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Monday, August 5, 2013

Order Of New Brunswick Recipients

Premier David Alward announcing ten people in the province being recognised with the Order of New Brunswick. 

They are Joanna Bernard, of Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, for her tireless efforts to ensure the well being and economic prosperity of her community as well as of all First Nations communities in the province.

Édith Butler, from Paquetville, for her remarkable contributions to the advancement of Acadian culture and heritage.

Alida Clément, from Dieppe, for her dedication and volunteer efforts to ensure the well being and quality of life of disabled persons, seniors, and her community at large.

Eugène Durette, from Edmundston, for the impact he has had in advancing business in Edmundston and throughout the province, as well as the many ways in which he has given back to his community.

Dr. Dana Hanson, from Fredericton, for his outstanding leadership in the medical profession in New Brunswick and around the world. Dr. Hanson is a former President of the Canadian Medical Association.

Jean Irving, from Rothesay, for her passion and commitment to bettering the quality of life of communities throughout the province.

Freeman Patterson, from Shampers Bluff, for his exceptional talents as a photographer and his passion for sharing his skills and knowledge the world over.

Gerry Pond, one time head of NB Tel, for his innovative spirit and for being the driving force behind so many of New Brunswick's information technology and telecommunications success stories.

Gordon Porter, from Woodstock, for his efforts in advancing inclusive education and the rights of persons with disabilities in New Brunswick and throughout the world.

Lionel Poitras, from Saint-André, for his contributions to ensuring the sustainability of the potato farming industry in the province.

Mill Rats Get Fifth Pick In 2013 NBL Canada Draft

To play on the Mill Rats, you can’t just play a good game, you’ve got to have a good personality. 

That’s according to the President and General Manager of the team, Ian McCarthy, and the philosophy he’ll be bringing to the National Basketball League of Canada’s draft later this month as they add a few new faces to the team.

McCarthy tells CHSJ News the players have to be willing to be involved in the community, they have to be amiable and willing to sign autographs for the kids. In terms of on-the-court play, he says the top two things they're looking for is athleticism and talent.

The Mill Rats have fifth pick in the 2013 National Basketball League of Canada draft on Monday, August 19 in Markham, Ontario.

Cherry Brook Zoo Seeks Closure After Tiger's Death

As the Cherry Brook Zoo comes to grips with the sudden loss of its young Siberian tiger, their Director of Zoo Development says they’re focusing on the present before they start to think about the future. 

Linda Collrin tells CHSJ News another tiger will be brought into the zoo eventually—she says it would be a dishonour to six year-old Nyla if they didn'tbut first, they want to find out exactly what happened to her through a necropsy.

The tiger became sick on July 18, going blind, having seizures and losing weight and the zoo was forced to euthanize her on Wednesday. While results have shown she had an pneumonia, Collrin says she caught it as a result of being in such a weak state. That doesn't tell them why she became sick in the first place. 

Collrin says they'll be working with the SSP Program or International Species Survival Program again when bringing in a new tiger.

Swimmers Brave Northumberland Strait For Charity

A group of swimmers are back on dry land after diving into the frigid waters of the Northumberland Strait. 

The 34 participants in the Big Swim fundraiser swam a 15-kilometre stretch from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island to raise money for people living with chronic illness and disease.

They brought in more than $130,000 dollars during this year's swim, most of which will be split between Cystic Fibrosis Canada and Brigadoon Village. Since it started three years ago, The Big Swim has raised more than $230,000 dollars for charity.

Todd McDonald is the co-founder of the event, and he says they set two records this year: the largest group to swim the Strait at once and the youngest female swimmer to make the crossing15 year-old Jessica Plummer from Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia finished her swim in four and half hours.

Smoke From Kitchen Fire Wakes Homeowner

A man and woman evacuating their smoke-filled home as a fire burned in the kitchen.

Platoon Chief Eric Garland says crews were called around 5:30am to 401 Churchland Road and knocked down the blaze. 

Garland says the woman was woken up by the smoke, and she woke up her husbandthe smoke detector didn't go off.

The house has some smoke damage and there is fire damage in the kitchen, but nobody was hurt and the fire is not considered suspicious.

Development Of Former Coast Guard Site Called Significant

Development of the former Coast Guard site down by Market Square will take 7 years to complete over 4 phases. 

The General Manager of Saint John Waterfront Development Kent MacIntyre predicts this will have a significant impact for the good on the uptown and tells CHSJ News whenever you have a developer from outside showing confidence in the city, it can build momentum because local businesspeople take note of that.

MacIntyre points out there will be a strong residential component to the development and with more people living in a neighbourhood, you tend to get new businesses springing up.