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Thursday, October 6, 2011

CBS Looks To Increase Donations Near Thanksgiving

Canadian Blood Services is currently in "signal mode".
Michelle Thibodeau says it's just a rallying to get people to come in, donate blood and save lives.
She tells CHSJ News they always encourage people to donate on Holiday weekends because their regular donors are often away.

She says they do see an increase of accidents and they can require up to 50 units of blood which is the equivalent of an entire blood clinic.
The Saint John Blood Donor clinic at 400 University Avenue will be closed on Monday and will reopen Tuesday from 11am to 8pm.
To book an appointment, click here

Premier Says Its Up To The City And Its Unions To Solve Pension Deficit

Premier David Alward in town amid what many see as a crisis with the city's pension plan and its burgeoning deficit.

Mayor Ivan Court has called on the province to step up to the plate but the Premier doesn't seem to be in any hurry saying the city and its employee groups have to get together and work out a solution.

City Manager Pat Woods is hoping to come up with a recommendation on what to propose to the province for approval this month.

Alward says he's not aware of the charge made by the Police Association that the province's actuary, who rejected the city's proposed changes to the pension plan, might be in a conflict of interest after earlier being given the heave ho by the city and its pension board.

Trump Offers Advice In Saint John

Two famous Americans and one controversial Canadian commanding the attention of more than 2000 people at Harbour Station.

The SPARK event featuring Donald Trump and former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told the crowd a story of a construction worker picking up and hugging former US President George W. Bush three days after the 9/11 attacks during a visit a ground zero.

Williams spoke of taking Newfoundland and Labrador from near bankruptcy to becoming a "have" province with as many visitors last year as they have residents.

Trump telling the crowd to have passion and go against the tide and if anyone screws you, screw them five times harder.

Body Of Missing Man Found

The body of a 67-year-old Chipman area man, Harold Barton, who had been missing since Tuesday night when he was last seen at the Chipman Bowling Alley has been found.
It was thought Barton was on his way home or to his camp at Cold Creek near Grand Lake.
A truck was found submerged in Grand Lake. Divers confirmed the body of the missing man was inside that truck.
Police say they do not suspect foul play and an autopsy will be carried out.

NBCC Hosts Open House

NBCC in Saint John hosting an open house for high school students today at the Grandview Avenue campus.

The campus will also host an open house for the general public between 5 and 7pm.

Police Association Says Province Could Be In Conflict Of Interest Over City Pension

The Police Association would like the city unions and Mayor Ivan Court have a face to face sit down meeting with Premier David Alward and the M-L-A's. 

Bob Davidson of the Police Association says the case could be made directly why the province should accept the city's original reforms to its pension plan which their actuary decided would work.

Davidson says the province is now using an actuary the city got rid of and he questions how unbiased that arrangement can be and questions whether the province is in a conflict of interest because of its choice of actuary.

C-A-A Wants to Keep M-V-I's

The Canadian Automobile Association believes it would be a mistake to get rid of yearly motor vehicle inspections. The provincial government is looking at making changes and wants to hear from you.

Gary Howard of the C-A-A tells CHSJ News an inspection can uncover problems with your tires and exhaust system the driver may not even be aware of. He says your tires normally have a life span of two to 3 years before you need new ones.
Howard says he can go along with brand new cars not undergoing an inspection for two or three years.

You can make your views known tonight at a town hall meeting which gets underway at 6:00 in Ganong Hall on the campus of U-N-B Saint John.

SPARK Is Underway At Harbour Station

Three well-known speakers offering their expertise in business, politics and more as SPARK gets underway at Harbour Station.
The event featuring Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Danny Williams.
In his welcome address, Premier David Alward told a crowd of more than 2000 it takes vision, resilience and leadership to build and re-build.

Alward says these three leaders have demonstrated these qualities many times in their careers.    Former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams shared his story with the crowd including how four months before his first election win he was forced to have back surgery.
SPARK continues at Harbour Station today with Giulani and Trump.

Police Commission Told To Stand Up To Common Council

Don't be bullied by Common Council.........That message was delivered to the Police Commission by the Saint John Police Association which is responding to the request for a hiring freeze until the 2012 city budget is finalised.

The Police Association's Bob Davidson says Common Council is exceeding its authority under the law unless it wants to disband the Police Commission.

He argues the only authority Council has under the Police Act and the Municipalities Act is to either approve or reject the police department's budget but cannot interfere in its day to day operations.
Davidson also told the Police Commission there are lots of police officers now talking about retiring.

There has been no public response from the Police Commission whose Chair Chris Waldshutz told Davidson he didn't want this to turn into a media circus.

Volunteers Sought For Palliative Care Unit

You may think it requires a thick skin but volunteering in the palliative care unit at the Regional hospital requires a special skill set.
Volunteers need to manage a patient's pain and symptoms and assess their spiritual needs.
Dr. Chris O'Brien tells CHSJ News it's rewarding fulfilling work that does not just deal with the end of life. 

Volunteers must have pain and symptom management skills and must also be good at assessing the psycho-social and spiritual needs assessment for patients and their famillies.
A one-day palliative care training workshop for volunteers is being held today at the Regional Hospital.

No Big Change With Gas Prices

A slight change with gas prices after the weekly setting. 

The maximum price for self service regular rising by a cent a litre while the price of diesel also went up by just under a cent.

Heating Oil rose by under a cent to $1.12.9 a litre and propane is unchanged at $1.16.1.