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Friday, April 16, 2010

Seadogs Win Opener of Semi-Final Series

(Seadogs Celebrate Go-Ahead Goal)
       (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Mike Thomas scored the go-ahead goal and Michael Kirkpatrick put it away late in the third period to lift the Seadogs to a 4-2 come from behind win over Victoriaville.

Game one of the semi-final opened with the Tigre dominating Saint John and jumping out to a 2-1 lead which they held until after the second period.

Dogs head coach Gerard Gallant says they spent too much time in their zone in the first period.

Marco Couseniau kept Saint John in the game making brilliant saves through the second period.

Kevin Poulin was just as sharp for Victoriaville. Game two of the best of seven goes tonight, note the start time, eight o'clock at the station.

RCMP Find Missing Fisherman

Scott Jefrey Pineo of Quispamsis has been identified as the man who drowned during a fishing trip on Thursday afternoon.

The 23 year old's body was found close to where the boat, he and friend were fishing in, turned over on the Nerepis River.

The other man managed to swim to shore but neither was wearking a life jacket.

His body was found just after 3:30pm yesterday afternoon by the RCMP dive team.

Big Tanker Dots Skyline

The city skyline is changing temporarily -- the big tanker "Heather Knutson" has tied up at Long Wharf.   The ship slipped up to the berth earlier this afternoon and will remain in port for about ten days while some maintenance work is carried out on its engines.

Weston Makes a Bet

(MP's Weston and Bellevance Don The Colors)
               (Photo Supplied)

They say you have to be a big fan of a team to make a bet.

Saint John MP Rodney Weston is putting pride on the line as the Seadogs open their semi-final series against Victoriaville tonight.

In a friendly wager, Weston has bet his counter-part MP Andre Bellavance, who's riding falls in Victoriaville.

Both agree the MP for the lsoing team will wear the winning team's jersey on Parliament Hill for a day.

Game One in the best of seven goes tonight, 7:30pm at the Station.

Man Still Missing Along Nerepis River

Dive team, boat and the RCMP helicopter are all being used as the search for a missing 23-year old man continues along the Nerepis River.
He is presumed drowned after the boat he and friend were fishing in yesterday over-turned. RCMP were called to the area just after twelve o'clock where one of the men in the boat swam to shore.
Officers says the initial investigation shows neither man was wearing a life jacket. The name of the 23-year old is not being released.

West-Bound Lane Of Old Rothesay Road Closed

City Police are again reminding drivers using the Old Rothesay Road, the West-Bound lane is CLOSED after several close calls.

Construction has been going on in the area over the past few weeks and despite plenty of warning signs, vehicles continue to drive west-bound.

Officers says it is going to save you some cash to use the Fox Farm Road as a detour because if they catch you driving in the west-bound will be fined $172.50.

Looking For Help With Illegal Dumping

Atlantic Home Improvements on Golden Grove Road wants to be cut some slack from the city on where it can put its dumpsters.
The company would like them to be away from the storeroom in the back but the city's planning department doesn't want them to be a threat to the environment by being too close to a nearby waterway.

Ralph Thomas of Atlantic Home Improvements says the dumpsters are now too visible and being used for illegal dumping which is costing the company big time dollars.

The company and city planners will be meeting to see if a compromise location can be found.

PRO Kids Brings Home the Cash

With $30,000 dollars raised at this years P.R.O. Kids dinner, over 120 children from Greater Saint John will be able to take part in recreation programs.

Ticket sales raised the majority of the cash which provide equipment and participation fees.

The auction following the dinner raised four thousand dollars and the door prize tickets brought in two thousand dollars.
The goal for P.R.O Kids this year is to help 800 children.

Roly MacIntyre Says Goodbye

(Saint John East MLA Roly MacIntyre)
            (File Photo)

The MLA for Saint John East is spending his last day on the job after 15 years in the political spot-light, the MLA for Saint John East spent his last day on the job.
Roly MacIntyre took his chair in the Provincial Legislature as it shuts down until after the fall vote.
MacIntyre says his health is one of the reasons he is stepping down but thanks all his colleagues for their work and support over the years.
To this point, Common Councilor Bruce Court is the only candidate in the running for the Liberal Party to take over MacIntyre's position.
Glen Tait is the Conservative Candidate.

Blood Report is Tabled

(Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney)
                 (File Photo)

The task force report on the future of Canadian Blood Services distributuion center in Millidgeville has been tabled in the Legislature.

CBS is preparing to move it's facility to Dartmouth by 2012 after then Health Minister Mike Murphy approved the re-alignment.

Rothesay Conservative MLA Margaret Ann Blaney says we stand to be the only Province in the country to lose it's blood production and distribution center.

Blaney adds the recommendations in the report give direction to the Graham Government to move immediatley to rectify the situation.

Canadian Blood Services will study the report and provide official response next week.

Arbitrator Will Be Appointed In Fire Dispute Between Quispamsis And Rothesay

(Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll)
                  (File Photo)

A judge is expected to appoint an arbitrator for the towns of Quispamsis and Rothesay this month. This after the two can't find any middle ground on the hiring of a new fire-fighter by Quispam with Rothesay indicating the fire budget needs to be cut by $100,000 dollars. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, they are still waiting to hear from their neighbours.
Driscoll adds he remains hopeful this issue can be resolved with-out going through the entire arbitration process. Currently, there are four fire-fighters working at Station One and Quispamsis is looking for the same number of bodies at the station within it's town limits.

Lots Of New Medical Construction In Saint John Region

220 million dollars worth of medical construction will be taking place in the Saint John region according to the master plan outlined by the Horizon Health Network. Two major projects at the Regional Hospital are almost finished. The Linear Accelerators that will be used to treat cancerous tumours will be finished in a week's time. The Dalhousie Medical School Lab is 99 per cent complete and the medical school is still on schedule to open for business this fall with 30 students. The expansion of the Emergency Department is expected to be finished by November 30th with an opening early in January of next year.

Province Having Little Trouble Attracting New Doctors

The province is on a roll in attracting new doctors. That, according to Horizon Health Network Vice-President Dr. Edouard Hendriks in a report to the Board of Directors who met in the city last night. Dr. Hendriks says any fears about the wage dispute last year between the provincial government and Medical Society putting a damper on recruitment have proven to be unfounded.
Dr. Hendriks says they're looking to recruit up to 38 doctors provincewide, 14 of which would be newly created positions. In the past four years, 21 new doctors have come to the Saint John region, 14 of them being specialists. He also reports the well publicised staffing shortages in the Emergency Department have pretty much been cleared up.

Man Ejected From Vehicle In Sussex Area And City Police Make Arrests At Concert

A 20 year old man from Lower Millstream is in hospital after being ejected from his vehicle along route 880 in Berwick. The RCMP in Sussex say he was not wearing his seatbelt and the vehicle rolled over several times. They believe alcohol may have been a factor and are continuing to investigate.
Meantime, City Police say a few people are sleeping it off in the lockup after being arrested for liquor related offenses at last night's concert in Harbour Station.