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Friday, December 23, 2011

Bank Robbery In North End

Police investigating a robbery at the Scotia Bank on Main Street North.

According to early reports, a man walked into the bank around 4 o'clock, showed a teller a note, and made off with some money.

There are also reports that he wore a bag over his head.

Police are combing the area for the suspect and police have shut down Harbour Passage.

No one was hurt.

House Fire on Glen Road

Fire crews knocking down a house fire at 203 Glen Road earlier this afternoon.

The call coming in around 1:30pm.

There is some damage to the first floor and the owner is being assisted by the Red Cross for a place to stay.

Dogs were in the house but none were hurt.

No word yet on a cause and no reports of injuries.

Reduced Bus Access For Methadone Patients Will Cost Us More In the Long Run

Julie Dingwell with AIDS Saint John says the province will have a high price to pay for reducing bus access for patients getting methadone treatment.

Bus passes used to get to clinics will now only be good for 18 months.

Dingwell tells CHSJ News it was a cost saving measure by the province but it will cost us more in the long run because treatment will be curtailed and patients will relapse.

She says it's about 5-thousand dollars a year to treat someone at the clinic while an untreated person could cost us 45-thousand dollars in healthcare and legal costs.

She adds someone kicking their drug habit after only 18 months of treatment is very unlikely.

Many Struggle Emotionally Over The Holidays

If you're feeling blue around the holidays, don't feel like you're the only one. Especially for people who have lost loved ones, Christmas is hardly the most wonderful time of year. With all the pressure leading up to the season and constant hype on TV and in the malls, the actual day can be a downer for some people.

Judy Urqhart, the director of Gentle Path Counselling, says you shouldn't be afraid to lean on other people if you're feeling depressed.

She says the people she sees who do well are connected to a faith community and that have the support of family and friends.

If you don't have those resources, Urqhart recommends plenty of activities out of the house, exercise, and spreading out fun activities throughout the winter months.

Sussex Robber User Spray Can As A Weapon

Dairytown RCMP looking for a robber that used a can of aerosol spray as a weapon at a gas station.

About 4:15 yesterday afternoon a man came into the the Petro-Canada gas station on Main Street in Sussex demanding money.

He used the aerosol can as a weapon and left with some money but no one was hurt.
The man left in a dark coloured car.  He is described as about 5 foot 10, slim with short brown hair, a moustache and a scruffy beard.  He was wearing jeans and a blue or grey hooded shirt.

If you have any info, contact RCMP at 506-832-5566 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Watermain Break Leaves Tenants Without Water

With all the things you have to do today, imagine how not having any water would complicate your life.
That's the case for the tenants at the highrise apartment building at 411 Ellerdale Street in East Saint John.

A watermain break was discovered late yesterday afternoon behind the building and the water had to be shut off to the entire building.
A caller to our newsroom telling CHSJ News she was concerned about the tenants which include a lot of seniors not having any water two days before Christmas.

A spokesperson for the building's owner Greenwin Inc. tells us the location of the watermain break was located this morning and the contractor tells them the work should be completed by the end of day.

Police Urge Caution On Saint John Streets

Saint John Police are warning the roads are extremely slippery today.

A few centimetres of snow and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark leading to several fender-benders in the last hour.

Police are urging caution to motorists today and asking them to slow down in slippery conditions.

Fresh Snow Making For A Slick Drive

Be careful out there.    Some freshly falling snow creating greasy roads in Saint John and the outskirts.

Crown street is backed up as the transports are spinning their wheels.

Road warriors letting us know it's slippery on the Foster Thurston road also slick on the Kierstead road over west and in parts of the KV.

Up to 7 centimetres of snow will be on the ground before its end overnight.

Liberals Blast Alward Government For Cuts To Methadone Patients

Cuts to bus passes for methadone patients could lead to some serious consequences -- that from Social Development critic Bernard LeBlanc.

The Alward government making changes to bus passes used by patients so they can reach treatment centres  -- they will now only have access to the pass for 18 months rather than the duration of the treatment.  Those already pass the 18 month mark will see their pass expire after May 1st.

LeBlanc says reducing access to transportation could do serious harm to the course of their treatment and the province is attacking vulnerable New Brunswickers.