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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Protection Of Musquash Estuary Expanded

More forests and habitat for moose, deer, and bear is going to be protected in the Musquash area west of Saint John.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased 4 new sites for conservation around the Musquash Estuary totalling 435 hectares. Saint John MP Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News just because an area is protected doesn't mean that people can't fish there or use it for other activities.

The funds came from Canada's Natural Areas Conservation Program. The forests around the Musquash Estuary contain old stands of red spruce and cedar, as well as being a habitat for various wildlife species.

Man Pleads Guilty In Barnesville Robbery

A 20 year old has pleaded guilty to all charges in the robbery of Cathy's Convenience in Barnesville on March 7.

Gregg Peter Naves admitted entering store with an accomplice and a pellet gun, demanding that the store owner empty the till. Naves set the gun on the counter in order to get the money. The store owner then grabbed it, and managed to herd the thieves out, barring the door with a large stick.

The store owner received blows to the head. Naves will be back in court for sentencing on June 20.

Alward Government Runs Attack Ads

You might have seen the attack ads the Alward government has started running on TV, criticizing the Opposition for their so-called "moratorium on jobs" and harkening back to mistakes supposedly made by former Liberal leader Shawn Graham.

Liberal MLA for Charlotte the Isles Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News American-style attack ads are out of step with what New Brunswickers want to hear.

Doucet says if the Alward government had really done a good job they could rely on that to get votes in the September election, not smearing the Opposition. 

Meantime, the premier has said that the Liberals have demonstrated they're opposed to development in New Brunswick.

Heated Debate On Last Day of Spring Legislature

The Legislature winding down with a heated exchange between Premier David Alward and the Liberal Leader Brian Gallant as we head into a summer election campaign.

Gallant saying the Alward Government has done nothing to create jobs and grow the economy, saying the affordability of the daily lives of New Brunswickers has taken a beating under his leadership. The Liberal Leader calling out the Premier to take responsibility for his so-called failed mandate.

Alward responding by bringing up the former Liberal Government and talking about his government's plan to move forward with development of natural resources like shale gas development, mining, forestry, and the pipeline. 

He says the reality is that the fall election, more than many in the past, will make a difference in the future of the province.

Province Sees Biotech Firms Setting Up In City

A whole new industry could spring up from have a health science research centre built at the Regional Hospital. 

That possibility has been raised by Premier David Alward and Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming tells CHSJ News he's already had meetings with people interested in coming to Saint John.

Flemming says he has talked to drug companies, research companies and technology firms and they're impressed with what they see here including the low cost of housing.

Another Major Copper Theft

Sergeant Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News copper thieves have been at it again--this time, getting a bigger haul than usual.

The thieves made off with 250 pounds of copper that was stored on a spool in an outside yard at a Chesley Drive business.

The Major Crime Unit is investigating these thefts, which have been escalating over the past months in all areas of the city.

Chief Reid Says Police Need A 6.6 Percent Increase

Police Chief Bill Reid painting a picture of little wiggle room for cuts in their budget in the City's service review exercise looking at a zero per cent wage increase next and two per cent.

Chief Reid came with a presentation that shows the force needing a 6.6 per cent budget increase or $1.5 million dollars just to maintain the status quo.

He explained what the force would look like with an increase of two per cent and he had to ability to lay people off.

He says the public will see slower service, the court system will probably see shoddy investigations and in the end it would mean the police service would be an organization that is not being run properly.

The approved operating budget of the Saint John police for 2013 was over $22 million and for 2014 it's over $23 million.

The force has 147 officers, 24 civilians in administrative roles and 8 managers.