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Friday, June 24, 2011

Car Hits House On The West Side

This could have been a whole lot worse after a car struck a house on the west side.

Emergency personnel responding to McCavour Drive West after a car hit a house off Manchester Avenue.

Two people in the car got out safely and the house has a broken lower floor window.

Ganong Gets Sweet Deal

The Ganong chocolate factory in St. Stephen is on the receiving end of a 5-million dollar investment from both the federal and provincial government.

Premier David Alward says the money will be used to expand their manufacturing facility and enhance productivity.

Up to 40-full time jobs will be created as a result of the investment.

Small Garage Fire On Queen Street

Someone using a blowtorch improperly is likely why a small garage fire broke out on Queen Street uptown this afternoon.
District Fire Chief Gerry Morris tells CHSJ News crews got the call about 2:30, quickly knocking down the blaze and putting it out. No one was hurt and the cause is likely accidental.

JDI Upset With Conservation Council

J-D Irving is unhappy with calls from the Conservation Council to make drastic cuts to the available wood supply which they believe may lead to thousands of jobs being lost.
Geoff Britt of J-D-I tells CHSJ News that these losses would devastate rural parts of the province.
Britt says David Coon has an opinion but he should keep it to himself in saying that there has been overcutting.
He says last year the industry harvest was the lowest in 25 years.
Britt adds the company wants to see millwood allocations left at 2007 levels.
He adds they want to see MLA's wait on two task force reports due later this year before making any decisions.

Community Groups Get Green Cash

Five environmental projects getting some dollars from the Environmental Trust Fund.

Don Shea is the Executive Director of the KV Old Boys and he tells CHSJ News the 10-thousands dollars will be used to encourage the proper recycling of beverage containers.

Other groups receiving money include the KV Fields getting 10-thousand dollars for trail work and the New Brunswick Salmon Council netting 75-hundred dollars for their Fish Friends program.

Enterprise Saint John And City Hall Pals Again

Enterprise Saint John says its relationship with city hall is now for the better despite major tension at the beginning of the year.

The city gave the group half of their budget at the start of the year, on conditions they would get the rest if they proved their worth.

Board Chair Tony Gogan tells CHSJ News he understands why council had to play hard ball and he had no problem proving their value.

He says Enterprise Saint John has received the rest of the funding because the results of 2010 speak for themselves, which included major growth in the ICT sector and bringing the Millrats to Saint John.

Mounties Surprised At How Many Drivers Fined For Using Their Cellphones

The RCMP reporting they have ticketed 50 people ever since the law came into effect against using a cellphone or your G-P-S while driving.

Sgt Claude Tremblay expected the number to be higher than that even though he acknowledges it's not overly onerous to change your driving habits by simply not anwering your cell or having it turned off.

He also tells CHSJ News just because you're stopped at a red light or stuck in a traffic jam, doesn't mean you use your cellphone or fiddle with your G-P-S. You will still be fined over 172 dollars even though you're not in motion.

You can avoid that by using a hands free device or pulling over to the side of the road.

Saint John High Raises $10K For PRO Kids

On the last day of school, students at Saint John High giving a generous gift to help out other local kids play, learn, sing and dance.
Student Council Treasurer Chris Harper says they set a goal of raising $10,000 for PRO Kids at the beginning of the school year.
Harper says one the big fundraisers took place when a teacher agreed to get the Greyhounds logo tatooed on her arm--that event raising over $1500.
The money from Saint John High will allow PRO Kids to help at least 50 kids get involved in recreational activities.

No More Commuting For Grade 3 Francophone Students In K-V

Good news for French speaking students in the Kennebecasis Valley.

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr announcing Grade 3 students in the fall won't have to make trips to Samuel de Champlain school to receive physical education and music classes in the fall.

The students will be getting an expansion of satellite classroom space that will provide new classrooms, physical education and music rooms, and a cafeteria.

The extra space will be ready for the upcoming school year in September.