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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Derailed Train In Quebec Carrying Oil Destined For Saint John

The train that derailed and exploded in Lac-M├ęgantic, Quebec, killing at least five people, was hauling cars filled with crude oil destined for the oil refinery in Saint John. 

Irving Oil issuing a statement confirming that Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway was transporting the product to the Port City and offering emergency response assistance to authorities. 

About 40 people are missing and 30 buildings have been demolished after the tanker cars, covered in oil, caught fire.

It's not yet completely clear how the train, which was parked for a crew change, somehow slipped its brakes, rolled downhill and left the tracks. Transportation Safety Board investigators are waiting to investigate the train wreckage.

Higher Temperatures Mean Higher Risk of Heat-Related Illness

Scorching summer weather can be downright dangerous. With the humidex reaching the high thirties across the province over the last couple of days, people are at a high risk of getting sick from the heat. 

Chief Medical Officer Eilish Cleary says muscle cramps, fatigue, headache, or nausea are symptoms of heat-related illness. If you experience these, go to a cool place, drink a cold, non-alcoholic drink and rest. Cleary says this could save your life.

Click here for a list of ways to prevent heat-related illness.

Fire, Alarms & Medical Calls Keep Firefighters Busy

A busy Saturday shift for firefighters included a slew of fire alarms going off, one of which was at an industrial site.

Acting Platoon Chief Brian Wilson says a small fire in a belt at 30 Jervis Lane was extinguished by employees, while firefighters made sure the blaze was out and cut off power to the equipment.

They were also called to the South end to respond to a house fire. When they showed up at 132 Broad Street, they discovered the cause of the blaze was a pot on a stove. They aired out the building and cleared the smoke. 

They also responded to half a dozen or more medical calls across the city.