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Friday, May 23, 2014

Crowd Walks King Street In Memory Of Elsie McGraw

"Predators Like Silence" and "Roar to end the Silence" just two of the phrases on signs at the 1st annual Elsie McGraw Memorial Walk.

The founder of Voice Found, Cynthia Bland,  who offers sexual abuse prevention training met Elsie a few years ago.

Elsie wanted Cynthia's group to come to Saint John and train volunteers who could then deliver the prevention training in the community but she passed away before she could see it happen.

The training for facilitators that Elsie wanted to see happen is taking take place in the City tomorrow.  

It will help adults train others adults that work in youth-serving organizations how to recognize and respond to child sexual abuse.

It's Marsh Creek Clean-Up Time Again

It's the 7th annual Marsh Creek Clean-Up tomorrow.....volunteers will be provided with gloves and there will be a BBQ and prizes for teams that collect the most garbage.    You should wear boots.

Kate Shannon of Canaport LNG tells CHSJ News they've been able to see what a difference the cleanup makes year to year.

She says the first year they collected over 7 tonnes of garbage and its gone down a lot in the years since and now they collect about 3 tonnes of garbage.

One year, volunteers even found a litter of kittens living in a couch that had been dumped in the creek.

To help with the cleanup, meet up in the white tent behind Parkway Mall at 8:30am for registration and the clean up begins at 9am tomorrow.

Sussex Area Woman Wins Big

Imagine waking up to a text from your boyfriend telling you someone in Sussex won $7 million dollars and thinking it might be you.

That is what happened to Kelsie Hodgin yesterday morning.   She says she jumped out of bed grabbed the ticket and checked the numbers online.

When she saw they matched she didn't believe it and called her mom to have her check.

With Mom's confirmation, Kelsie had to check for a third time at Wilson's in Sussex where she bought the ticket and finally realized she had won the money.

Kelsie is currently on maternity leave from her job with Bell Aliant.    She says she and boyfriend Paul will pay off their car and they plan to build a new house a maybe take a trip all she has no idea where she goes.

She says it's all still sinking in and even though she dreamed about winning now that she has it's a bit overwhelming.

Musquash Trails Get Some TLC Tomorrow

Some folks will be giving their time tomorrow at the Conservation Volunteer Event in Musquash.

Siobhan Darlington of the Nature Conservancy of Canada tells CHSJ News they are doing some light maintainence on the Five Fathom Hole trails.

She says no experience is necessary adding they are looking for people who want to hike and help fix up parts of the side trail or the full trail.

Darlington says some of the work includes tree trimming and it also needs a new boardwalk.

To sign up, call 1-877-231-4400.

Air Canada VP In Town

Air Canada Senior VP Kevin Howlett was in town today, speaking to an Enterprise Saint John luncheon.

Howlett gave the invite-only crowd  an update on the future of Air Canada's operations here. Howlett tells CHSJ News they're always working to get more flights out of Saint John at better prices.

Howlett also announced that 50 new jobs will be added to the existing Air Canada call center in Saint John over the next few months, with 25 already in the works.

Gallery Hop In The Uptown Tonight

The first Gallery Hop of the summer is happening in uptown Saint John tonight.

A dozen galleries and studios will be opening their doors to the public, serving wine and cheese, and showing original local art.

The event is free and all the galleries are within walking distance of one another.

It starts at 4pm and goes until 8pm.

For a handy map of participating galleries, including when they'll be open, click here

Opposition Mounting To Proposed Pipeline, Say Groups

It's not an official proposal yet, but according to the Ecology Action Center, opposition to TransCanada's proposed Energy East pipeline is mounting across the country. 

Catherine Abreu says the promise of 1,000 jobs created during the flow phase isn't enough to sell the idea to Canadians, and there's been a huge response to petitions circulated by various organizations--40,000 signatures, to be exact.

Abreu points out fisheries jobs are being put at risk by the proposed pipeline....and in Ontario, the provincial government is calling for province-wide consultations, including a review of climate impacts from Energy East.

Child Taken Into Protective Custody After Shoplifting Incident

A chase after a shoplifter on the West Side caused a bit of a stir in the Fairvale Boulevard area around 2pm yesterday. 

Sergeant Jay Henderson explains employees at the hardware store saw the man stealing---and when he left the store, they got in a car and chased him onto Greystone Terrace, where they boxed in his vehicle.

The man tried to flee and was picked up in the backseat of another vehicle a short distance away.

He left a 2 year old baby and an intoxicated woman in the car. He's now facing charges, and the baby was taken into protective custody by the Department of Social Development.