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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quinn Describes The Role the Port Would Play In the Proposed Pipeline Project

The port saying they're very interested in being part of the proposed pipeline project. 

Port of Saint John president and CEO Jim Quinn tells CHSJ news the challenge is getting western crude into the global marketplace where it gets fair return at global prices, and he says the port can offer an export point for that crude.

Saint John has been named a delivery point for the just-announced TransCanada’s Eastern Oil Pipeline Project, which would be able to move up to 850,000 barrels of crude oil every day.

Boxcar Off Rails

If you're wondering what's going on at Simm's Corner with boxcar off the rails.

Southern Railway NB tells CHSJ News there's a boxcar with one wheel that's simply slipped the track. 

Nothing dangerous has spilled out of the boxcar and they expect it'll be cleaned up within the next 20 minutes.

Carrie Underwood And Hunter Hayes In Saint John Tonight

Some lucky Saint Johners can prepare to be Blown Away tonight.....

Country superstars Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes are performing a sold-out show in the Port City at 7:30 at Harbour Station.

Portland is the next stop on Underwood's Blown Away tour.

Norton Calls Transcanada's Step Forward "Tremendous"

Mayor Mel Norton calls Transcanada's move to establish interest in a West- East pipeline a very important first step.

He calls it tremendous news and a chance to bring our men and women back from Alberta.

Norton says this project can make Saint John become the leading city we know it can be.

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Business Leaders And Politicians Beam At Potential For West-East Pipeline

With Transcanada's move to seek interest in a pipeline from West to East ending in Saint John, business leaders and politicians are bursting with excitement.

With the backdrop of workers at the Refinery, Premier David Alward says by announcing a binding open season Transcanada is taking a firm step toward moving the project forward.

He says Transcanada is seeking firm commitments from the people that would use the pipeline and that will take 60 days.

Andrew Dawson of the Building Trade Union tells CHSJ News building a pipeline can mean many jobs.  He says during the construction phase it could mean about 3000 jobs.

In two months, Transcanada will determine if there is enough interest and from there begins the regulatory process that will be lead by the Federal government.

New Express Bus Service To Be Tried

Whether it will become a permanent fixture or not remains to be seen and largely depends on how many people use it but a special express bus service will be tested later this month to help those folks who live in three of the city's priority neighbourhoods get to the east side shopping district on Sundays.

Sara Stashick of Vibrant Communities tells CHSJ news there will be test runs on April 7th and the 21st for bus riders who live in Crescent Valley, along Anglin Drive and Rockwood Court, now called Davenport.

Stashick says this express service has been identified as a need in surveys which Saint John Transit has been paying attention to as it gets more money to work with. It's just a matter of determining if financially, you can make something like this new service work and what's the best model.   

Regular fares will be charged but the monthly and other transit passes can also be used.  

Arrest Made In Beating Of Man On West Side

One man has been arrested for an assault that took place early Monday morning at A-J's Lounge on Manawagonish Road which landed a 43 year old man in hospital with serious injuries.

Police say there was some sort of altercation at the bar and they would like anyone who knows how this all came about to get in touch with them at 648-3211 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222- tips (8477).

The 37 year old man who was arrested will be formally charged with aggravated assault when he appears in court next month.

In the meantime, he has been released on a number of conditions.

Aquatic Driving Range In Peril

The Aquatic Driving Range, which has been operating since 1979, may not be open this golfing season because it requires major renovations. 

Total Golf Management which operates the driving range is telling the city with advances in golfing equipment, balls are being driven further and too many are being lost, winding up in the quagmire beyond the boom or to the left and right into rugged terrain. 

The suggestion has also been made to come up with a new site.

Common Council also being asked to approve fee increases for this coming golf season with a maximum charge of 911 dollars.

Pipeline To Saint John Gaining Momentum With New Announcement

TransCanada Corporation is looking for commitments to extend a pipeline to transport oil from the West to Saint John which would involve converting three thousand kilometres of existing natural gas pipeline to one that could carry crude oil and then 14 hundred kilometres of new pipeline stretching to the Irving Oil Refinery from Quebec.

Federal Cabinet Minister Keith Ashfield calls Transcanada's apparent support of a West-East pipeline an encouraging step forward.

Premier David Alward says he envisions the province becoming an energy powerhouse with Saint John as a anchor of that powerhouse.

Pipeline Support Increasing

It would seem that a west to east oil pipeline is a bit closer to reality.

Minister Keith Ashfield, Premier David Alward and MP Rodney Weston will respond to TransCanada's announcement today that enough market support exists to proceed with getting committments to bring crude oil from Alberta to markets in Eastern Canada including Saint John.

The three politicians will speak about it at the Irving Oil Refinery today.

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Funeral Arrangements For Gene O'Connor

A Burial Mass for well known Saint John country musician Gene O'Connor who passed away at the age of 72 will be held shortly after noonhour Friday at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Meantime, there will be visitations at the Fundy Funeral Home on Westmorland Road tomorrow and Thursday from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and 6 to 8 at night.

The famous City performer died after a two-month stay in hospital.

O'Connor was a member of the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame and during his career, opened for such stars as Brooks and Dunn, George Jones, Charlie Pride and Tanya Tucker.

Comments on Facebook describe him as spiritual and a character who will be missed. We're told around the bar at the Grove Lounge, which he owned at one time, they will miss his yodelling.