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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Talk Of Drug Testing Social Assistance Recipients Creates A Stir

The Facebook universe mostly singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to drug testing those receiving social assistance before they can get a cheque.

Angela says it should be mandatory and she agrees 100% adding a lot of employers require drug testing.
Meaghan agrees with Angela saying she doesn't like paying for someone to sit around doing drugs while many can barely afford their bills who are working.

Terri agrees with not giving out cash adding then maybe some of these kids would eat a little better and dress a lot better as well.

Nancy-Leigh is nearly alone in her disagreement.
She defends those on social assistance saying not everyone  is on drugs or drinks.

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Liberal Finance Critic Says Premier Is Lying About Costs

Liberal Finance Critic Donald Arseneault says the Premier and Finance Minister Blaine Higgs are at odds over the cost of campaign promises and only one side can be telling the truth.

He tells CHSJ News the Premier said the Tory platform would cost taxpayers 141 million dollars but Higgs recently stated that the plan to freeze seniors' property taxes would have cost 173 million alone.

He says somebody is lying but he's siding with the Minister because Higgs knows the numbers.

Arseneault adds Higgs is the only member of government being upfront with New Brunswickers and David Alward promised everything to everyone in order to gain power.

Skating Surface Closed At Rainbow Park

The skating surface at Rainbow Park is temporarily closed down.

An electrical transformer at the park was damaged, leaving the freezing plant without power.

Leisure Services is asking you to stay off the ice until the surface is officially re-opened as the ice will be affected by outside temperatures.

No word yet on when it will re-open.

Greater SJ Prepares For Another Friday Storm

The snowmobilers and skiers are psyched but the shovelers, walkers and drivers...not so much.

Environment Canada predicting 10 centimetres of snow and ice pellets before it changes to rain tomorrow night.

Meterologist Tracey Talbot tells CHSJ News the folks up north will get a lot more snow.

She says the Acadian Peninsula is under a snowfall warning and they could receive up to 30 centimetres of snow.

The fun begins early tomorrow morning and the City's Municipal Operations will be working to keep streets and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Mayor Defends Council's Choice To Leave After Closed Session

Just when the city budget will be passed is anyone's guess. It had been expected last Monday after the city released an agenda with the budget scheduled to be released that night after an earlier closed door meeting. 

Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News it didn't happen because there's still too much disagreement on what it should look like.

He says when Council gets consensus they can go downstairs and discuss openly they may get something passed and that may happen on Monday night.

Common Council is to get together Saturday morning for another budget meeting behind closed doors.

Fire Department Says It Is Subject To Unfair Scrutiny

Paul Stackhouse of the Fire Fighters Association says he doesn't understand why Common Council is constantly looking at the performance and budget of the fire department.

Stackhouse tells CHSJ News the department has been subjected to review after review.

He says public feedback has been clear that fire protection is a top priority for citizens.

The fire department is expected to lose a truck and 8 to 24 fire fighters after budget cuts in the 2012 budget.

He says fire departments in other cities have been growing over the past few years while ours have been getting more responsibility along with shrinking budgets.

Province Will Not Be Drug Testing Social Assistance Recipients

Speculation has been making the rounds on the internet and social media sites that the province will begin drug testing social assistance recipients before handing out cheques.

Spokesperson for the Department of Social Development Mark Barbour tells CHSJ News there is no truth to it and the department is not even discussing the idea.

Florida recently passed legislation that requires drug testing before receiving social assistance.

Drug Dealers In City Nabbed

21 people face more than 50 charges in the aftermath of a Police investigation called 'Operation Crackdown' on street level crimes involving drug distribution, illegal weapons, court order violations and nuisance. 

The investigation, which began in November, focused on dealers of cocaine, prescription drugs and marijuana. 
There were undercover buys during the course of the investigation with three search warrants on the West Side, City Center and East Side.
Police also seizing almost $10,500 worth of cocaine; $6,900.00 worth of marihuana; $900 worth of crack cocaine and other drugs with a street value of approximately $900 along with more than 5 thousand dollars worth of cash.

Gallant Aims To Be The Next Party Leader and Premier

A former Premier, a former MP and two former Provincial cabinet minister just a few of the notable Liberals on hand to hear Brian Gallant speak.

The 29-year-old Moncton lawyer officially throwing his hat in the ring to be leader of the Provincial Liberal party.
Gallant tells CHSJ News he knows rebuilding won't be easy.

He believes the Liberal party in New Brunswick is healthy and the recent challenges make people wonder how its going to function
and that's why you see so many young people in the province jumping on board.

Gallant says hard work is needed to put the Liberal party in a position to form government in 2014.    The Liberal leadership convention is coming up in October.

Slight Change With Gas Prices

A mixed bag with the price of gas after the weekly setting. 

Self serve regular is a bit more expensive being sold around town for $1.25.8 a litre. Diesel is slightly less expensive at $1.37.3. 

Heating oil has also dropped to $1.19.6 a litre while the listed price of propane is $1.07.1, just a tad lower than it was.