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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boy Who Died Was Able To Swim

A teenager who died at the Aquatic Center in 2011 was able to swim, according to testimony from a lifeguard.

Yifan Wang died after going down the yellow waterslide at the recreational center.

The General Managers of the Aquatic Center testifying all procedures were followed and paramedics were on the scene before they even hung up with the 911 dispatcher.

 According to paramedics the boy had no heartbeat when they arrived on the scene, but his heart was restarted in hospital with a shot of adrenalin. While the Aquatic Center has had numerous 911 calls over the years, Yifan Wang's death was the first since Center opened in 1985. 

It's expected the inquest will wrap up tomorrow.

Aids Saint John Hosting Benefit Auction

You can combine your affinity for fast-talkers and non-profits by dropping into the Aids Saint John benefit auction at the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre. 

Executive Director Julie Dingwell tells CHSJ News every penny they raise will go towards programs and services in Saint John.

They're accepting donations from the public to auction off, including collectables, art, trinkets, jewellery. Dingwell says they're open to pretty much anything. The silent auction starts at 4 p.m. and the live auction at 7 p.m.

Anchorage Provincial Park Saved For The Time Being

A doomed provincial park on Grand Manan Island being rescued by locals.

Tourism Minister Trevor Holder announcing an agreement has been reached between the Boys & Girls Club of Grand Manan to operate the Anchorage Park for the 2013 season.

The Alward government decided it would not open the park this year due to a decreased budget and sought a third party to continue its operations.

Holder says after reviewing proposals, the department decided the Boys & Girls Club had an innovative plan for operating the park.

He says a 1 year agreement is being finalized.

Mounties Investigate Kingston Home Invasion

Just before 10 last night, a man in his 20's came into a home on Highway 845 on the Kingston Peninsula demanding money from a woman alone in the home at the time.

He showed her a weapon and the woman was able to get away unhurt and call 911.

While escaping the woman noticed another man waiting on the property who she says was wearing a white hat.

Money was taken from house and police are looking for the public's help with this incident.

If you saw anything suspicious in Kingston between 8pm and midnight last night, they want to hear from you.  

Call the RCMP at 506-832--5566 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Inquest Hears Paramedics, Lifeguards Did All They Could To Save Boy's Life

Testimony from Aquatic Center lifeguards continues at the inquest into the 2011 death of Yifan Wang.

Both lifeguards and paramedics on the stand said all procedures were followed correctly the day the 17 year old student died.

A lifeguard testified the Aquatic Center would have had adequate supervision even with 2 guards and 3 were on duty when Yifan Wang died. According to paramedics the boy had no heartbeat when they arrived on the scene, but his heart was restarted in hospital with a shot of adrenalin.

The paramedic added that from his very first impression of the patient he didn't expect a good outcome.

Saint John Is In A Golden Age Says Mayor Norton At True Growth 2.0 Presentation

How to grow the development strategy, True Growth 2.0, was the main idea behind a presentation to members from all sectors of the city.

Mel Norton making the comment that the Port City is in a golden age to a room packed with people from different councils, tourism, non-profits, arts and culture. Norton tells CHSJ News they're committed to creating 250 new full-time jobs in the Port City to combat the out-migration of young people. 

Norton tells us we likely can't stop people from looking for work elsewhere right away, but we can start the process of taking people off the planes from Alberta and keeping them here.

The mayor of Grand Bay-Westfield saying that Saint John is the nucleus of the region where money is made and jobs are found. Grace Losier tells CHSJ News that any growth the city undergoes will spill into the outlying communities. Losier tells us that we need to have a strong vibrant uptown where residents from areas like Grand Bay-Westfield can visit.

33 Year Old Woman Dies In Rothesay Incident

Rothesay Regional Police reporting the death of a 33 year old woman this morning through their Facebook page.

Craig MacDougall of the Major Crime Unit says a 39 year old man is under arrest and will be charged in the death.

The incident happened in the Dolan Road area about 5am.

In a video release, MacDougall says the names of the victim and the accused will be released later.

True Growth Launch Underway At The Delta

A room packed with members of different councils, the tourism industry, non-profits, arts and culture, and more listening to a presentation about a strategy on how to develop the city through True Growth 2.0.

Stephen Tobias of the Saint John Theatre Company addressing the room, saying he sees people who are willing to work for their place in the world.

Grand Bay-Westfield mayor Grace Losier saying she recognizes that Saint John is the nucleus of our region and Mel Norton says that we are in the golden age of Saint John.

Violent Incident In Rothesay

A 39 year old man is in custody after a violent domestic incident in the Dolan Road area of Rothesay.

Rothesay Regional Police got the call about 5am and officers remain on the scene.

Fire Damages A Home On The Westfield Road

Crews responding to a blaze on the Westfield road just before 1 this morning.

Platoon Chief Joe Armstrong tells CHSJ News 3 people lived in the older building and one man was treated for burns to his hands.

He says crews could see the smoke and flames coming from the house long before they arrived.    The house has suffered a large amount of damage.

Armstrong says a fire investigator is on the scene and the cause is being looked into by both city police and the fire department.

One man was charged with a drug offense and released.

Food Truck Debate Continues To Roll Forward

You'll be able to grab a Beaver Tail this summer on the boardwalk; however, open season for food trucks in the uptown is still a slightly more distant possibility.

In the latest move toward negotiating a compromise between existing restaurants and the street vendors, Waterfront Development will be meeting with some Market Square tenants to discuss the possibility of allowing the trucks.

Common councilor Susan Fullerton tells CHSJ News she sees the existing tenants' point because they've put so much money into the waterfront; that being said, Fullerton says she knows many diners are excited about the trucks.

It's possible that they will be able to operate on approved parcels of city-owned land by this summer.