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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

House Sales Holding Steady

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association announcing homes sales are holding steady for the past two months since June. Nationally, sales were down 4%.

732 units were sold in the province last month--that's down just three tenths of a percent on a year-over-year basis. Saint John saw a 4% increase in sales, which Fredericton was down by 1%.

The average price for homes sold in New Brunswick was $170 thousand 619--up six percent.

Fullerton Slams Council For "Needless" Spending

Common councillor Susan Fullerton says she's sick of the city shelling out bucks for surveys and consultation instead of practical things.

She suggested the city should be hiring volunteer translators for documents and looking at free places to hold workshops, because the city doesn't have money for non-essentials.

Fullerton says the people have been "surveyed to death" and we already know they want roads fixed and clean water.

City Rethinks Core Services

A new approach to the services we use every day....that's what's being considered by common council. Manager of Programs and Priorities Stephanie Rackley-Roach telling common council it's time to take a more customer service oriented approach to core services.

 She says that means finding out which of taxpayer's goals can be achieved with the money we have.

The city is talking about consulting with citizens online, at workshops, and via surveys on big issues like emergency services, roads, and water.

Police Seize Pills, Weapons & Cash

City police arresting a man and a woman in their 20's after they were pulled over last night on the west side near the Catherwood exit of Highway 1.

Police seized pills, marijuana with a street value of more than $9000, brass knuckles, a knife and a large amount of cash.

The pair have been released and will be in court to face charges later.

30 New Jobs In Saint John

Thirty more full-time jobs are coming to Saint John.

Premier David Alward making the today announcement at the New Brunswick Museum. With the help of Invest NB, Genesys Laboratories Canada will provide more jobs in computer programming and engineering.

The Premier says they're outstanding paid jobs and will keep smart New Brunswicker's here.

Alward adds Invest NB is a providing up to $300,000 through payroll rebates, and the jobs will put $1.6 million a year back into the province.

Genesys provides customer service and contact center software and services in over 80 countries.

2012 Is A Deadly Year For ATV Crashes

8 people have been killed in ATV crashes around the Province so far this year, 6 of them involving alcohol and 5 people were not wearing a helmet.

It's the highest level for deaths on ATV's in RCMP territory in four years.
Staff Sgt. Stephane Caron tells CHSJ News these are not accidents adding most of these deaths were totally preventable tragedies.

He suggests ATV riders put on a helmet because it can save your life and if you're drinking, don't drive.
Last year 8 people died in ATV crashes in RCMP areas, five in 2010 and five died in 2009.

For tips on ATV safety, click here

Seeking A Brick-Wielding Man From Maugerville

The RCMP are looking for some help in solving a brutal assault where a man clocked another man in the head with a brick.

On May 23rd, the Mounties were called to a home in Maugerville after a man was assaulted at his home.

Around 10:30pm, the man answered his door and was struck on the head with a brick.
The blow knocked him out briefly but when he came to whoever did it had taken off.

If you know anything, you are asked to contact Crimestoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS

Quispamsis Join Growth Strategy

Saint John Mayor Mel Norton visiting Quispamsis Council to promote his regional growth strategy.

Council unanimously supporting Norton's ideas of bringing separate towns together, like Saint John and Quispamsis, to focus on different sectors of the economy that need work.

Norton tells CHSJ he's not suggesting amalgamation but saying we can do more together than we can apart, if we act as a region of 140,000 people as opposed to separate communities of 70,000 here and 15,000 there.

Norton adds a steering committee of members will ensure the strategy will be done in time.

Quispam Will Help Rothesay With Flooding Issue

Quispamsis getting it's feet wet helping Rothesay with it's flooding problems.

Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ news they've spent a $50,000 on consultants to do a study that's shown there's other options than building a retention pond just off Pettingill Road. 

The town is ready to commit over $1.25 million in moving forward on a lift station, as long as it's in a higher location. But if the retention pond is by Pettingill Road, the low level could lead to flooding in Quispamsis.

Driscoll adds they're in the design stage and expect to move forward and work with Rothesay until the flooding is resolved.