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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Major Fire in the South End

A 101 year old woman had to be rescued from her home after a major early  morning blaze on Exmouth Street.

Fire officials responding to the call around 1:30am and remained on the scene for 5 hours. A 3 storey building with 2 units in it was destroyed.

Despite the extensive damage to the building no one was hurt. The senior citizen who was rescued was taken to the Regional Hospital for observation.

Cardy Slams Provincial Liberals

As the provincial liberals call for an economic summit and accuse the Conservatives of not doing enough for job creation, Provincial NDP Leader Dominic Cardy fires back saying they need to get their facts in order--because they shouldn't be talking about having a summit until they've actually engaged in a sustained development plan.

Cardy says a summit is just icing on the cake--what's more important is an actual plan to get things accomplished. He says the New Democrats are a constructive opposition who's been doing more than just talking about creating new jobs, and looking at best practices internationally. Further, Cardy says the liberals just want to perpetuate the cycle of patronage that keeps them in business.