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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Changes to Math in District Six

(District Six Superintendent Zoe Watson)
             (File Photo)

District Six is taking a new approach when it comes to teaching math. Armed with a new curriculum, new resources and intervention assistance, it's hoped that sagging scores can improve. Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News, there are some areas of concern including Grade Five scores.

Watson adds the teaching of match certainly has changed dramatically over the years and it's important that parents make an effort to learn as well.

Former DEC Member Continues to Speak

(To the Right is Acting DEC Chair Mark Henderson)
                    (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

A former member of the District Six Education Council continues to try and make his voice heard. Tom Oland showed up at last night's meeting and brought up the subject of charter schools, which he feels is the reason why he was dismissed from the DEC to begin with. After touching on that subject, Oland then asked each member to speak up if any of their family was enrolled in French Immersion.

Acting Chair Mark Henderson pointed out specific questions can not be adressed to DEC members but Oland continued to press the issue. After asking the question a third time and getting no answer, Oland reached his boiling point, grabbed a stack of papers and told the Council he would be back for next months meeting.

Early Start to Grass Fire Season in Saint John

There are many benefits to this early thaw but an early start to grass fire season isn't one of them. Since the first of the month, the Saint John Department has been called to snuff out 15 of them. Inspector Mark Wilson tells CHSJ News, there are many dangers associated with a grass fire and taking equipment away from certain medicals calls can be deadly.

Inspector Wilson adds the Saint John Fire Department used to conduct a controlled burn every spring but stopped because of legal concerns and the trouble controlling the flames.

Shaping the Future of Rockwood Park

                 (Lily Lake Pavilion)
                      (File Photo)

The future look of Rockwood Park is up for discussion at a pair of public meetings today. City Hall wants to know what could or should be developed along sections of the Sandy Point Road or should it be left alone because it is encroaching upon park land. A moratorium is in place for any development on city owned land along the Sandy Point Road until staff determines the best use.

Many home-owners in the area are upset that proposed housing developments are taking away greenspace from Rockwood Park. The meetings are scheduled for 3:15pm and 7:15pm at the Pavilion.

Maintenance Work at Canaport LNG

      (Canaport LNG Terminal)
                (File Photo)

Despite recent labour problems, completion of the third storage tank at the LNG Terminal is getting close. Construction crews hope to finish up the work by the end of May and Canaport Spokes-person Kate Marie Shannon tells CHSJ News, over-all, the terminal is operating the way it should.

Marie Shannon adds as part of the work, flaring will take place over the next two weeks. Since the terminal came on line, there have been 20 shipments with the next super tanker set to dock in the next two weeks.

Auxilary Police Play a Huge Role

       (Saint John Police Chief Bill Reid)
                    (File Photo)

The Saint John Police Force has 22 auxiliary members, up from 8 last year. They each contribute about 140 hours of service a year after completing 100 hours of training. Chief Bill Reid says they had 80 applicants for the auxiliary policing positions.
Reid adds the auxiliary officers often come with a deep knowledge of their own community because some already have careers.

Mayor of Saint John Travels to Ottawa

The Mayor of Saint John is in Ottawa over the next two days discussing policing issues. Ivan Court will be in the capital in his role as Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Police Boards. It's the national association which oversee more than 75 per cent of the municipal police services in the country.

On the agenda will be support for a new national strategy on firearms and strengthening laws to criminalize cyber-bullying behaviours.

Community Consultation Underway On Plan To Revitalise Crescent Valley

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
(File Photo)

Finding out what the residents want about what should be included in the Cresent Valley Master Plan has started. The Graham Government earlier unveiled an ambitious revitalisation plan spanning 20-years that would add 1373 new homes in the area along with new and upgrades to green spaces already there. Now comes the community consultation. Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News its a golden opportunity to turn things around in one north end neighbourhood. The key, according to Court, is to have mixed housing with people from all income levels living in the same area.
Court says it's already happening in Saint John where you have people living along the waterfront in 400 thousand dollar condos along with others in the same neighbourhood who are paying as low as 200 dollars a month and enjoying the same view and quality of life.

A Setback For Repairs To The Harbour Bridge

(Harbour Bridge)
(File Photo)

A new development in the ongoing saga of getting the 35 million dollars needed for repairs to the Harbour Bridge. The federal government is not signing off on giving the okay for the Harbour Bridge Authority to borrow the money from a pension plan without alot more detailed information. Bob McDevitt, who chairs the Harbour Bridge Authority, calls it a stalling tactic.
McDevitt warns getting together the information the federal government is looking for will take too much time and there's a good chance the Harbour Bridge Authority may lose out on this upcoming construction season. He tells CHSJ News the Harbour Bridge Authority finds itself stuck in the middle of a dispute between the province and Ottawa with the common thread being the tolls and what's being lost is the need to keep the bridge in top notch condition. Premier Shawn Graham says the province has made the federal governemnt an offer to take over the bridge but has never received a response.