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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Premier tours Construction activity on UNB Saint John campus

(photo courtesy of Sonya Gilks)

Principal of NBCC Saint John Diane Burt,  Saint John Mayor Ivan Court, Premier Shawn Graham and Vice-President UNB Saint John Robert MacKinnon.

Teams can still join the upcoming Street Hockey Tournament

Have you signed up a team yet for this years World Three on Three Hockey Tournament? If not, don't wait too much longer with the deadline coming up in two weeks. Spokes-person Christine Levesque tells CHSJ News, they haven't set a goal as to how much money they would like to raise:

Levesque adds so far, 45 teams are signed up for the adult division and the goal is for 40 teams in the new youth division. In the first two years of the event, $60,000 dollars has been raised for Mindcare.

To get your team signed up, go to

Minister Moore is keeping an eye on the Loonie

As the loonie continues to rise, so do fears of what it might do to the summer tourism season. Fundy Royal MP and Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Rob Moore tells CHSJ News, one of the challenges is a rising dollar makes other markets more attractive for Canadians to visit:

Minister Moore says they are continuing the marketing effort that was underway before, during and after the Olympics to bring as many international visitors to the country as possible.

Graham Liberals will not support anti-bullying ammendment

The co-founder of an anti-bullying website is unhappy the Premier and his government refuse to support a bill that would provide greater protection to victims of bullying under the Education Act.
Shawn Graham described the ammendent as " totally flawed" in the legislature yesterday.

Rob Frennette of tells CHSJ News he has the support of the Leader of the Opposition David Alward.
Bill 52 would have included protection against bullying by including specifics acts such as teasing, social exclusion and threats.

The Opposition continues to hammer the Liberals over NB Power's future

The Conservatives continue to hammer away at the Graham government over the fate of N-B Power.

Tory leader David Alward tells CHSJ News the utility has been left drifting with the loss of some key senior management types while the government focused on its failed attempt to sell it to Hydro Quebec:

Alward says the Graham Liberals were so sure the deal would go through, they didn't care about what would take place in the future.

Alward says N-B Power has also been left vulnerable because it had to open its books to Hydro Quebec as that utility continues to try to seal a deal to sell power to Prince Edward Island.