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Monday, September 6, 2010

Liberals Promising To Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses Save Energy

(Jack Keir Speaking At Energy Conference)
                 (File Photo)

The Liberals are proposing an incentive programme to persuade small and medium sized businesses to switch over to more efficient lighting. Jack Keir, who was the Energy Minister when the election was called, says it will cost 8 million dollars over 4 years.

Keir says the province would pick up 80 per cent of the cost of converting and he estimates the average yearly savings in energy costs will amount to around 400 dollars.

Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward, meantime, is promising to create a Pension Protection Task Force to review current pension laws and make sure workers in the province are protected.

City Appeals Firefighters' Contract

The city is appealing the firefighters' arbitration award. City firefighters received wage increases totalling 16 and a half per cent over 42 months.

 Finance Commissioner Greg Yeomans says the city is hoping to recover several hundred thousand dollars.

The contract expires at the end of the year but the appeal won't be heard until November.

Arrest Made In Rothesay Stabbing

One man is in hospital after a stabbing on Scott Avenue in Rothesay and a woman has been arrested. She will be formally charged in Hampton Provincial Court tomorrow.

Rothesay Regional Police say the man was stabbed in the chest and will survive.

Another man was taken to hospital from Pitt Street after suffering severe burns.

No End In Sight To Strike At Delta And Brunswick Square

It's day nine of a strike by Union Local 1306 which represents everyone from maintenance staff to restaurant servers at the Delta Brunswick and Brunswick Square. Lawrence McKay is the Atlantic Rep for the United Steelworkers Union and tells CHSJ News, no other talks are planned after a marathon session this past Friday.

McKay adds two of the outstanding issues remain wages and maintaining union representation in the company's two tier benefit system.
 He charges the company didn't seem very serious at the latest round of negotiations so no new talks are scheduled for the time being.

No Labour Day Parade This Year In City

(Saint John District Labour Council President Ron Oldfield)
                         (File Photo)

Labour in Saint John is celebrating its day this year with a picnic in Rockwood Park but District Labour Council president Ron Oldfield tells CHSJ News there won't be a parade this year thanks to a jump in the price of insurance.

Oldfield says the spike in the insurance cost is being blamed on the fallout from the violence at the G-20 summit in Toronto in late June but he's vowing the parade will return next year.

Today's labour picnic runs between noon and 3:00 in Rockwood Park. There's no admission and it's open to the public.

No Big Surprises In Provincial Election Campaign So Far

(U-N-B Saint John Political Scientist Don Desserud)
                         (File Photo)

The Provincial Election Campaign is just over a week old and political scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, so far, the moves have been very predictable.

Desserud warns all of the promises being rolled out at this point tend to make voters very suspicious, cynical and most realize they are unrealistic.

He is waiting to see if one issue, like the toll highway debate back in 1999 or auto insurance, will come to the surface and dominate the rest of the campaign.

Classroom Space In School District 6 Is Tighter Than Ever

(District 6 Schoolboard Superintendent Zoe Watson)
                  (Photo by Sherry Aske)

District 6 is using 34 modular classrooms this school year, the most ever. Superintendent Zoe Watson says there is already one portable classroom at Harry Miller Middle School but that won't be sufficient because of the increase in the number of students attending.
Watson says the new portable won't arrive until the middle of September so one class will be calling the Library home until then.