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Friday, December 13, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - More Details On Boil Order Lifted

From Saint John Water:

Test results have confirmed that water is now safe to consume at all locations except between 733 Rothesay Avenue(Fundy Honda) and the end of Rothesay Road (at K-Park)


Water is now safe to consume in the remainder of the City.

Water test results have been reviewed with the Department of Health and the Medical Officer of Health has rescinded the boil water order for the above areas effective immediately.

What should you do?

§  If you have been home over the past few days, you have run the water in the house for washing and other things. You need to do nothing else, since in using the water you have effectively flushed out old water and brought fresher water into your plumbing.

§  If you have been away from your home during this period, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to flush out the water in your plumbing. This can be done by simply turning on each of the taps in your house for a few minutes. This will remove the water that has been sitting in the pipes while you were away and will draw cleaner, fresher water into your house.

BREAKING NEWS - Boil Order Lifted

The city has lifted the boil water order for everyone east of the Reversing Falls bridge with the exception of people living between Fundy Honda on Rothesay Avenue and K-Park. Those residents must continue to boil water until further notice.

Drunk Decision Leads To Big Trouble For Saint John Man

It's not a very smart move to get drunk and rob your own employer--considering they know exactly who you are.

That's the observation being made by Judge Henrik Tonning  to 35 year old Simon Basque.

Basque pleaded guilty to holding up his boss's brother at knife point, demanding a debit card, the PIN number, and car keys. He then tied up the victim in a bathroom and fled in their van.

He was later pulled over in Quebec and arrested. He said he doesn't know why he did it considering he didn't want to hurt anyone and he even had money on him at the time. Tonning suggested he get some alcohol counseling....and he'll be back in court on December 18th.

A Woman and Two Men Facing Drug Charges

Drugs and cash being seized by police after searches of three homes in the lower West side.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says three people have been arrested--A 50 year old woman and two men in their 50's facing charges of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking and of having property obtained by crime.

Police also arresting a 29 year old woman for theft of a motor vehicle in connection with a hit and run on Prince Edward Street.
Henderson adds that when it occurred a media report was issued that the person involved fled from the scene.

Just before 6 o'clock last night police also receiving a call to a home on Rocky Terrace which was broken into and the thieves made off with some electronics and also did some damage.

Partying Tonight, Don't Drive The Next Morning

Mounties say you might want to wait a few hours before picking up your car after a night of heavy drinking.

Sergeant Al Leblanc says even if you've slept, it takes a while for the body to break down the booze.

He says waking up and jumping into your car isn't the best move.

He says sometimes people make the mistake of drinking extensively at night and go to sleep for a few hours and then 5 or 6 hours later they think they are ok to drive.  Leblanc calls that a big no-no.

Leblanc explains police often set up early morning checkstops to nab those people who had a lot to drink the night before and could still be impaired.

He says RCMP are working to debunk the myth that impaired drivers are only on the road at night.

VIDEO: One Mile Interchange Officially Open

A ribbon-cutting ceremony officially marking the long-anticipated opening of the One Mile Interchange.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams, Mayor Mel Norton and Saint John MP Rodney Weston on hand for the event.

Williams says it's unfortunate the project, which cost $83 million, ended up being over budget, but at the end of the day safety is not something they wanted to jeopardize and we now have safe infrastructure.

Mayor Mel Norton says the interchange is exactly the kind of infrastructure we need for the opportunities that are coming.

The interchange will improve the flow of traffic in East Saint John moving some heavy truck traffic off the highway and into the industrial park.

Canadian Medical Association Calling For A National Strategy On Dementia

The Canadian Medical Association saying the number of people with dementia is expected to increase, and the country needs a plan. 

Dr. Chris Simpson is President of the Association.
He tells CHSJ News, families are looking for "assurances that the health care system will provide top notch, safe, appropriate care for patients, and preferably out of hospitals. Supporting them at home for as long as possible is really important to people," he says.

He adds, "The individual stories are really heart wrenching."

The cost of caring for these patients in Canada is $33-billion dollars per year. That covers hospital, healthcare costs, and the lost salaries of families taking care of patients.

It's estimated this will increase to $300-billion dollars by 2040, based on the growing number of patients with dementia.

Schofield In Court For Meth & Pot Charges

 44 year old Brian Schofield of Public Landing in court today answering to charges of possession of methamphetamine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Undercover officer Darrell Clark testifying Schofield's phone records show hundreds of texts and dozens of calls in code indicating a pretty serious involvement in the drug trade.

But Schofield's defence lawyer suggesting it was a friends-only sort of operation and it wasn't anything that Schofield would be getting rich on.

Police found several ounces of marijuana and 144 speed pills at the former Bacchus leader's home in Public Landing.

He's due back in court on December 27th for sentencing.

Government Plane Expected To Be Sold For Between $2M-$3M

The Ontario company hired as a broker in the sale of the provincial government's airplane, expects the aircraft will be sold for between $2 million and $3 million.

Transportation Minister Claude Williams estimates the plane is worth about $3.8 million.

The Director of Sales and Marketing for Flying Colours of Peterborough, Gary Wood points out there are between 70 and 80 aircraft of the same model already on the market and it could take six to nine months to sell the King Air B-200.

Boil Water Order Still On

Boiled or bottled are your choices if you want a drink of water.

The City telling everyone living east of the Reversing Falls Bridge is still under a boil water order.

Water sampling started late Wednesday night.

Two consecutive clean samples collected twenty four hours apart are necessary before the order can be rescinded. The analysis of the samples takes another twenty four hours.

You should have water but you may experience some low pressure during the day.

Storm Warning Issued

A special weather statement has been issued by Environment Canada which says an Arctic airmass has brought unseasonably cold temperatures which will remain with us through tomorrow. 

A low pressure system is forecast to develop tomorrow over the Southeastern United States and is expected to intensify as it moves towards Atlantic Canada during the day. 

There is the potential for significant snow, strong winds and blowing snow on Sunday for Southern New Brunswick.

Linda Libby of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News regions along the Fundy coastline can expect 15 to 20 centimetres of snow with strong winds even though the track of the storm is expected to pass south of Nova Scotia.

Four Vehicles Collide In One Of The Busiest Traffic Spots In City

A four vehicle collision last night in one of the busiest traffic areas of the city. 

It happened between 630 and 7 at Loch Lomond Road and Champlain Drive which caused a traffic jam. 

The jaws of life were used to extricate two people who were trapped.