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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mom Aquitted Of Child Abandonment Charges

An acquittal today for Caleigh Dawn Shea--the mother accused of endangering her baby by leaving it out on Paddock Street last January. Charges were laid after neighbors called the police, saying they had found the baby crying outside with no one in sight.

Judge Henrik Tonning ruling there is no evidence Shea wanted to abandon the child or that it was in any danger. Shea tells CHSJ News she has moved and the case has been difficult on her family.

Defence lawyer Brian Munroe tells CHSJ News police didn't find anything amiss at the Shea household--rather, the house was clean, fridge stocked, and the children properly dressed. Judge Henrik Tonning called it "one of those weird cases" in which circumstances result in criminal charges

One of Shea's four children--one of whom has autism--is already at home with her, and the other three return to her care this week.

VIDEO: Rainbow Crosswalk Aims To Slow Drivers Down

It's a first for Saint John...a rainbow crosswalk to remind motorists that students are walking to school.

It was painted today by the Forest Hills school Pay It Forward team on Westmorland Road.

Tim O'Reilly of Traffic Services at the City tells CHSJ News a traffic study found people are going to fast.

He says people were going well over the post speed limit of 50 kilometres per hour.

The paint and supplies for the project donated by Councillors Ray Strowbridge and David Merrithew.

The area is due for it's own signalized crosswalk in 2016.

VIDEO: Friends, Family Of Gen Cormier Offer 10k Reward

With nearly a month passing since there has been any sign of missing teen Gen Cormier, friends and family offering a $10,000 reward for information that will get her home safely. 

The last confirmed sighting of the 19-year old was on September 29 in the back parking lot of the Reversing Falls restaurant.

Cormier's father, Jason, tells CHSJ News his daughter is the kind of person to always keep in contact with her family. He says the day before his daughter disappeared, they were on the phone together for 20 minutes, which wasn't unusual for them. Cormier says not having any solid leads is frustrating and describes the not knowing as a nightmare.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says this is a unique case, because there is no crime scene and no physical evidence. He says he has never seen anything like this. Anyone with information or tips about Cormier's disappearance are being asked to call the Public Safety Commnications Centre at 506-648-3333 and the tips will then be forwarded on to Constable Tony Gilbert, who is in charge of the investigation.

Hampton To Screen Doc On John Peters Humphrey

This seems like a perfect fit..a documentary about a Hampton man who overcame bullying having a screening in the town tomorrow night.

"The Boy Who Was Bullied"  by Hemmings House Pictures is inspired by John Peters Humphrey--who went on to play a large role in writing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Georgie Day of the John Peters Humphrey Foundation tells CHSJ News he was bullied because he lost an arm.

She says it's interesting how one challenge in a person's life can lead to such great things for other people and the world.

Author Anne Scott will be on hand along with a mass choir and dance troupe who will be performing.

Admission is free and the screening is taking place at Hampton High tomorrow night at 7. 

For more info, click here

Recreation Mandated To Be Regionalised

"Show me, don't tell me".........That seems to be the consensus as the Fundy Regional Service Commission pledges better collaboration since we haven't seen any yet. 

The city's Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Public Space Micheal Hugenholtz tells CHSJ News large scale recreational facilities, like a Fourplex, will need to be regionalised and that's being mandated by the province.

Hugenholtz admits the jury is still out on whether that will come about and it will be a challenge to bring it about.

City Market Can Still Be A Great Place

The City Market is a finalist in the contest for Great Places in Canada.

More than 100 thousand votes have been cast over four months right across the country and the City Market remains in the running for Great Public Spaces. Also in that same category is the McAdam Train Station. 

Three Grand Winners will be announced November 8th for Great Public Spaces, Great Neighbourhoods and Great Streets on the basis of popularity and planning excellence. 

There will also be three People's Choice winners based on the number of votes received.

City Unveils Future Plan For Recreation

It will be a year or two yet before there's a serious look at building a Fourplex, multi ice surface in the city to replace the single ice arenas that would be centrally located and easily accessible by public transit. That's what a meeting at the Lily Lake Pavilion on recreation has been told. 

The city's Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Public Space, Micheal Hugenholtz tells CHSJ News the same concept will be applied to baseball and soccer fields which would be clustered together in so called "hubs". These fields would have artificial turf and lighting for maximum usage.

The meeting heard the Fourplex in Moncton also has 10 baseball diamonds and six soccer pitches that all have lighting.

The city also wants an integrated recreation system involving more co-operation with schools in the city and their fields.