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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Premier Graham on CBS Decision

Premier Graham not trying to hide his disappointment with the decision by Canadian Blood Services. He tells CHSJ News, this decision should be of great concern to every person in the Province. Graham says they will take a few weeks to weigh their options which include going into the blood business on their own or possibly partnering with Quebec.

The man who held the Health portfolio when the deal was signed for CBS to make the move, Mike Murphy, tells CHSJ News, it wouldn't be appropriate to make comment concerning another Minister's file.

CBS is Relocating Distribution Center

The fight would appear to be lost for Saint John retaining it's blood distribution center. Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Blood Services Dr. Graham Sher says the decision to move to Dartmouth was made last year is is final. Sher adds this move in no way will affect the number or distribution of blood products in this Province.

Dr. Sher says they continue to work with the medical community to discuss options surrounding distribution of product. He admits there was a delay in consulting with the medical community which shook their trust but he wants to earn it back.

Blaney on CBS Decision

Opposistion Health Critic and Rothesay MLA Margaret Ann Blaney is less than impressed with the latest word from CBS. She tells CHSJ News, as a member of the blood task force set-up to save the distribution center, their fight isn't over.

Blaney adds this decision doesn't make any sense with CBS announcing that the apheresis procedure will remain in Saint John combined with Premier Graham's renovation package.

City Preparing for Heavy Rain

All city departments and crews are getting ready for the heavy rain today and tomorrow.
Up to 50 millimetres of rain are forecast for the Greater Saint John area.
Municipal Operations crews are monitoring storm water levels, checking drainage systems and clearing potential obstructions to high runoff.
Crews have contingency plans in place for the normal trouble spots.
Citizens are reminded to call 658-4455 if you need assistance from Saint John Water and Municipal Operations.

Queen Mary Bows Out

(Photo from Previous Visit of the Queen Mary Two)

The weather has cancelled a visit from the Queen Mary Two today. The decision revolves around safety and the rest of the schedule for the vessel should she not be able to leave at her scheduled time tonight due to the high winds.

We still have one more opportunity to welcome the QM2 this year with her scheduled to make a stop on November 2nd......the final cruise ship of the season. The next vessel to arrive in Port is Friday when the Crown Princess ties up.

Rothesay's Flood Problem will Cost Three Million Dollars

The town of Rothesay is considering a consultants $3 million proposal to fix flooding problems in the neighbourhood of Oakville Acres. CBCL Limited is suggesting the town use a retention pond and an enlarged flood plain to capture rain water that is currently causing problems for area homeowners. Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ news residents at a public meeting held last night seem to be pleased with the proposed solution.

Bishop says they will be looking for funding from the provincial and federal governments and hopes to be begin work in the spring. He says construction would take about four months to complete.

Un-Employed Workers Continue Protest

(Photo By Jim Hennessy)

After being shut out at a protest earlier today, un-employed union workers are now speaking with our radio station about their current fight. Shawn McAdam represents one of the unions upset about members of CLAC taking jobs from trades-people who live in this Province. McAdam tells CHSJ News, CLAC is nothing more than a non-unionized scab cross-trading outfit:

The workers are being transported onto the Canaport LNG site daily to work on construction of the third storage tank. McAdam adds the Provinces Labour Minister has his eyes glued shut on this matter and he is an embarrassment to every unionized worker in this Province.

Saint John Celebrates Fire Prevention Week

(Mayor Ivan Court and Fire Chief Rob Simonds--Photo By Diane Henry)

(Mayor Ivan Court Hoists Saint John Fire Department Flag--Photo By Diane Henry)

Saint John Mayor Ivan Court joined the city's fire chief, Rob Simonds, yesterday at the bottom of King Street in front of City Hall to hoist a flag for Fire Prevention Week.

This year’s message is Practice Fire Safety – Good Habits Save Lives.  School presentations and a series of advertisements will run throughout the week to raise awareness.

Lung Cancer Rates a Concern in Saint John

85% of lung cancers are linked to tobacco use......that from Ellen Snider with the Cancer Society. This after learning the Vital Signs Report shows lung cancer rates in the Greater Saint John Region are on the rise. Snider tells CHSJ News, 20% of the people living in this Province still use tobacco in some form.

Snider adds she would like to see the province take further measures to ensure tobacco use will not impact the future health of New Brunswicker's like we are seeing now.

Energy Minister Meets with NB Power Officials

(File Photo of Energy Minister Jack Keir)

Energy Minister Jack Keir and NB Power boss David Hay spent some time together on Monday. They took a trip to Point Lepreau to get an up close look at the refit project. Keir tells CHSJ News, they wanted to spend some time meeting with as many workers as they could showing support for their efforts.

David Hay has been relatively quiet since the refit project began but Keir says he remains focused on getting the job done. it was announced last month that the project is now 18 months behind schedule with replacement power costing the Province one million dollars a day to purchase.

Quispamsis Prepares for H1N1

The Emergency Measures Organization in Quispamsis is preparing the town for an outbreak of the H1N1 virus. Director Brian Shanks says EMO will be conducting an exercise that looks at the worst case scenerio at the town hall. He says it's essential to look at how the town will maintain essential services if it is hit hard by the so called swine-flu.

On October 15th half of town hall staff will be looking at how to keep services running smoothly, while the other half will be working while wearing the preventive flu masks. Things get started at 8:30 and run until noon.