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Sunday, May 4, 2014

A YMCA Can Transform A Community

One of the goals of the YMCA is to help families raise healthy kids--which in turn promote health communities.

There currently are over 50 YMCAS serving 1000 communities in Canada, providing child care, gym services, and and a place where people can gather. The Y's Shiloh Boucher tells it's a way to attract people to a healthy lifestyle, and no one care about anyone else's background.

Boucher says Ys attract people from all walks of life and and environment where everyone can learn from one another, which can really transform a community.

Environmental Planner Calls Forestry Plan "A Bad Bet"

The Alward Government's new provincial forestry plan won't take its toll overnight, but it could spell environmental disaster down the road. 

That's according to Margo Sheppard, who has spent more than 30 years working as an environmental planner. She tells CHSJ News conversations on job growth and the economy are overshadowing those on environmental sustainability when we're facing a climate crisis of unknown proportions.

The plan would decrease the amount of protected old growth forest from 30-percent to 23-percent while allowing 20-percent more softwood to be cut on public land annually. 

The government saying the strategy was created to create and maintain new jobs and manage forests in a sustainable way. Sheppard counters, saying it will impact wildlife, erosion control and more.

New Group Calls For Publicly-Funded Midwifery Care

A newly-formed group in New Brunswick is pushing for publically funded midwifery care in the province. 

Chair of NB Families for Midwives Sonya Burrill tells CHSJ News they also want to educate people about the benefits of midwives not only for mothers-to-be but for new moms as well. Burrill's first baby was born under the care of midwives in Ontario and says they offered much-need postpartum support.

The provincial government cut funding to the Midwives Association of New Brunswick last summer. NB Families for Midwives launching a social media campaign coinciding with International Day of the Midwife on May 5 to officially mark their launch. Click here for more information.

Fire And Fireworks In The Uptown

Crews responding to a blaze at Britt's Pub and Eatery on Princess Street. Britt's tweeting that there was a small fire in one of the upstairs units but no one was hurt and the restaurant reopened shortly afterwards. 

And if you were in the uptown area, you may have woken up with a bit of a fright as a loud display of fireworks went off around midnight lasting for about 15 minutes. City Police tell CHSJ News someone set them off for a wedding.

Battle Of Atlantic To Be Commemorated

This weekend marks the 71st anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest running battle of the World War II.

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino says the month of May in 1943 was a turning point in the Battle of the Atlantic when the Allies gained the upper hand over German U-boats.

Heroic efforts by the Royal Canadian Navy and Air Force meant a crucial victory by keeping supply routes open between North America and Britain with the loss of 46 hundred lives.

The Saint John service for Battle of the Atlantic begins at 10:30 in Trinity Anglican with a march from Germain Street to King Street and then to the Hilton if it's not raining.