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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are You Wearing That Because You Lost A Bet?

Rimouski MP Guy Caron wears a Sea Dogs jersey after losing a bet to Saint John MP Rodney Weston.  The MP of the losing team had to wear the opposing team's jersey in the House of Commons.

Paper Released On New Shale Gas Regulations

Energy companies that violate the province's new rules when it comes to oil and gas industry could face up to a million dollars in fines.

That hefty charge is one of 116 recommendations contained in a paper released by the government -- the paper also addresses issues like well design and the protection of water supplies.

The paper also calls for a greater share of royalties for the province and landowners where natural gas and oil wells would be located.

The public has 60 days to provide input on the paper before it goes back to the legislature this fall.

Monster Truck Demo At Harbour Station

The Monster Spectacular takes place Friday 7:30pm at Harbour Station. Organizers held a demonstration outside of Harbour Station.

Rothesay Police Looking For Suspicious People

Police in Rothesay are asking for the public's help in finding out who was hanging out on a few streets in the town early this morning.

Rothesay Regional Police want to hear from you if you saw some suspicious people or a person on Gondola Point Road, River Road or Pickett Lane between 12:30 and 5:30am this morning.

If you know something, call them at 847-6300.

The Province Invites All To The Victoria Day Celebrations

What the heck is ploye?  You can find out and try it this weekend at the Victoria Day celebrations in Saint John.

The Chief of Protocol Anne Reynolds tells CHSJ News the Royal Visit is less than 24 hours so the province so they had to make it count.

She says they decided they would invite the province to Saint John and they are really showcasing the province in the port and at the terminal adding the 7 major cities have been invited.

Ploye is Acadian dish that is similar to a crepe.  Other tastings include smoked salmon, oysters and fiddleheads. Jessica Rhaye, the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and Before the Mast will all perform on one of three different stages inside and outside of the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.   It all begins at 1pm on Monday and runs til 5pm.

To learn more, click here or here

Taxpayers Federation Says Gas Prices In Province Are Rigged

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it's time the Alward Government stopped rigging the system by taxing the tax on gasoline when it applies the H-S-T on both the provincial and federal taxes.

The Federation's Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey tells CHSJ News this is costing you an extra three cents a litre everytime you fill up and that's on top of the almost 3 cent a litre increase that was imposed last year which means you're paying 6 cents a litre more just in tax now than you were in 2010.
Lacey estimates since raising the gas tax in 2011, the provincial government has collected more than 45 million dollars in new gas tax revenue with 29 per cent of the pump price consisting of tax. 

The Taxpayers Federation also estimates the average two car family in the province will pay about $1,260 in gas tax each year.

21 Gun Salute On Loyalist Day

If you've never seen a 21 gun salute in person, you'll get your chance tomorrow to mark Loyalist Day. 

Lieutenent-Colonel Steve Strachan tells CHSJ News it will be taking place at 12 noon at Pugsley Wharf with local reserve soldiers from the 3rd Field Regiment, R-C-A, the Loyal Company. Saint John is the only city in the country allowed to do so on Loyalist Day.

There will be three 21 gun salutes on Monday when the Royal Couple, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla are in the province. 

The first happens at C-F-B Gagetown with the next one at Government House in Fredericton and finally to mark their departure from Saint John.

Former Mayor Will Now Chair Airport Board

Former mayor Norm McFarlane being named the Chair of the Saint John Airport Board of Directors.

McFarlane tells CHSJ News it is an honour to helm the board as growing the airport was one of his major projects when he was mayor.

One of the first things he wants to improve is the first impression people get at the airport as well as renaming the facility to "The Saint John International Airport."

He believes the international moniker would attract more customers.

He adds the board is also seeing if the land around the airport is viable for future development.

Provincial NDP Leader Says Blaney's New Gig Sends Wrong Message

Provincial NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the appointment of Conservative Margaret-Ann Blaney to the head of Efficiency NB sends a very wrong message to young people in the province.

Cardy tells CHSJ News this kind of patronage can deal a real blow to the future of the province.

He believes when New Brunswickers see jobs being handed out to well-connected politicians, it will drive qualified employees away.

He says Blaney does not appear to have the qualifications to run the agency and believes the job opening should have been posted.

As for possibly running for Blaney's seast in the legislature, Cardy says he is considering it.

Self Serve Is Up But Diesel Is Down

A mixed bag with gas prices after the weekly setting......Self Serve regular has gone up by a cent to $1.28.2 a litre around town, an increase of a cent.

Diesel is cheaper by just over one and a half cents at $1.30.3 a litre. 

Heating oil continuing it's drop to $1.13.8 a litre with the listed price of propane at 99.8 cents a litre which is a decline of four cents.

Province To Create Unified Childhood Services Act

The province is planning to establish a single piece of legislation called the Early Childhood Services Act which would combine all early childhood programs and services.

It would include preschool autism intervention, prenatal support, childcare and early learning.

Changes are also being planned so that licensed childcare facilities use only one of two curriculums provided by the the province.

The province is also looking for a more regional approach for emergency and disaster management.

Under new amendments, regional staff can be placed in communities to work with local authorities and emergency service providers to improve emergency preparedness, which would include training and planning.

Saint John Basketball Player In Danger

A member of the Saint John Mill Rats basketball team finds himself in peril being trapped in Mali, Africa with his wife Mariam and his three year old daughter Cindy.

Modibo Diarra returned home at the beginning of April to rescue his family when a coup was staged by Islamic rebels.

Diarra had wanted to move his family to Saint John in any event but because of the increasing violence and turmoil in Mali, the situation is getting more dangerous.  

Members of the local community are getting together to organise fundraisers with the goal being to raise 15 thousand dollars for visas as well as cover legal fees and transportation costs for the family to move here.