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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Mass Invite For Shale Gas Forum

With a shale gas forum being held in Fredericton tomorrow, not everyone who will be impacted is invited.

Stephanie Merrill with the province's Conservation Council tells CHSJ News the forum is invite-only, even though there are many New Brunswickers who are upset about the province's plans to move forward with shale gas exploration.

Merrill says there shouldn't be this argument of the environment vs. the economy. 

She says it may not be that good for the economy if it ends up causing problems down the road and the government has to shell out money for increased health care needs and water replacement.

Sussex Cigarette Bust

A lot fewer smokes available in dairy town tonight. 

RCMP seizing roughly 9,800 illegal cigarettes after searching a home in Sussex.  

A 76-year-old man from Four Corners was arrested and will appear in court on September 8th.

MLA Says The Province Is Throwing Good Money After Bad

The Alward Government is throwing good money after bad attempting to get rid of the mould which has forced closure of part of the Grand Manan Nursing Home. So says Liberal M-L-A Rick Doucette who tells CHSJ News he doesn't understand why the Conservatives are doing yet another review.

He says an independent review of the homes found 11 were set to be replaced due to health concerns and it's still sitting on the back burner. The former Liberal government proposed a 9 million new facility for the community.
Doucette goes on to say 100 thousand dollars has been spent on the mould this year alone at the Grand Manan Nursing Home without any discernible improvement.

Meanwhile Social Development Minister Sue Stultz says the province is working to address the mould issue. She tells CHSJ News building a new nursing home would not have prevented the problem because the new home wouldn't have been constructed until 2012.  Stultz says the province is moving forward with their review of nursing homes as quickly as possible, and does plan to move forward as soon as any deficiencies are identified.

Initial Ok For Marr Road Development

45 Marr Road in Rothesay getting an initial "okay" from council for the development of two 8-unit appartment buildings and office space. Sheila MacDougall lives nearby and says she and her neighbours are worried about incresed noise and traffic, as well as decreased property value.

MacDougall says they don't want any type of business on that residential property adding the homeowners will suffer.
Land owner David Long says he lives in Rothesay and he's trying to add to the community, not take away from it. He says it will be an upscale project with full landscaping that is well maintained.

Invest NB Will Be Open For Business Next Month

Premier David Alward says Invest NB will hit the ground running by July 1st.

He tells CHSJ News the group in bringing together it's private sector board of directors and doing some hiring.
Invest NB is designed to foster job creation and attract investment to the province. 

Provincial Energy Minister Prefers Talk Over Lawsuit

Provincial Energy Minister Craig Leonard says talks between the province and the federal government are going well with regards to the cost overruns on the Point Lepreau Refurbishment.
The project is 3 years behind schedule and the province believes is should not be on the hook for the payment of replacement power.

Leonard tells CHSJ News negotiations are progressing well but litigation is in the backpocket.
He says the two sides will be meeting again in the coming weeks.

Province Takes Steps To Minimize Strike Impact

While the postal strike drags on, the province is putting in place measures to minimize the impact before the services return to normal.
Next Tuesday and Wednesday, regional offices of the Department of Social Development will distribute social assistance cheques at specific locations.  You can also call the nearest office to hear a recorded message about where to pick up their cheque.   You will need to produce a health card and one other piece of i.d. to pick up your cheque.

To find locations for picking up social assistance cheque next week click here
You can also call 506-444-4131.

Clients who normally make Family Support payments by mail are encouraged to use online or telephone banking or make payments in person at their local Service New Brunswick office. Employers are also encouraged to use direct deposit to make payments.
For more info on the government's efforts to minimize the impact of the postal strike, click here

Delay In The Fix To Flooding In Oakville Acres

Disappointing news for residents of Oakville Acres in Rothesay as they learn a detention pond will not be going in this fall to deal with flooding issues.

Mayor Bill Bishop says the town tried to get a necessary piece of land through expropriation but the land owner has appealed and that will take time.

Terry Melles of Oakville Acres says she's disappointed but remains optimistic the project will go forward next year.

Another obstacle is working something out with Quispamsis about what to do with a lift station because the detention pond could could have an effect.

The town is also waiting for the go ahead from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, which still needs to approve the project.

Nursing Home Conditions Lambasted

"Deplorable"..........That's how Liberal M-L-A Rick Doucette describes conditions at the Grand Manan Nursing Home where four elderly residents, one of them over a hundred years old and another with advanced dementia, are sleeping in the dining area because of an ongoing problem with mould which has forced the closure of part of the home.

Doucette tells us the people who work at the nursing home are also being adversely affected with at least one staff member on sick leave.

Construction of a new nursing home was to have started this spring but is on hold because of the provincial government's budget problems.

Doucette argues hundred of thousand of dollars have been spent trying to get rid of the mould and, in the long run, it would be less costly to build a new nursing home.