current system, patient advocates are hospital employees and as a result aren't exactly impartial. She'd like to see a totally independent advocate, like an ombudsman, to answer questions and make sure patients are treated with respect.

She says her son, Laurie, was misdiagnosed and treated disrespectfully by some hospital staff as he recovered from a life-altering bowel surgery. She says the province can't afford to make errors with people's treatment.

Bowling Fundraiser For Big Brothers Big Sisters

Lace up your bowling shoes and slip on your leather jacket. 

Rock 'n Bowl for Kids is the theme of Big Brothers Big Sisters major annual fundraiser, Bowl for Kids Sake, and executive director Laurie Collins tells CHSJ News that the money supports their agency, which in turn, supports local kids in need of mentoring.

Their goal is to raise $120,000, and to recruit 100 teams to celebrate 100 years of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Canada. For more information, including how to sign up for the event on May 8th, click here.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fundraising and Awareness Walk For Alzheimer's Education and Support Programs In The Province

As the baby boomer generation gets older, the rates of Alzheimer's will get higher. Jamie Matthews of the Alzheimer's Society of New Brunswick tells CHSJ News it's projected that in the next quarter century, the number of people suffering from the disease will more than double. 

He tells that even though it's a disease that's all around us, we still have some misconceptions. One of which is that we often think dementia is isolated to nursing homes, but in fact, 50% of those diagnosed still live in the community. The other is that people with dementia can't make new memories, which Matthews says is untrue.

Matthews tells us there are over 13,000 people currently living with the disease in the province, and in the next year alone it's predicted we'll have 2500 new cases. If you want to help out, you can sign up for Walk for Memories, an Alzheimer's fundraising and awareness walk. For event details and to register, click here.

Two ATV Drivers Sent To Hospital

On Route 177, two ATVs collided with each other in the early morning hours today. One of the drivers was hurt in the crash and taken to hospital, the other wasn't hurt and left the scene. Saint John Police tell us they think alcohol was involved.

In the Quispamsis trailer park, an ATV driver was taken to hospital after driving into a steel cable. Rothesay Regional Police say that because it was dark, the man didn't see that the cable had been strung across a route near Carpenter's Pit and it got him in the throat.

Duck Watching Season is Here

For the next 6 to 8 weeks nature-lovers will have a chance to see more wild birds than usual in their natural habitats. 

It's the season where ducks come out in droves to feed and mate before they start to settle down and build their nests. Andrew Holland of the Nature Conservancy of Canada tells CHSJ News it's a great activity for families. He says it's a beautiful and spectacular sight.

Holland says most local ponds, streams and rivers will have more wildlife activity at this time of year.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Half Million Dollar Fine For Using An Illegal Pesticide In Bay Of Fundy

A St. Stephen Court has ordered Kelly Cove Salmon to pay 500 thousand dollars after the company pleaded guilty to using an illegal pesticide in 2009 and 2010 to get rid of sea lice at salmon farms.

Kelly Cove Salmon is owned by Cooke Aquaculture. The charges were laid after hundreds of lobsters died in the Bay of Fundy. 

400 thousand dollars of that half million will go to the Environmental Studies programme at U-N-B as well as scholarships. 

The C-E-O of Cooke Aquaculture, Glenn Cooke says the company questions the allegations but wanted to avoid a lengthy and very public court case. 

He goes on to state the company has limited the stocking of those salmon farms that had higher sea lice levels until the industry has access to a full array of pest treatment and management tools which will negatively affect the local economy

Ellemberg Is Running Because The Timing Is Right

An East Saint John mother and daycare operator is one of the 8 candidates hoping to fill that empty seat in Ward 3.

Barbara Ellemberg says she's giving municipal politics a try because she feels like its the right time.
She tells CHSJ News she was upset when Marlborough Drive became Retail Drive.

She says the traffic increased and her neighbours felt they had nowhere to turn so they appealed to the planning advisory committee who ruled in their favour but told them not to get their hopes up.

That decision was overturned by the council of the day.

Ward 3 voters go to the polls on May 13th.

Cardy Voices Support For Radio Strikers

Provincial NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is throwing his support behind the striking Maritime Broadcasting workers.

At a well-attended rally in King Square in support of the strikers, Cardy told CHSJ News we don't need more jobs paying poverty wages. Rather, part of being a New Brunswicker is pitching in and making life better for everyone--and the way he sees it, MBS owner Robert Pace is failing to do that.

Cardy was conspicuously the only politician to show up at the event, to the displeasure of some of the union representatives.

Money Available For Uptown Businesses To Spruce Up How They Look

Uptown Saint John rolling out what it's calling a new improved grant programme to allow businesses to make the facades on their storefront look more attractive.

Uptown General Manager Peter Asimakos tells CHSJ News there are grants for those businesses that are not in the designated heritage area.

There's money for design help, construction, signage, patios and even interior storefront window displays.
Uptown Saint John has a committee which reviews the designs before deciding whether to approve the grants.

Many Elderly Patients Should Not Be In Hospitals

It is a sad fact of our healthcare system that many elderly people--especially those with dementia--end up in hospital beds when their needs would be much better provided for in nursing homes. 

Horizon Health Board Member Linda Forestall tells CHSJ News in NB there are 415 patients currently in that situation, which results in back logs in the hospitals. In addition to contributing to overcrowding, the hospital environment can hasten the progression of dementia and decrease the quality of life for the patient.

Those 415 represent almost 28% of all hospital beds. Forestall says better home care, getting families involved wherever possible, and developing a comprehensive plan for more nursing home development are all essential.

Country Legend George Jones Dies At 81

George Jones, the hard-living country singer who recorded dozens of hits about good times including "He Stopped Loving Her Today'' has died at the age of 81.

Publicist Kirt Webster says Jones died today at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after being hospitalized with fever and irregular blood pressure.

Known for his clenched, precise baritone, Jones had No. 1 songs in five separate decades, 1950s to 1990s, and was idolized not just by fellow country singers, but by Frank Sinatra, Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello, James Taylor and countless others.

In a career that lasted more than 50 years, ``Possum'' recorded more than 150 albums and became the champion and symbol of traditional country music, a well-lined link to his hero, Hank Williams.

Seniors Can Learn About Wellness Today

If you are a senior or know one, you may want to consider dropping by the Senior Wellness Fair today at the Simonds Lions auditorium.

The free event is focused on seniors and includes over 30 health and wellness exhibitors along with door prizes and live music.

Delbert will be performing from 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Seniors are encouraged to bring along any old or outdated medications for disposal.   The event begins at 12:30 and runs until 3:30 at the Simonds Lions Auditorium on Loch Lomond Road.

More Arrests Made For Drug Dealing Near High School

3 more arrests made in the RCMP investigation of drug trafficking near St. Stephen High.

An 18-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman, both from Oak Bay are looking at charges of trafficking in marijuana.  

A 15 year old youth was also arrested for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Layoffs Could Mean Longer Wait Times, Travel Times For Hospital Patients

The Horizon Health Network has announced it must find $12.5 million in efficiencies in its budget by the end of this fiscal year.

The sheer size of that sum means nearly 80 healthcare workers will be seeing layoff notices on their desks in the near future. Horizon Health Network CEO John McGarry tells CHSJ News the cuts will be happening on all levels from administration on down.

On the one hand, McGarry tells CHSJ News the cuts will not mean decreased quality of care; however, he also says the cuts will mean people have to travel to get certain types of care and wait longer for others. He says while Horizon will attempt to be as compassionate, the fact is the majority of the corporation's resources are spent on people, and thus jobs are what will need to be cut.

He blames the so-called "out of control growth" of the system in previous decades for the current cuts, adding Horizon's situation is hardly unique--on the contrary, it's a pattern that's playing out worldwide.

McGarry says the cuts will be put into place within the near future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Vote For Island View School

If you want to see Island View school on the west side get an outdoor classroom getting the mouse clickin and the fingers tappin.

Tomorrow is the deadline to vote for the school in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest.
Principal Mark Blucher tells CHSJ News the school is in the first place in the voting.

He says they were nervous last week when they slipped to second spot and thankful for the community response that brought them back up to first place.

You can vote for Island View school until 11:59pm eastern time tomorrow and the school finds out if they won on May 17th.

To vote, click here

Students And Others Celebrate Pay It Forward Day

Hundreds of students along with police and firefighters, business leaders and regular citizens celebrating Pay It Forward day in the Port City at the Marco Polo Cruise terminal.

The international kindness initiative grabbing hold in Saint John with little acts of positivity like buying a coffee for a complete stranger.
Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ News he thinks the movement will have a good impact on issues like bullying adding it certainly can't hurt when people have a positive outlook over a negative one. 

Rothesay High Palmer Dennison tells CHSJ News she pays it forward herself and thinks it's great people are getting together to celebrate the day.
She tells us she noticed a woman had forgotten her purse in a store and she ran out and gave it to her.

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier and Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll along with MLA Carl Killen and Saint John Deputy Mayor Shelley Rhinehart for an event with singers and dancers and Pay It Forward founder Charley Johnson.

The qplex is hosting an outdoor fitness party at 6 tonight in the overflow parking lot for Pay It Forward day.

CUPE Charges Frontline Healthcare Workers Are The First To Lose Their Jobs

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is crying foul as the first of the proposed 131 layoffs at Horizion Health come to light.

CUPE provincial co-ordinator Ralph McBride tells CHSJ News the union was led to believe the first 19 cuts would be in administration but claims they're actually top paying unionised jobs that are being chopped. 

He suspects senior management are trying to protect their own.

McBride charges Horizon Health is top heavy in administration and he predicts the job cuts will adversely affect frontline medical care.

Man Accused Of Threatening Girlfriend With Machete In Court

Another court appearance for a 51 year old man from Ontario who was arrested the other night on the Marr Road by Rothesay Regional Police after his girlfriend was threatened with a machete. 

Arnold James Cote was sent back to jail after asking Judge Henrik Tonning for an adjournment and his bail hearing will now be held May 10th. 

The charges include making death threats, possessing a dangerous weapon and  mischief by damaging his girlfriend's car.

Street Named To Honour Saint John Soldier And His Comrades

Private David Greenslade and six of his comrades who were killed in Afghanistan back in 2007 after their vehicle hit a roadside bomb are being honoured with the naming of a street in the north end. 

The street, which wasn't named before, leads to the Millidgeville Ferry and the David Greenslade Peace Park and will be called from now on as Bravo Landing. 

David's mom, Laurie Greenslade tells CHSJ News she and her husband, Don are grateful their son has not been forgotten. A grand opening is planned for June 1st and Saint John High is attempting to raise 5 thousand dollars for the installation of a wrought iron fence. 

Waterloo Street is named after Wellington's defeat of Napoleon and Alma Street, just off Waterloo, is named after a famous battle in the Crimean War.

Retired Doctor Who's An M-L-A Is Unenthused About Lawsuit

One M-L-A who should know something about health care is Dr. Jim Parrot, the independent member for Fundy-River Valley and he's not crazy about this lawsuit being launched against the provincial government by the Medical Society which represents 16 hundred doctors.

Dr. Parrot tells CHSJ News what we need is dialogue, not legal action and no matter who comes out on top in such a lawsuit, the win will be hollow because attitudes then harden.

He does concede the two sides are fairly far apart on the issues that divide them.

Car Accident Uptown

A car strikes a light pole on King Street around 11:30 this morning after going backwards just outside the studios of Country 94 and the Wave. A fire hydrant was knocked over but there were no injuries.